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  1. Where do we think we should be?

    Seems to be a fair bit of negativity surrounding PB at the moment and I'm just wondering where people think we should be as we enter December? Currently 5th and four points behind the leaders sits fine with me at the moment. There is no obvious stand out team this year and we're right in the...
  2. Car Tax

    With the changes being implemented in October i believe as you will no longer have a physical disc to display, my question is : Isn't about time this was abolished perhaps in favour of adding a couple of pence per litre to fuel to cover the shortfall in revenue? My reasonings behind this are...
  3. southend4ever

    Celtic Reinstated

    Absolute joke. They lose 6-1 on aggregate and their opponents field an ineligible player for 2 minutes of the second leg and so Celtic are given a '3-0 walkover' after losing the actual game 2-0. This allows Celtic through on away goals! There was a precedent set for this which is a very...
  4. Andy_S

    Barry Fry

    Seems like we could be up against him in Pre Season, as its rumoured he's interested in the available job at The Daggers! I haven't heard anything about it myself, but their board is full of posts about him and it's supposed to have been mentioned on Sky Sports News.
  5. Chairman's Cheque book Needed

    Please read article from the Echo web-site, especially the bold bit News By Stephen Hackwell A LEADING Tory’s claims that single mothers, alcoholics and drug addicts are damaging Southend High Street have been branded “unacceptable” by fellow Conservatives. Anna Waite said big chain shops...
  6. steveo

    This is a tough one

    A High Court judge has ruled that a brain-damaged woman should not be allowed to die, in what is being seen as a landmark case. The woman, who is 52 and can be referred to only as M, is in what is known as a "minimally conscious state". Her family argued she was in pain and that artificial...
  7. Cricko


    I just got bashed for £350 for parking in the wrong spot for 5 minutes..Even the owner of the premises who employs the clampers where I was wrongly parked asked the bloke to take the clamp off as he understood my reasons for parking there for a few minutes.They would have none of it.....The...
  8. Pak Power

    Question Could it be argued...

    could it be argued that, as a company director, you would have to abide by director's responsibilities. please see the link below, and someone who is more knowledgeable than me on these matters, may be able to determine whether the last two in the financial responsibilities section apply to...
  9. number11

    Cricket World Cup (50 Overs)

    England have announced their squad, with Prior coming in, somewhat out of the blue, for Davies being the main surprise. Also very disappointed that Tredwell and Wright have made the cut. They seem like good pro's to go on a tour where they may not play and spend most of their time fielding as...
  10. Jack The Flag

    C2C Rude, No help and pain in the ***

    Went to Lakeside today on the train with 2 mates today. Experienced problems all day first the women argued with me on how old i was at Southend East station. Then when i got to Chafford Hundred i got pulled over by Security and they said that i was 18 and i was going to get a £70 fine, i...
  11. Cricko

    Administration essential and Sainsbury's

    Administration essential even if Blues find money. Southend United should be placed into administration, even if they clear their current tax debt of 238k, the taxman has said. Catherine Addy, representing HM Revenue and Customs, described the club as "demonstrably insolvent", a persistent...
  12. Slipperduke

    Domenech's Dunces Doomed

    Uruguay 0-0 France FRANCE ARE NOT GOING TO WIN THE WORLD CUP Blessed with one of the finest squads in the tournament and capable of the most scintillating football, France are still a law unto themselves. Never mind winning the World Cup. On the evidence of this abject performance, they’ll...
  13. Smudger

    Full details from the High Court - For all Q&A attendees

    With thanks to Shrimpacus on the "Stadium" forum..... Fw: HIGH COURT COPY FROM UK LAW NEWS League One side Southend United were today given one final chance to pay debts of more than £400,000 to the taxman - all thanks to supermarket giants Sainsbury's. Mrs Registrar Derrett adjourned the...
  14. DTS

    Help me settle tonights food dilema.

    On a Wednesday night I go out and play football. As a result the Mrs kindly had dinner on the table for me when I get home at 9pm. As a night in can be a bit boring when you only have a 15 month old for company the Mrs often invites one of her pals over for some food which I always encourage as...
  15. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke Review of 2009

    Welcome, my very dear friends, to a very special presentation. It's that time of year again, you see. A chance to sift through the wreckage of twelve months of English football, to reward the noble and to eviscerate the terrible. Bigger than the Ballon D'or, more prestigious than the PFA, these...
  16. United Cleared, Can Continue European Pillage

    Well, anybody could have seen that one coming. No sooner than Le Havre made idol threats to sue Manchester United for all they're worth, A Fifa judge has cleared them of any wrongdoing and allowed them to sign French starlet Paul Pogba immediately. United are usually as immaculate off the pitch...
  17. Tangled up in Blue

    Football as a business

    Bear with me but the following are some quotes from the above chapter in Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski's excellent "Why England lose (and other curious football phenomena explained)" which I think has a lot of relevance for SUFC's current situation. "Football is neither big business nor good...
  18. Winkle

    Partners car habits?

    Hi everyone....its been a while!! Just thought I would throw this one into the ring about my other halfs driving. I have noticed recently how distracted she gets to the point were I am almost terrifeid by her lack of fundemantal car protocol...let me explain. Ajusting rear veiw mirror to check...
  19. Slipperduke

    Taxing Times For EPL

    Have you noticed anything strange about this transfer window? Usually by this stage of the summer the Premier League is awash with new superstars from every corner of the planet, all clutching whopping great contracts and glibly swearing their allegiance to the cause, but with the exception of...
  20. Question Favourite Restaurant?

    This has plagued mankind (well... me and my for mates) for ages. So quite simple, what is yours and why? I've always argued any 'Beefeater' is normally the best.