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  1. The Zones Zoner New Years Honour List.

    Ok very simple just put forward a zoner for an honor and put why,nothing too rude as the mods will go into meltdown. POSTER OF THE YEAR. Sonic of course,came back in to the fold this year and is more bonkers then ever,gives me a run for bad spelling and grammer and every post is a gem. Plus he...
  2. helloooo

    Hey all, newbie here (obviously) Who am I? A bit about myself, I live in Australia, unfortunately quite a fair distance from Roots Hall. Or any League two ground for that matter so I cant claim to have actually seen a Southend match live. I have a shockingly poor knowledge of football in...
  3. Going home

    The call has gone out for Jews to leave Europe and go live in Israel and i was just wondering if any of the zones Jews are thinking of doing the whole relocating thing?
  4. Hippy Biffday

    To two of the zones campest posters and biggest OBL fans GBJ and Pubey,now I have no guardian link but in my humble opinion they should both have a great day and never grow up.
  5. Game of Zones - spin-off thread

    For GOT fans, which zoners are which characters? MK Shrimper... :smile:
  6. The Maharajah of Hockley

    PVC doors

    Afternoon zones, Me and the missus are currently looking at getting some new PVC doors for our humble abode. Can anyone recommend any good local companies or tradesmen in the southend/hockley/rayleigh area? Cheers!
  7. Zonal marking ...

    Zonal marking backfires so often I really can't see why anyone entertains the idea. With zonal marking, rather than stick to a player, you guard a certain zone. The six-yard box, when defending a corner, comprises of three or four zones in which defenders will position themselves. If the ball...
  8. car parking

    hi all im in need of u help I would like to take an away game in by use of the coach which would be the first time iv used it as the norm is by car I cant walk to the pick up zones as I live in witham can u park at the stadium if so what will it cost and how/where do I book this
  9. What does Bale know ?

    There has been a lot of angst over the last few weeks at our poor results, and lots of soul searching as to the reasons why. Obviously Laird's absence is a major factor but what other club could lose their two (very talented) top scorers and hope to prosper, without replacing them, or even one...
  10. callan

    Interview with a zoner Wembley special

    After an absence of sometime….I have decided to resurrect ‘’interview with a zoner’’, for a one off Wembley special. Previously I have delved deep into the psyche of other zoners and have interviewed people from diverse cultural backgrounds (London fatso)...
  11. Reasons to be cheerful...

    ...one, two, three. !) The team is playing a much more entertaining style of football this season. 2) No sign of the Tax/axe man. 3) the embargo has been lifted. Amid the gloom and doom that so often swirls around RH, at least in the mind of the supporters, there are many things to be glad...
  12. DTS

    Question Extensions / Planning Permission

    Morning all, OK so the Mrs and I are considering getting a two story extension done. We are at really early stages in so much as we have only started meeting architects yesterday. Basic plan appears to be to go out the side of or house (were detached) and then build an extra bedroom and study...
  13. Getting married

    Best wishes to SZ member and SZFC captain Scrounger who Is tying the knot tomorrow with many other zones in attendance.
  14. jamesmut2000

    Ex Shrimpers Challenge - Letter M

    A few names to start off with in no particular order - (with thanks to Suffolk Blue!) Malcolm Webster Colin Morris Dave Morley Gary Moore Daniel Marley Jack Midson Alan Moody Michael Kightly Mick Gooding Alvin Martin Mark Bentley Dean Morgan Kevin Maher Mark Gower Steve Mildenhall Glenn Morris...
  15. Kent Shrimper

    Apprentice Sweepstake

    Right im not organising this, However this is the deal 16 People = 16 Candidates £5 per Entry = £80 £60 For Winner £20 for the Zone Every time a candidate / Zone member gets voted out make the £5 payment to the Zones Paypal account and one of the owners will pay out the winnings So far we...
  16. CC51DAS

    Breaking News NASA in a flap over Nicky Bailey's penalty

    Just spotted this on the web. Its from NASA's website. Looks like Nicky could be in deep **** now :clap: News NASA Aids Forecasters Tracking Iceland Volcano Ash Plume 05.05.10 Click to enlarge The visible ash plume from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano was captured by NASA's...
  17. Slipperduke

    Tweet That, Darren

    Have you ever Twittered? I have to confess that, like European federalism, gardening and 'Jedward', I always thought it was something for other people to worry about. Twitter, I found out this week, is a chance to spurt 140 characters of whatever you're doing at the world, or at least those...
  18. Ronnie Biggs

    What are the Zones thoughts on this? Jack Straw says Biggs is wholly unrepentant and will not grant parole to a very sick, elderly man who is obviously now no threat to anyone. Is it sour grapes on behalf of the establishment or should he be made to stay inside until his final breath?

    For our troops

    This text comes from an email i just received, the email is a chain letter complete with photos championing the work carried out by our troops, and those of our allies, day in / day out in war zones across the globe If you like to receive the original, please PM me with your email addy and i...
  20. Bluesmanager

    Why Americans Should Never Travel

    Taken from another site: I had someone ask for an aisle seats so that his or her hair wouldn't get messed up by being near the window. A client called in inquiring about a package to Hawaii. After going over all the cost info, she asked, "Would it be cheaper to fly to California and then take...