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  1. Braintree V Grimsby National League Play-Off SEMI FINAL 2ND LEG

    Sounds like a decent atmosphere there, and a fiesty start from both teams. Do we know if any SZ's planned to attend the match?
  2. Opinion - Fossetts Farm

    It seems like it will never happen, but I don't think I am the only person against Fossetts Farm..... I just don't like the idea of an out-of-town stadium. They never seem to have any atmosphere (Col ewe, Shrewsbury) and take the club out of the community. Also I can never see us filling it...
  3. Rusty Lee

    Best pub atmosphere pre/post Southend

    With the impending visit of the farm handlers on Saturday, I'm curious to peoples thoughts on the best atmosphere you have experienced in a pub either pre or post a Southend game. Personally for me walking into the Railway 2013 pre Orient in the JPT. One Step beyond came on and the whole place...
  4. manor15

    Brown: Players will have to leave

    Not particularly subtle, Prosser, Hurst? Could be an interesting week and a half...
  5. A slight dampener on the day

    Whilst echolng most comments on here regarding the great atmosphere and support etc etc, I hope the bellend who decided to kick in the seat as his way of celebrating White's goal, is feeling good about himself tonight. Talk about singing about inbreds, we had a fair share sitting (or should I...
  6. Impressed with your supporters

    Hello Everyone, I don't normally comment on other team's boards, not because I'm anti-social, but because I can't normally be bothered! I felt I had to register as an honorary Shrimper though, just so I could post a comment on here about your support. Pre-match and post-match comments were by...
  7. Breaking News Help us to build the Roots Hall atmosphere

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/southend-united-roots-hall-commercial-news-2786581.aspx Mrs Blue in a duet with Jason Williams ? :blush:
  8. The Centre Circle Lounge

    First time in the new lounge against Barnsley. I would thoroughly recommend it. All eight of our party said they we go again. Three course dinner that was better than the blues lounge and a half bottle of wine per person. I know the boxes can be a bit sterile but with 30 people in the circle...
  9. Mini Shrimp

    Fan video

    For those of you who don't use Twitter, there is a new fan YouTube channel which was set up today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD-P_g-h3HXxt-vAAjkf8_Q ...and there's plans to upload a video of fans videos from last season so if you have any videos of the atmosphere etc. from any of the...
  10. Capital One Cup First Round Draw - Who would you prefer and why

    Mods, Please delete this post, as it has been mentioned prior in another thread. Thanks.
  11. Blue army !!

    Let's forget about the Yellow that was forced upon us in the Play Off Final and make the seafront a "sea of Blue" this lunchtime. Dig out your blue SUFC shirt, scarves, flags, hats, wigs etc, to create an awesome atmosphere for our heroes. Blue Army !!!!
  12. Jam_Man

    The best day of my Southend United supporting life.

    I started supporting Southend as a kid, and have been on and off over 30 years (with plenty of years constantly going and a massive chunk where I didnt go at all). In that time I've seen promotions with Dave Webb's team, Tilsons promotions, beating Man Utd etc but today was without doubt the...
  13. ColinMorrisWalksOnWater

    Dodgy decisions in the play off finals

    I'm watching the Gas - Grimsby P/off final. The Rovers keeper should have gone for handball with Grimsby 1 up, even more clear than my first impression when watching it live. Rovers are now all square and look the more likely to edge it imo. God I hope we do not suffer from anything iffy on...
  14. Our supporters tonight..

    After recent events, when we've come in for some criticism, I thought the SUFC faithful were magnificent tonight. I was in my usual spot at the back of W Block, and the atmosphere was electric. Even when we went 1-0 down, or missed the penalty, everyone got behind our lads and picked them up...
  15. The Roots Hall Roar

    For all of us going to support the Mighty Blues at Morecombe today, let's raise the roof and create a party atmosphere that you can hear back at the Essex Riviera. For those staying in Essex, get everything crossed, make voodoo dolls of the Wycombe and Bury players and sing, sing, wherever you...
  16. * ORM *

    The Day before the Day !!!!

    I can do this as it is Friday for me. Slight disappointment that I won't be there is overcome massively by building excitement and nervousness. The beauty of being here is a 10pm ko for me and in the current warm weather around 24-25 degrees that time of night. I will be in a bar. I suspect the...
  17. Question Should the FA allow smoke bombs?

    So I thought this question would start quite the debate, and as I know some people feel more strongly than others about this matter. But I am seeing more and more clubs every week with fans releasing smoke bombs, so I know it is extremely unlikely that they would allow them but would this be a...
  18. Dagenham fan here..

    I come in peace.. Thought I'd have a look at your forum last couple of days to get a feel to some of your opinions about the game and see you've sold out. Hoping for a quality atmosphere tomorrow then. Also, thought it was interesting to see that you's don't consider us a derby. Seemed a bit...
  19. Mad Cyril

    Pyramid schemes and high pressure direct sales.

    Anyone got any stories. I have just got back from a visit to someone's house under the guise of a social event hosted by the parents of my young nephew. I thought something was odd when I spotted some leaflets for cookware on the coffee table and sure enough a 'friend' arrived to cook some...
  20. Not too late to book.......

    ..... TravelZone coach travel for Saturday's trip to Portsmouth. There are still spaces on TZ coaches and you can pay on the day at the ground. After Saturday's great win at Oxford let's get behind Phil and the boys, and what better way to get there than the social atmosphere and free drinks...