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  1. Processes slowing laptop down

    I'm loving my life playing Football Manager 2017 but my laptop is pretty slow. Can anyone recommend anything to tell me what processes I can safely close to allow me to do my thing? ta
  2. amsemp

    Harry Kane

    Another two goals today from Harry Kane against Arsenal. That's 22 goals in 35 appearances so far this season, with 12 in the Premier League. The lad is class and I would be picking him over Welbeck, Berahino, Lambert and Rooney for the national team without a doubt, as a front two of Sturridge...
  3. Napster

    OD - Season 26

    First team playing a team not played before. Mixed up the order a bit, and slowing them down End of Over 6: 23-0, runrate=3.83 van Niekerk 3-0-9-0 Hornsby* 10 (10 balls) Wells 12 (26 balls)
  4. Benfleet A1

    Advertising problems

    For some reasn my computer in riddled with advertising on just about every site I go on. It is driving nuts and slowing down my computer speed to a crawl. Any suggestions to how I can block all this junk. Shrimperzone and Tweeter are the two worst.
  5. steveo

    Average Speed Camers on A127

    Has anyone been nicked? Do they work? If you are travelling in the outside lane, intending to leave the A127 at say the A130 junction, the traffic has all settled into its 50mph mode. You cant speed up and nip in gap on the inside lane so the only option is to slow right down and move over...
  6. canveyshrimper

    World Athletics Championships

    Hopefully Jessica Ennis is going to take Gold in the Heptahlon tonight. Usain Bolt is also through to the 100m final, I wonder if he can beat the world record. He ran 9.89 in the semi while slowing down, amazing.
  7. canveyshrimper

    The Referral System

    End this farce now. Having watched a fair bit of the 4th Test against the WIndies and some of the Saffers v Convicts, I am totally against this ridiculous system. Harper is bad enough in the middle but sat on his useless convict arse in front of a tv replay screen is even worse. I've always...
  8. Slipperduke

    No Faith In Liverpool

    Liverpool Have Not Earned My Faith Alan Hansen ruined it for everyone. Before his infamous "you'll not win anything with kids" moment on the BBC in the mid-90s, football writers and pundits had the freedom to be as damning as they liked without the fear of a nasty comeuppance. But...
  9. South Bank Hank

    Inappropriate giggles and laughter...

    Why does this happen!? On a train this morning coming into Richmond, a young fella walks down the aisle, laptop bag on his left shoulder, clutching both a coffee (in a cardboard cup) and a reading book in his right hand. He catches another bloke, in front of me to the left, with his laptop...
  10. Napster

    UK economy - doomed

    Rising food prices sent the UK's annual inflation rate surging to 3% last month in the sharpest increase in the cost of living in almost six years, the government said today. Data from the Office for National Statistics revealed that the government's preferred measure of inflation - the...
  11. Winkle


    Its getting tough out there folks and I think we are for a bit of a pasting if fuel prices keep rising and our economy is slowing. Recieved my gas bill today. for one quarter £311, and the only thing run on gas is the boiler. Lots of colleagues I worked with last year are really finding it...
  12. The Maharajah of Hockley

    The OFFICAL rules of Shotgun

    Shamelessly stolen from another forum, but it's so true... :D
  13. * ORM *

    To Norwich and back safely

    In my usual calm, considerate and slow style until we hit pikeyland (Canvey) at 7pm to drop Leeboy off. Slowing down as a car was turning right into a garage imagine my delight to be helped a bit further along the road by one of the locals. He had the temerity to claim I braked too hard...
  14. MrB

    HT Deflation

    Slowing down? Don't believe it! Look at the transfer history of one of my recent players: 07/12/2006 Soggybottom City FC Amix 519 333 £ 30/10/2006 ShrimperZone FC Soggybottom City 658 000 £ 22/09/2006 Blackburry Kicke ShrimperZone FC 694 670 £ 02/09/2006 FC JarKa Chelsea Blackburry Kicke 1 036...
  15. fbm

    The fbm view and ratings

    BRIGHTON ROCK AS LATE SHOW SEALS BLUES PASSAGE Southend made heavy going of their 2nd round Carling Cup tie against Brighton at Roots Hall this evening, but in the end it was a naive managerial decision by Albion caretaker boss Dean Wilkins that showed Blues the way.  Tilly had made 2 changes...
  16. fbm

    Why we are so downhearted

    Because - correct me if I'm wrong - it feels as though we have been relegated. In fact, with a few minutes to go on Saturday, a chap on my right was trying to encourage the team to show some urgency and get the winner, but by that time they were slowing the game down. He then, despairingly...