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  1. Spammers billboards

    Just popped out of the office for a bite to eat when I noticed a whacking great board opposite the New Empire Theatre with a west ham shirt with "The Dirty Dick" written beside it, presumably an example of their pathetic 1800s rhyming language. The shirt had XL on the front, which presumably is...
  2. canveyshrimper

    The Hershey Bar Run

    Recalling the poll by DtS about the "chocolate finger" reminded me of a story told to me by a good friend who is Italian. I met Frankie many years ago through business, and had a number of trips to his home near Florence and we were good friends. When he was single he was involved working in...
  3. Spamalot Tickets

    Due to me being a singleton again and my mate's missus being so pregnant she can't fit in the seats, I have 2 Spamalot tickets for sale for this coming Friday (27.4.07). If anyone is interested I'll do them for face value, but there are a couple of pointers; 1) I won't sell them seperately. 2)...
  4. Leeboy

    Captain Kevin Maher

    moonlighting as a Times film columnist? April 21, 2005 I am your fantasy father by Kevin Maher A long time ago we first laid eyes on a galaxy far far away. Soon it will end, having changed the face of science fiction on film MAY 25, 1977. Sci-fi obsessives would call this date the...
  5. sealion

    On the hooch.-gutted-again

    After Sunday, hoped to have something to cheer. No chance. To cap it all, walked back to the bus stop-next bus 50 mins-called a taxi-never turned up. Persuaded my 11 year old to walk home from the Palace Theatre to the Elms. Sometimes, it just aint your night! Well, indoors now & having...
  6. Smiffy

    Our Average Attendance

    Nice to see we have broken the 5000 barrier for average attendances this season, 5143 it stands at at the moment to be precise. When was the last time that happend?, must have to go back quite a way to find that?. With plenty of home games to come against the top seven that can only increase...
  7. southend4ever

    Where were you when....

    you had your first pint before a football match? every since my first pint on the day of football i haven't looked back and i owe it to a pub along the london road which at the moment i can't think the name of. It has the bar area and another area with pool table by theatre is it?
  8. Napster

    Top 100 Intellectuals

    No sign of SZ's Durera I'm afraid here Tariq Ali political campaigner Martin Amis novelist and critic Perry Anderson historian Karen Armstrong historian of religion Colin Blakemore neurologist and MRC chief executive Philip Bobbitt theorist of law and conflict Melvyn Bragg...
  9. Northern Soul

    If any of you guys and gals are into Northern Soul or soul in General there is a play on at the Palace theatre starting T/M night and is on until Sat night called One night at Wigan Casino( I think) and after the play there will be Northern Soul music in the Dixon Studios. I will be going on...
  10. Napster

    Groundhog Day

    My favourite film... Sunday February 1, 2004 The Observer (Today) is Groundhog Day. Perhaps your diary does not remind you of this celebration; mine lists nothing between Epiphany and St Valentine's. Maybe because the 117-year-old Groundhog festival takes place in Punxsutawney, western...
  11. chadded

    Tut tut tut

    According to page two of todays echo, a theatre group were prevented from performingin the function room of the Spread on Saturday night as the noise from the football fans and the (Geordie Chris) disco was too great.
  12. Ross Noble

    Got some tickets today to see comedian Ross Noble at the Palace Theatre on the recommendation of a work colleague. I've seen him on TV a bit but has anyone seen his work before? Any good?