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  1. SUBBlue

    Former England player Ray Wilkins critically ill after cardiac arrest

    Awful news posted on Sky & BBC websites an hour or so ago that Ray Wilkins is in an induced coma after cardiac arrest & a subsequent fall. Best wishes to him & his family that he makes a full recovery. https://news.sky.com/story/former...
  2. VPNs to be banned in some Countries.

    VPNs are to be banned in Russia this year, and China in 2018. Both big brother Countries want to control information, news, social media and such, more than they do now. Russia has an election in 2018, and are taking control even more of their people. China is very soon going to ban Facebook...
  3. Laptop problems

    For a week or so I've been unable to open any websites on my laptop. I use Firefox, and that hasn't been working. the wheel goes round forever and evertually it says "Secure Connection Failed". I've tried other browsers, they don't work either. I did the cmd netsh winsock reset catalog thing i...
  4. Question Any good season previews/squad ins and outs websites?

    Hello, Anyone know of any decent links to Football League and Premier league season previews and squad ins and outs sites? Many thanks!
  5. High Quality Photos of Players Celebrations

    After all the excitement of yesterday I'm looking to buy some high quality photos of the players celebrations after the match to put into frames and hang on the wall in my office at home. Does anyone know of any places/websites to purchase from?
  6. Cricko

    Breaking News New Fanthesis Predictor.

    I admit first this should not be in this forum, but we need to do this people.. The demise of the BBC end of season Predictor is IMO a great loss. There are a few Prem ones out there but zzz. We have some very bright people on here who design websites etc ( Chapperz I am looking at you...
  7. Yorkshire Blue

    Multimedia websites

    Am I just being curmudgeonly in disliking the new look cricinfo web-site with its "multimedia" focus? Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all against highlight reels showing actual sporting action appearing on web-sites, or illustrating written articles with photographs, diagrams and the like. It's...
  8. BoyWonder2


    Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me, or point me in the direction of a company who can help me. I'm looking to start up a website, including my own domain name that isn't going to cost an arm and a leg. I want it for the charity football match and family fun day (See charity forum)...
  9. Motion sensors/outside lights

    Hi all. Our house (mid-terrace) has an enclosed alley which we use day in day out to get to our back door (we're in yorkshire, no one uses the front!). The alley doesn't have any lights and so in the winter when it's dark it's not easy or pleasant heading down there. Even more so with a pram or...
  10. Procrastination

    So, seeing as you're all on shrimperzone at all hours of the day, it's probably safe to say that procrastination and the internet might be affecting your work/home/social life. I've spent a while thinking I work best under pressure and an impending deadline, however I'm starting to realise that...
  11. SUFC fan websites - who's out there?

    Here at Prawn Towers we regard our links section on PRAWNZONE as the only (apparently) definitive list of fan sites..... http://www.southendunitedfootballclub.co.uk/site/64/236.html Have we missed any? Would you like YOUR site to grace our Links page? Any suggestions gratefully received
  12. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues membership packs/Competition deadline extended

    News being released on the Trust, Junior Blues and Club websites, and on Twitter and Facebook as follows for all Junior Blues:- Membership packs for all Junior Blues members are being sent out this week, with the Club Blue ones already having been dispatched, and the Little Shrimpers ones...
  13. Unlock iPhone 4s - on T-Mobile

    Had a contract on T-Mobile and it is up now, so decided to switch to GiffGaff as they are much cheaper. Looked on those websites where they can unlock it for you but they've quoted me £109.99!! It is possible to unlock it cheaper or will I have to cough up the cash?
  14. North Wales Shrimper

    The Promenade Shopping Park (aka Ron World)

    So, with yet more High Street retailers going into the question of how Ron World is funded raises it's ugly head. Looking at the websites of the both of the joint agents Briant, Champion, Long here and Savills here it would appear that Ron World is struggling to attract interest despite all of...
  15. superblue24

    Ashes 2013 Tickets

    Anyone got any tips for getting tickets for any of the venues this Summer? Any websites which sell tickets reasonably after the grounds have sold out? I've put in for the ballot at Lords, but I'm guessing the chances of getting tickets via this method are below unlikely.... I guess touts are...
  16. The General

    Holiday - Late bookings ...

    Good day all, Looking to get away in the last week in August ... Sun 26th ideally as im off for the w/c 27th and Em has about 3 months off. Basically, looking to get a late deal and wondered if anyone has any suggestions off websites or places to go either thru their own experience and/or...
  17. shrimperhosk

    Southend United Writer wanted

    Hi, i hope i am allowed to post this. i have wanted for quite a while now to launch a Southend United site just a simple site with some interviews from players and some useful link etc. i can build websites & create images etc but im not the best writer (as you can tell already) so was...
  18. Davros

    Since some others have asked for Website feedback

    It prompted me to have a little tidy up, update and rearrangement of mine Www.djdavros.com Let me know your feedback Personally speaking I guess my model falls into a bit of a black hole between focussing on weddings etc and the club scene, but to be honest that's kind of where I am really...
  19. I have a gambling addiction.

    I have just sent the following email to Ladbrokes, William Hill, Bet365, BetVictor, Stan James, Paddy Power, Pinnacle & 888: 'Dear Sirs, I am writing this email to you because I have a gambling addiction. Over a period of time, due to my addiction and desperation, I have found myself in a...
  20. JANET network

    anyone else currently affected by this being down? Our uni can't access most external websites (although SZ is fine:smile:)