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  1. RHB

    The price of football including Southend 2017

    Here's the link to the BBC webpage on the price of football in 2017. If you're not too bothered to read the report then I've included the calculator of cost so you can check the Blues or other teams out. Enjoy. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41901398...
  2. RHB

    Sale of Kodi 'fully-loaded' streaming boxes faces legal test

    I came across this on the BBC news webpage. Any of you Kodi users out there may wish to be aware if you are not already. It appears that the legal interest is in the various add-ons inside the boxes. Not that any of us have watched anything illegally on our desktop versions obviously...
  3. new Southend webpage

    Hi, I'll only post this link once but if anyone is interested here is a Southend page I've just built for a football website: http://footballclubforums.com/leaguetwo/southend/
  4. Ayrshire Blue

    SZ for iPhone/iPod

    Is there a way we can have a SZ webpage that fits the iPhone/iPod screen better than the current one. There's a Coventry City forum, Sky Blues Talk who use this feature. This is what it comes up like. Is this something that can be done for ShrimperZone ?
  5. Shrimperstrust

    Help Save our Southend - Donate Now

    The Trust can now advise that we are accepting donations online by Credit/Debit Card. The Donate Bucket features on every page of the Trust Website www.shrimperstrust.co.uk. We also have a dedicated Save Our Southend United Appeal Webpage which can be found by clicking here. This page gives...
  6. manor15

    Chat Room Problems

    Hi, just tried to open the chat room and it came up saying "Internet Explorer has closed this webpage to help protect your computer. A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage." and an iexplore.exe - Application Error came up saying "The instruction...
  7. Webpage question

    to all the nerds out there. In Firefox each bookmark has its own little logo/image in the toolbar (So SZ has the football, Facebook has the F logo, etc etc). When building a website how do I assign an image to do this job. I searched google but couldnt really find anything about this. Cheers...
  8. J

    The Sun

    Just seen an advert for Help for Heroes on the TV, Sponsored by the sun. Probably the best thing they've done in years. And a new webpage released as well. Fanbloodytastic work. http://downloads.thesun.co.uk/downloads/applications/silverlight/helpforheroes/
  9. Official Website Down

    Is the southend official not working because I have been trying to get on to it today and it keeps saying that internet explorer cannot display the webpage is it just my computer or is everybody having the same problem???
  10. Slipperduke

    Glasgow Rangers v Zenit St Petersburg

    Tired legs against fresh ones, defensive containment against attacking intent; tonight's UEFA Cup Final between Glasgow Rangers and Zenit St Petersburg will be a real clash of strengths and styles, but Dick Advocaat is convinced that he can secure a historic result against his old side. The...
  11. Mad Rush For Tickets

    Here I am today sitting on my computer waiting for 10am to arrive so I can try and snap up 2 tickets to Muse at the Royal Albert Hall. I'm so nervous that I'll miss out. Hate waiting. Some are on eBay already (must be very confident of getting them) for over £150! So if I miss out I've got no...
  12. Billy Van Basten

    class on the official webpage it was a good goal hopefully he'll score some like that next season "what that coming over the hill its billy paynter, billy Paynter!"
  13. Guttridge- now on OS

    Guttridge goes on loan to Orient- confirmed!My Webpage
  14. Get Southend up the league

    Boys lets all get logged on to this site and play for southend. We are in division 2 midtable and we need more fans to play for us to move us up the divisions.My Webpage link probably wont work but type it in and play for free! somone else posted this on here a few days ago AND ITS WELL...
  15. ENJOY

    My Webpage
  16. J

    The official site

    Errrrr... "Tilly Dreams of Big boys" My Webpage
  17. Sunderland

    My Webpage link on the Sunderland official site
  18. DTS

    Good old Leon Cort

    From Official Site.  My Webpage
  19. Matt the Shrimp

    One for the conspiracy theorists...

    One for all the conspiracy theorists out there. It has sound, just so you know... Pentagon Strike You may want to close the explorer box as soon as it gets to the end, because it started going mental on my computer, trying to refresh the webpage... Matt
  20. Shrimpergarry

    Gifton Noel-Willams?

    Could be a potential target. London boy, 6'3" Striker, 26-years old. Was on loan at Brighton from Burnley last season but is reluctant to join them now they've been relegated. Never prolific, but is big and strong and holds the ball up well Is obviously touting himself around due...