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  1. Worst Pitch at Roots Hall Ever

    The pitch is a total embarrassment to our football club and must be the worst pitch in the entire football league. We have for many years always had and excellent playing surface, one of the best in the lower leagues. I am not sure if sacking the groundsmen is too blame, clearly it was relaid...
  2. Another Surrey Shrimper

    New editor of Evening Standard: George Osborne

    This for me is unbelievable and unacceptable. A prominent member of the government editing a widely circulated free newspaper - and staying on as an MP. Is this not the kind of thing we criticize Putin for? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39304944
  3. Tangled up in Blue

    The unacceptable face of capitalism?

    http://www.bbc.com/news/business-36879241 I think so.Over to you.
  4. IloveShrimp

    Browns Comments

    Southend United manager Phil Brown: "The season is petering out into nothing. I’m very disappointed at today’s performance without the ball. “The second, third and fourth goal were just unacceptable defending. “Harsh words have been said in there. “We lacked...
  5. Shameful! (and I'm not talking about the football)

    I've not seen anyone else mention this, so I felt the need to post... We arrived at Bramall Lane to be greeted by a worryingly large number of blues 'supporters' chanting racist nonsense about shooting German bombers down. (This was a large, vocal group collected around the bars inside the...
  6. DTS

    A bit of perspective.

    Had to wait until today to post as was in a foul mood after yesterday's performance. On reflection I think most of us would have taken nine points from the first six games. It is a blow that the last three have been defeats but having had our best start since caveman times the only way was...
  7. A bit of Cheer!

    Reading through these posts, i'm not a regular poster granted but I in my opinion last nights result had been very over dramatised. I myself know how important it was to not lose supposedly any of the last three games and yes is totally unacceptable, especially the 3-1 to AFC. Reading some of...
  8. South Bank Hank

    John Terry and the 'unacceptability of racism'

    Interesting updates from the trial. It's alleged that John Terry "used words based on Anton Ferdinand's membership of a racial group, allegedly said in response to a physical gesture from Ferdinand relating to his well publicised alleged affair with a teammate's wife". It's been claimed that...
  9. Moronic calls for Sturrock to go!

    I know this kind of follows from a previous thread but i think this title deserves to be added purely for the fact that i hope many are annoyed as me by that thread! First of all i have not been the biggest fan of the way Sturrock has got us to play this season but the calling for him to go now...
  10. Shrimper_Wez

    This guy makes Mohsni look like a pussy cat

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/16300956.stm Completely unnaceptable that someone decided to enter the field of play, but the reaction of the goalkeeper is worse!
  11. The Craziest Parking Ticket you got or heard of.

    Lorry driver Michael Collins was on his way to collect a skip in London's Belsize Park when the road beneath him collapsed. A burst water main had created a deep hole where the front wheels of his 17-tonne lorry were stuck. While he was waiting for roadside assistance, a traffic warden appeared...
  12. Tangled up in Blue

    "The unacceptable face of capitalism"

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2010/sep/07/barclays-appointment-banks-breakup-threat A diamond in the rough or a blood diamond? :)
  13. palexander

    Sturrock Update on Blues player

    Thoughts from PS: Francis: Highest earner, wanted him to stay, would like to thank him for services. Budget was vital to enable PS to bring in quantity of players. Still training with us for fitness until he gets a move. Not got bitter about the situation, everyone admires his attitude...
  14. Hotman


    Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strike on Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife. Emergency talks with Al Qaeda have so far failed to produce an agreement The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the...
  15. canveyshrimper

    British Suicide Bombers

    British suicide bombers are set to begin a three-day strike on Monday in a dispute over the amount of virgins they are entitled to in the afterlife. Emergency talks with Al Qaeda management have so far failed to produce an agreement. The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the...
  16. southend4ever

    Best excuses for late arrival at work

    Everyone on SZ, Lets combine ideas and suggestions for the best excuses for late arrival at work. What are the best/worst/funniest excuses you have used or your colleagues have used for your/their late arrival? After a frustrating morning on the Northern Line and only 3 months into my job the...
  17. Lacking Balls

    I just don't get it. Perhaps its a generation thing - after all, though I know that I am still only 15 inside, my son never misses an opportunity to remind me that on the outside I am well into Old Git territory. But even allowing for my wrinkly status, I still don't get it. I know that...
  18. Slipperduke

    Villa Fans Need A Reality Check

    The Premier League table has an eerily familiar look, doesn't it? In amongst the excitement of Liverpool's emphatic victory at Old Trafford and the discovery of stardust in the boots of Andrey Arshavin, this was the weekend when Aston Villa finally dipped out of the top four. There can't be many...
  19. steveo

    Would you take the money?

    The Treasury has said that banker Sir Fred Goodwin's refusal to give up his £693,000-a-year pension is "unfortunate and unacceptable". Fred wants to keep it, and as it forms part of his package why shouldnt he? If the Government are unhappy, they should be going after the people who agreed...
  20. Southend ticket allocation for next wednesday

    Chelseas web-site state they have 2,000 tickets for the the game. Now when we played Man U initially they were given this amount which was then increased to give them the whole of the north bank due to safety issues, i.e. only 1 exit and set of toilets which at the time was deemed unacceptable...