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Del Story

Dear Ronald. Please help! I think we are sharing similar problems on a different scale but I am not coping as well as you seem to be with them. It’s getting me down but you come across as though you don’t have a worry in the world. How do you do it?Let me give you an introduction on my background and why I am writing to you and you will see the similar problems we share. I am a successful second hand car dealer. I have worked my way up the ladder and now own a chain of car lots. I had a dream when I was a little boy that I would one day own my own yacht, so a few years ago I decided I would have one built. Being an ambitious man (and a show off) I didn’t want to have a cheap one so I picked out this design and all in all I worked out it would cost £5million to build. I paid the £100,000 deposit but unable to afford the continued payments I borrowed some money off a few friends and made few loans off the market. U know what I mean aye ;-) Even so I worked out that I would eventually be able to pay off everything in time.Since then I had 3 more kids with the wife. Being a dad yourself you will agree that kids are expensive these days. There was some problems with the house and a few other things I had to pay for which I didn’t plan for.A year ago I was running low on funds, the yacht I was getting built wasn’t finished and the makers were refusing to continue due to some late payments. They then ridiculously requested a full payment of the last £2mill! How dare they ask for the money! What rights do they have!Due to this I thought I would need to cut back. I sold our 6 bedroom house and bought a 3 bed with the kids now sharing. Decided the kids would not get any pocket money, the wife shopping would have to be cut right down, skipped a few bills you know how it is ;-) Sounds completely fair, right!So, to the present. The yacht’s still not built. People are pestering me saying they want their money back. Who do they think they are? My boy Jimmy hates me because he has grown out his trousers for school a little and I won’t buy him a new pair. My youngest girl Jane keeps moaning that she wants something else for dinner other than bread and soup. Kids today aye…Back in our day it wouldn’t have been a problem would it. It wouldn’t affect me if I were in their shoes. I am the man of the house so what’s the problem if I have steak while they have soup. Bl**dy cheek. My oldest son Frank is now 16 and wants to move out because he is upset that I want to charge him £500 a month. How dare he, who does he think paid for his upbringing! Now there are rumours that the mrs is having an affair with Dave down the road. I don’t believe it for one second. He owns a 2 bedroom house and drives a Fiesta so his not in the same league as me when I have a new Bentley is he!I just don’t understand why so many people are angry with me when I haven’t done anything wrong and none of this is my fault. Please advise?Yours TrulyDel Story
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