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  1. Uncle Leo

    Essex 2015

    Still no fixtures in Southend (booooo) but thought it worth start a thread for Essex's next failed tilt at promotion. One interesting titbit I have seen this week is that our away T20 clash with Middlesex (July 10th) will be played at Richmond rather than Lord's. Nice little ground at the Old...
  2. Psychopath test

    Not the proper one, but just a bit of fun... http://vistriai.com/psychopathtest/ 5/30 for me, hence I'll not be going on a killing rampage....unless that damn fridge doesn't come out... :)
  3. * ORM *

    Getting interesting in my part of the world.

    We've been told to work from home ha ha. I'm going in anyway. I saw a lot of this first hand yesterday and it's no worse or better than anything I've seen in the City over the years. For anyone that knows the Wan Chai scene it was quite surreal yesterday evening to see a couple of thousand...
  4. Goodbye PB.

    Its early in the season but I have had enough. I truly thought PB could be a good appointment but I am sick and tired of his ridiculous ways. We have a toothless attack force and PB has the audacity to say he wants to get clean sheets at the back and let the attack take care of itself. Here we...
  5. DTS

    hottest you have ever been at a a SUFC game?

    Recall Brighton away once on a Saturday being very hot. We lost to two last minute goals.
  6. DTS

    1) Coldest and 2) Wettest you have ever been at a SUFC game?

    1) Coldest Has to be MK dons away at the national hockey stadium. Was a naff day in general but topped off with the fact it was literally Siberian temperatures. We lost, there was no where to drink and I think this was as cold as the UK has ever been 2) Wettest Bristol Rovers away this...
  7. spoons

    Good or poor pre season?

    With the team for the Accrington game looming Saturday, still far from decided, surely this has been a poor pre season. Seemingly dozens of trial players coming and going, games against mostly inferior sides and a lack of goals leads me to think this has been poor preparation. Warm weather...
  8. Uncle Leo

    Roy O'Donovan

    I was in a Coral shop just now, placing a few throwaway test bets on their new betting in play terminals. Backed some team in the Singapore Cup and have just checked the result now I'm back in the office. The team I bet lost 2-3, with all three goals for the away team being scored by....Roy...
  9. All Change

    went to see the boys training at B & L today. PB was drilling them over a specific way of playing. He had them sat down on the grass and showed them, using a scaled down pitch with 11 blue cones and 11 yellow cones set out in 4 3 3 formations, how he wanted them to play. he talked and showed (by...
  10. Benfleet A1

    Take The Test

    Give this a go and find out where you really stand. http://uk.isidewith.com/political-quiz#more I mainly sit in the UKIP camp apparently. No great surprise there.
  11. Tangled up in Blue

    Which politicaltribe are you in?

    http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-26689333 Read the article and take the test (when you can).
  12. test

    test test test test
  13. Winter Olympics

    Do you care? I can honestly say it's passing me by without the faintest of interest. Maybe because we've got a very faint hopes of a medal. I can't imagine DOING a winter sport, but quite enjoyed Ski Sunday, well...when they crashed. You?
  14. MrB

    Everyone in Castle Point is fat

    Ok, not everyone but 72.8% of them. They should cut down on their pork pies and get some exercise! England's Fattest Areas
  15. Knackers Yard. Who Would You Rest?

    It's coming up to that time again when some of our players will be treading treacle. It's happened badly the last 2 seasons because of small squad, suspensions and injuries, meaning some players played a lot of games. The midfielders get through the most running, so I would rest Timlin and...
  16. yogi bear up the cagire

    Pre-Match Thread Chesterfield v southend united

    Time to look forward to next weekend. I was delighted to have gone to the league fixture at the start of the season and to see how well we can play, even if, in the end, a result was snatched from us. To all those going up have a great time and have a pint in the Derby Tup for me! (What was the...
  17. brknmann

    Friday Phil Brown Caption Contest

    “Football for £5 you say?......I have no idea where you would’ve seen that pet.”
  18. Ricey

    X Factor Sweepstake?

    I thought I would test the water with this idea. We do the apprentice every year and I know people enjoy a cheeky bet and the hope of winning some money and it's always good because half the money goes to the running of the zone. Not sure how this one would go down as I don't know how many...
  19. Romford Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Chesterfield Away

    Big test this one. Predictions?
  20. Tangled up in Blue

    Would you pass UKIP's fruitcake test?

    http://www.theguardian.com/politics/shortcuts/quiz/2013/aug/13/quiz-ukip-fruitcake-test My score? "You scored 0 out of a possible 100 No thanks. Perhaps your right-on views might be better suited to a career on Whitehall or at the BBC?"