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First XI
Nov 3, 2009
hopefully this will be short but i have just had enough of the moaners on here and 606 p.s these are just my views as a loyal blue, business man & a man who knows his football inside out.

What happened last season happened was Ron to blame?
In my eyes the guy put money into the club trying to keep us in the championship then when it didn’t work he tried to keep the "top players" in hope we would get back to the championship so yes it backfired but i support the fact he tried (remember he has been putting millions into the club for years so none of this where the Freddy money any one in Business will no the money would have been more than gone will debt left)

Fossest's Farm should we of just stayed at RH?
yes we could of stayed at roots hall and according to some people wouldn’t be in this mess but if you look back "on paper" we have been making pretyt big losses and soon either Ron would walk or the club would have to close simple really.
Im glad he has gone for it and from what i hear Sainsbury’s WILL NOT stat work on RH until we are in FF even if you dont believe them it would be a PR disaster?

We should of kept Tilson?
before i start can i say i am a Massive Tilly fan i think he is a nice guy and a Legend but for me i have to say we went down and its the MANAGERS fault yes there was money problems but were not the only club who's players wasnt getting paid ala Crystal Palace plus i ask myself if Tilson had started the season with a handful of contracted players would he have enough contact in his little black book to feel a team sheet i think NO.

i say while the season is in full swing lets not dwell on last season and instead give the CLUB are full backing i don’t no about you lot but i bleed blue, southend till i die and hate col u?

lastly the people who dot come to RH now because Ron is in charge in my eyes you are not fans so why not go support Grays or something i can understand this "Ron isnt getting my money" and i felt like that after we went down but i am to blue to to able to give the team a miss.

Thanks for reading this is my first Rant
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