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  1. DTS

    Pie or Quiche? Settle my dispute.

    I am currently eating a food. Its got a pastry base and the middle consists of Bacon abd Egg. Now the top of bacon and egg has a thin and sporadic pastry covering. I must stress it does not cover the whole top and is just pastry strips. I think this is a Quiche as it has a almost no lid. My...
  2. Bielzibubz

    I'm in a quandary - what would you lot do?

    Now ladies and gentlemen, in the coming 6 to 12 months I have a decision to make. My sister and her partner have just bought and moved into a five bed place in Spain, an hour from Granada and an hour from Malaga. He is a master builder and is snowed under with work renovating and doing up...
  3. Xàbia Shrimper

    Red Riding Hood - The PC Version

    There once was a young person named Little Red Riding Hood who lived on the edge of a large forest full of endangered owls and rare plants that would probably provide a cure for cancer if only someone took the time to study them. Red Riding Hood lived with a nurture giver whom she sometimes...
  4. Slipperduke

    Valentine's Day

    I wrote this three years ago and I still stand by it. Welcome to my least favourite day of the year. I f**king hate Valentine’s Day, corporate bull**** Hallmark-invented ****. If you love someone, you should treat them like the god or goddess they are every ****ing day of the year, not...
  5. An Excellent Warm Up Game – Spurs V SUFC - The Shrimper Truth.

    The Shrimper Truth. – match report and player ratings. It showed excellent spirit for SUFC to agree to play Spurs and the goodhearted Shrimper hordes again poured much needed cash into the (hopeless) attempt to regenerate this desolate patch of depressing north London. The local football club...
  6. secondalibi

    Southampton win will mean nothing........

    I know its an old cliche and its pretty damn obvious, but we just have to win at Luton on Friday night. The time for settling for draws here and there has long gone, we need wins. I cannot stress what a win at Kenilworth Road will do for the rest of our season, it would be massive. The...
  7. What's the most pressure/stress you've been under?

    Following on from the Marcus Trescothick thread and previous threads regarding Stan and professional sportsmen's inability to feel stress because they get paid. I'd be interested in seeing what the most pressure/stress people have been under. Extra marks for nervous breakdowns and as...
  8. Interpol Shrimper


    Up before the FA Looks like the stress of a "big" club might be getting to Parky. Oh dear!!!
  9. South Bank Hank

    Drop Prior, Hammell, Francis AND Guttridge!

    ...and other overly-simplistic comments. If only football were a simple game? There's still much to take heart from! Having seen a lot of debate already following two defeats about which player is letting the team down (Hammell, Francis, Guttridge, JCR) I firmly believe that selecting...
  10. Xàbia Shrimper

    A Reply

    Good evening Firstly allow me to apologise for what is blanket response to individual e-mails. Secondly thank you for taking an interest in www.boyfrombrazil.co.uk. We try to make a website which engenders debate and discussion and on this occasion we have no doubt done that. While it is not...
  11. Les Ferdinand?

    Had a text last night from a friend I've known a long time, a fellow South Upper season ticket holder to say that he's just heard we'd signed Les Ferdinand. Now he'd have not reason to send it if it wasn't true but as far as I know he has no real sources within the club - so...
  12. sufcintheprem

    Apologies to any stewards on here...

    8-36 am My alarm clock goes off, it’s a match day today and the culmination of a heavy weeks safety training, I've spent the whole week at the Stadium learning to walk up and down stairs, I'm yet to have as many gold stars as my friend Dave but I do think I chose the right career path instead of...
  13. Hockley_Blues

    Reds have a sporting advantage

    From BBC News Looks like we need to wear our third strip more often....
  14. Hockley_Blues

    Punch a celebrity

    Go on...relieve some stress! Clicky.
  15. Tilly on TV

    In Meridian’s Soccer Night last night there were no startling revelations in the Tilson interview of course but there was footage of a great ball into the box for Dreweee to pull back and Gray to hammer into the net ... on the training pitch of course but it shows they can do it ... against the...
  16. Promotion to Premiership!

    Come on lads and lasses we finished a respectable mid-table yesterday and it's time for a promotion push! If you have difficulty playing, just keep trying and it will come!  After struggling for weeks and nearly losing interest I now regularly score 40k plus each game.  The penalty section...
  17. DTS

    I believe

    I believe There's many things I believe when it come to the Blues, So if you'll give me a minute then I'll give you my views, I believe Stan Collymores treated fair by the press, The reason Tes has lost form; well of course it was stress, I believe Constantines best when hes out on the...
  18. ShrimperJim

    Bradford City

    <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>                   Bradford 'to leave ground'</span> Could Valley Parade have seen its last Bradford match for the foreseeable future? Former Bradford chief Gordon Gibb has told BBC Radio Leeds the club will not be at Valley Parade next season...
  19. Napster


    Ive had enough of working here (not SZ, I hasten to add)- too much stress and low pay. If anyone knows of anything- and if you know me you know what I do- PM me.