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  1. Uncle Leo

    World Athletics 2015

    Be it Olympics, World or even the Euros, the week of top class track and field competition is one of my sporting highlights of the year. (Realistic) hopes... Jess Ennis and Katarina Johnson-Thompson (love her Twitter bio) having a battle royal in the heptathlon. Bolt beats Gatlin Our women's...
  2. Napster

    Pre-season sprint training

  3. Ride to the Amsterdam and help save men’s lives with Prostate Cancer UK

    Many clubs are joining The Football League London to Amsterdam Challenge in support of Prostate Cancer UK. Fans, players and club officials from across The Football League will take to the saddle for a unique two day "Total Football" themed, 155 mile challenge for the 250,000 men living with...
  4. Rattus Norvegicus

    Christopher Barker

    Despite rumours that our captain needs at least one walking stick to get around and couldn't keep up with a tortoise in a sprint final, he some how manages to haul himself out of his wheelchair and put in a decent effort. A good captain, he has played well at left back and is a key part of the...
  5. Mighty Shrimper's £1,000 Challenge

    Hi Guys, After some thought, I have decided to challenge myself and top up my online betting account with £100 with the aim of getting to £1,000 profit by the end of the season. As the cliche goes, this will be a marathon, not a sprint! I will take my time during the week to study the upcoming...
  6. Yorkshire Blue

    In the hot-seat

    Seemingly responding to complaints that people can't connect and identify with the players, I notice the club has been running a little video item called "The hot seat". So far they've had Blair Sturrock and a bewigged Ryan Hall in the hot seat dishing the dirt on their colleagues. A couple of...
  7. Shrimper

    Ticket Office vs Gillingham

    I'm not sure if anyone else had problems but I noticed that some did against Port Vale, admittedly I went to the East Stand so can only comment on that particular one, I'm not able to say if the West Stand was poor again so I'll leave you lot to fill me in on that. Basically, instead of...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    2010 TdF

    Anyone looking forward to this year's tour? Loads of British riders in it this year, but British interest will centre around Wiggins in the GC and Cavendish in the sprint stages/green jersey battle. The likes of David Millar and Geraint Thomas could pick off a stage victory and both are on...
  9. Pellegrini In A State Of Pjanic

    When Manuel Pellegrini took the reins at Real Madrid, blank cheque book in hand, I doubt very much he expected his only shot at silverware at this stage of the season would lie solely in a sprint to the finish with Barcelona... Courtesy of Miralem Pjanic, that is exactly the situation. Lyon...
  10. When Genius Met Lunacy

    Socrates. Paolo di Canio. Eric Cantona. Emannuel Adebayor. All undeniably great players that have suffered from the madness that often comes with the territory of genius. A game that celebrated some fantastic, flowing football will undoubtedly be remembered for two incidents surrounding the...
  11. pickledseal

    Breaking News Revelling In It - 22/7/09

    Revelling In It This week starring: Adam ‘John Rambo’ Barrett Steve ‘living the dream’ Parmenter Dougie ‘YTS’ Freedman Sometimes it’s good to let your hair down (unless you’re Adam Barrett and can’t!) and the last few weeks we’ve had the opportunity to do two things which have certainly bonded...
  12. chadded

    Confed Cup

    Following on from the USAs impressive victory over Spain last night, tuned into South Africa V Brazil just now with about 75 minutes gone and the score nil nil. Managed to get 13/8 on Brazil to win. Cheers Danny Alves. Fiver on that became £13 something. Easy money. Anyway, seeing as theres...
  13. Yorkshire Blue

    SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame - Spencer Prior

    Four places (I think) left to fill and next up is Spencer Prior, albeit a day late in Ron Martin style. -------------------------------------------------- Separated by over a decade, Spencer Prior had two very different careers with Southend. Either would be sufficient to get him in the Hall of...
  14. Revells 'sprint'

    Think he should get some stick from the lads for the final whistle sprint he did to grab Alex's shirt. Was the quickest he ran all night :D
  15. londonblue

    Question for all you Cyclists

    In a points race, if someone manages to get a lap ahead they gain 20 points, but does that mean they automatically win the next sprint, because they will have finished when everyone else is starting, or do they still have to go for it? If they do have to race it like they weren't a lap ahead...
  16. Slipperduke

    Lee Trundle is overweight

    Lee Trundle is overweight, he has a double chin and if he entered the 100m sprint against a tortoise, an elderly shirehorse and a small brick, no-one could guarantee him a place on the podium. He has also just put Bristol City one game away from a place in the Premier League with a strike that...
  17. You want cars.....?

    KTM X-Bow We love the fact that this wild-looking KTM car came about after a bunch of enthusiastic engineers from KTM decided to build a fun sports car. Usefully, they had some friends at nearby Audi who came up with the powerplant - the 236bhp 2.0-litre turbocharged unit that's found under...
  18. sufcintheprem

    sufcintheprem ratings

    Seeing as its been a while since I did these and, for a change, I'm not doing the slightly arduous 2 hour journey home, I thought I might put up my thoughts on today's game. All in all, we weren't really that bad overall. Oldham succeeded where many other clubs have failed in the past and...
  19. Freddy Eastwood

    Is it me or since freddy scored that winnning goal against man united. he doesn't really seem like wanting to play. Week in week out he gets started when other players train there hardest and dont get started and only every now and again does he make an impact. everytime i saw the ball on the...
  20. Clarke and Francis

    It is the morning after the afternoon before. I have refrained from posting, or even logging on until now brcause the amount of negative posts and people screaming for people to be dropped depresses me. Sure, we were in the basement division losing 4-0 away to Darlington only 2 years ago, so...