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  1. OldBlueLady

    Responses required re iFollow

    Back from the Trust's first liaison meeting with the new Head of Operations, Steve Waggott, along with Finance Director, Patrick Van der Waag, and one of the topics up for discussion today was iFollow. Now, to summarise best I can, it seems that you can't use this in more than one additional...
  2. German Terrorism

    I thought I would start this thread following Rigsby's genuine post to move away from the Nice one. (it's not political as such.. hence me posting it here.. although mods, please feel free to move it, if the responses move that way?) Anyway it seem's to me, that the German government / security...
  3. RHB

    Phil's contract

    According to the Echo today PB is close to signing an extended contract with Southend. His current one expires in the summer of 2018. It's thought that this will extend his contract by one year to 2019. Good news for some, apoplexy for others. If it happens it could be seen as a sign of...
  4. OVERSEAS AID please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    ear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...
  5. mps expenses please sign this + spread on FACEBOOK etc many Thanks

    Dear david, How are you? We noticed that there hasn't been any activity on your petition for a little while now, so we wanted to see how you were going. If you need a hand, we're here to help. Have you had a look at the Tips & Guides page (http://action.38degrees.org.uk/tips)? You'll find...
  6. Wimbledon 2015 thread

    G'wan Andy! That is all. Cue usual anti-Murray responses :zzzzz:
  7. * ORM *

    Play offs combined first XI

    Three rules 1) 442 2) the first responses for each position (2 for CB, CM, Forward) count 3) because I said so ! I'll start with the obvious GK - Bentley - his saves weren't for the camera !
  8. Tangled up in Blue

    Foreign ownership

    http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/apr/14/english-football-clubs-owned-abroad-tax-avoidance http://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/apr/14/why-are-english-clubs-owned-abroad-their-responses We're now 1 of 28 British clubs owned overseas. "Southend United Mezcal Investments, listed in...
  9. OldBlueLady

    If you can spare a few moments.....

    Could you please complete the following surveys for hubby's nephew: It would really be helpful if anyone could complete my questionnaire for EPQ, it doesn't matter if you don't like football because any responses will be helpful. The questionnaire has been split into two parts so please click...
  10. RHB

    How many captains in the side this year?

    I posted the question below on another thread and got diddly response, so in the forlorn hope that it will get more responses as a standalone, here it is again. I couldn't make either the Ipswich or QPR games. With the absence of Timlin for a while, are any of the midfielders on view giving it...
  11. RHB

    Poster of the Year??

    Anyone fancy a SZ poster of the year competition, voted for by fellow posters? If this already exists and I don't know about it, fine. Also, I'm not sure whether this is the right place to post this, if not, mods, tell me where. My suggestion is for three categories: Best poster; Worst...
  12. Southend fans summer survey

    Hello all. All At Sea has put together a survey to get a taster of what Southend fans really think about things from ticket prices to the new stadium. It takes about five minutes to fill in and we've had a good response already after advertising it on Twitter. As it's Friday and therefore...
  13. fbm

    Question Simple question, simple answer required

    In order to provide funds to the club ahead of the new season, would you part with a one-off payment of £30? I'm not organising it; I just want to know people's responses. Simple yes or no, no justification needed either way.
  14. Can a footballer learn to control anger?

    Or for that matter can any human being learn to control anger? Well the simple answer is yes we can learn to control anger. But in general anger cannot be managed simply by someone trying harder next time to avoid getting angry (as some seem to think). I have never heard of footballers...
  15. AGM minutes

    Uncle Albert, boots shining like a cyclists tail light,strode into the foyer of the Palace Hotel. As he did so a smartly dressed youngman hesitantly came forward to greet him. His job was to welcome all the Bluesshareholders as they arrived for the clubs AGM and he’d obviously beenforewarned not...
  16. Smiffy

    Pre-Season Tour?

    Very early obviously. But I was wondering what people's thought's were on pre-season tours... Putting the clubs financial worries aside for a moment... Would you like to see us go on a tour abroad/UK for a change? Where would you like to see us tour? (Sensible responses please!, Not...
  17. Traditions for the new stadium....???

    In the new stadium I would like to put forward an (work in progress!) idea that we start a tradition. As our team, at this time of year, visits the local hospital to raise some cheer to all the kids stuck therein, would something along these lines be fun in mid December...
  18. Mohave Shrimper

    Memory Lane Your Top 10 Blues Players

    Hi folks, now where were we before we were so rudely interupted? I was asking for your top 10 favourite blues players. Until the "American Incident" we'd had 55 responses. I've compiled an overall list which I'll post shortly, but if anyone didn't post a top 10 please do so - Top 10's must be...
  19. MrB

    Your A-Z of Greatest Hits

    The theory is you need to make a double album of your favourite songs, 13 on each CD. The catch is you can only pick one song per letter to make an A-Z. So how would your A-Z pan out? It helps having iTunes or suchlike open in song order in front of you! If there's enough responses to this I...
  20. Hotman

    Rollerball pens

    This might seem a really stupid question, but here goes. I normally use my fountain pens for day to day use, and fond them extremely reliable etc. However, I've also got a Rollerball for when I travel by plane and need to have something a bit nicer than a parker pen. Because this doesn't get...