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Junior Blues Coordinator⭐⭐
Dec 27, 2007
SZ's Southend United Hall of Fame (courtesy of Yorkshire Blue)

For a bit of fun and to honour our club's history, I propose starting a SZ Hall of Fame to recognise the true legends of Southend United.

The words legend and great are bandied about a bit too often for my liking, I'd like our Hall of Fame to be exclusive and so that only the elite make it. It will be our version of Canton or Cooperstown and I'd be looking at us electing the greatest dozen or so individuals in the history of Southend United, although the final number maybe slightly more or less than this. The key point is that we need strict quality control so that only the select few get in. If we start electing too many, I might introduce a rule that it is one in, one out.

Mere longevity should not be sufficient to gain entrance, instead it should be limited to those who made a substantial impact, displayed greatness and left a legacy. Honours achieved during their stay should be adduced in a candidate's favour, as should their subsequent career if they were remembered as a Southend graduate. The only rule will be that they have to have left the club at least two years ago.

The way this will work is that every so often I will open a thread asking for nominations. SZ posters can nominate only one individual per round of nominations, so you'll need to think carefully over who you want to propose.

Whoever has received the most nominations shall go forward to a ballot. An individual (it doesn't have to be a player, we can nominate chairmen, managers, groundstaff, anyone who has been one of the key dozen or so figures in Southend United's history) will have to have received at least 5 nominations though. Candidates will then have to receive 90% of the votes and at least 30 votes to be inducted into the SZ Southend United Hall Of Fame. In case of any disputes my decision shall be final.

So ladies and gentlemen, your nominations please, remember you can only nominate one individual, they have to be a great and remember they have to have left the club at least two years ago.

Those in so far:
Currently in are (in order of admission):
Chris Powell with 100% of the vote and a poll of 66 votes in favour
Sid Bloomfield with a 97.73% of the vote, polling 43 to 1
Stanley Collymore with 94.44% of the vote, 102 to 6
Ron Pountney, at the 2nd attempt, with 91.07% and 51 to 5 (only 22 votes in favour on 1st poll)
Oliver Trigg with 100% of the vote, polling 47 votes
Frank Gill with 94.29% and 33 to 2
Billy Best with 97.78% and 44 to 1
David Webb with 98.44% and 63 to 1
Alan Moody with 98.31% and 58 to 1

Those that haven't made it are:
David Crown, 51.61%, 32 to 30
Ricky Otto, 51.61%, 48 to 45
Paul Sansome, 78%, 39 to 11
Dave Smith, 89.74%, 35 to 4
Paul Clark, 89.69%, 87 to 10.
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Adding in other nominations, because I'm nice like that.

Eastwood (1) - OBL
Firmani (1) - Shrimper
Angell (1) - IloveShrimp
Goater (1) - Napster
D. Smith (3) - Firestorm, Canveyshrimper, Pubey
B. Jack (1) - Drastic Sturgeon

Bob Jack - Player Manager 1906 - 1910

Blues first ever manager, lasted 4 years from the clubs inception winning 2 successive Southern League Div2 Titles, and election to the Southern League Div1 in 1908. He was also club secretary, and played Outside Left, and without him the Blues may never have survived.
After his four year spell he managed Plymouth for 28 years where he is considered their greatest ever manager. When he retired he moved back to Southend. His son David Jack was regarded as one of the greatest forwards of his generation and later also managed Southend from 1934-40.