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  1. A QUIZ for wednesday!

    1) You are facing south in every direction, where are you? 2) There is a hole in the ground measuring 20cm x 20cm x 10cm, how much soil is there in there? answers in cm-squared form please... 3) There's a bungalow where the Chairs are Cyan, Roof is Red, Walls are Walnut and the Bed's...
  2. O's board

    ...on there bragging about how he threw BrettieAngell (I believe?) down the stairs at Brisbane Road last season in the South Stand. I was sitting in the South near the incident with statski and remember the gorrilla involved, a right ****. O's board
  3. Who else was in the Prince of Wales Pub

    Amazing scenes in the pub after the game with celebrations going on for several huors including a conga up the stairs. The locals just stared at us and thought we were all crazy. Well done to everyone there for making it such a fantastic occasion and also to the staff there for making us feel...
  4. southend4ever

    Who were the fans...

    Before kickoff, I and some mates had queued up at the bar for some beers. It was at the middle tier in between stairs M18 and M17 I think... so pretty much behind the goal. We were getting involved with lots of chanting. It was great... but who were the other group of blokes that we were raising...
  5. East Greens - safety issue

    At half-time and full time I feel there is a safety issue at the bottom of the stairs from the back of the East Greens... Who was the bright spark that decided it would be a good idea to put a TV there! ? As people come down the stairs they all stop dead right by the TV to look at the...
  6. BrettieAngell

    Just thought you would like to know....

    ...that one of the Orient fans who attacked me and was in fact the guy who pushed me down the stairs of the South Stand was arrested at the game and has been charged with assualt. He was scheduled to appear in court today!
  7. The Eternal Optimist

    Most embarrissing personal moment at Roots Hall

    I guess my worst moment was when we were back in the 1st division and had the likes of Marshy in the centre of midfield (1994/5 ish). I tried to start the song "Oh yes you know what you can do ...." as a group of young women passed behind the South Bank goal to suddenly realise that a...
  8. One night in Leyton

    Well well well he we go people another night with a difference brought to you by MC Cocky Cockles as Young Run Master Barry the Dog.................................... It all started on dark dark night in stratford myself and my trusty side kick Barry the Dog , met our old mate from Australia...

    now we have a curious situation I make assumptions which are 100 percent wrong?? now then my fat friend, or am I wrong again,read collymores article in last weeks echo this man lives and breathes southend, and I stick by my original post, if you object to him knocking this 2bit ex weather...
  10. The Vodka

    The Vodka Scooter How many times have you woken up in the morning after a hard night drinking and thought, 'How on earth did I get home?' As hard as you try, you cannot piece together your return journey from the pub to your house. The answer to this puzzle is that you used a...
  11. Leeboy

    Works Christmas Party

    As I'm bored witless, I thought I would ask my fellow SZers about their work Xmas parties. Mine is next Wednesday ( !? ) at a pub called The St.Georges Tavern in Victoria, downstairs in the cellar bar. Also, just for fun, name and shame the person most likely to regret the night...
  12. palexander

    Norton Internet Security & Router

    Just brought a wireless LAN router last night. Fantastically easy to do and allowed me to watch the Chelsea game downstairs, whilst working & surfing on broadband... lovely stuff! Anyway, I was using Norton Internet Security as a firewall previously, but the new router (Netgear) has a...