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  1. Southend Fans at Wembley

    My brother chose to be a Donnie for the day, says he had a brilliant time, Donnie fans he spoke to couldn't praise our fans at the Keepmoat highly enough, excellent party atmosphere for the whole game, and on the way out found himself walking behind a group of fans with an SUFC flag. Anyone...
  2. Tommy2holes

    The how will we fill the new ground thread....

    I have been giving a lot of thought to the new stadium and more importantly how we go from 8k a week to atleast 11k (half full) to give ourselves a chance to generate a decent atmosphere. Well the obvious is to be playing championship football , but if we are not playing that level of football...
  3. Southend_Lady

    CLF and Drogba

    I watched the Champions League Final in Varsity last night. The atmosphere was brilliant and it was buzzing in there. I did have to ask one of the Man United fans who was gloating before the match if he knew how far Manchester actually was from Southend, but that was just another matter.... I...
  4. Roll on August 9th

    Roll on the new season, Donny was fantastic, thanks to all at sufc and the trust for organising transport. Read most of the threads on here, yeah tilly selection was puzzling, is moussa better than black, how can you compare? they are different types of players and should not be compared, ones...
  5. CC51DAS

    Will the North bank now get the go ahead ??

    If just half the atmosphere generated last night could be re-created at each home match - what a boost that would be . Lets get this pushed through - post your support here for a conga at every home match !
  6. Unlucky Lads

    Don't want to say too much for fear of gloating. We were good again last night and it wasn't the fault of your team that you lost. They never gave in either and you have to give credit for that. Great support too and helped create a superb friendly atmosphere between both fans. Saw a car...
  7. Southend_Lady

    Why complain

    I dont understand some of our fans, it seems that unless we are hammering teams 5-0 every week, they sit and wallow in depression and moan about everything from Ron Martin to the length of the grass at Roots Hall. Last night, we showed that we can accept defeat gracefully. We werent ready to...
  8. Southend Supporters at Doncaster

    Hi all, as a doncaster rovers supporter, i would like to say a massive well done to all the southend supporters who attended the keepmoat lastnight. you were all fantastic, and you're club should be extremely proud of you. your fans created a fantastic party atmosphere lastnight, and...
  9. JTSB

    Just got back.....

    .....to Ipswich. No-one bar Wiggy seems to have commented on the performance, so I'll leave it be, despite having enough to say about it to write an essay. All I'll say is that the performance on field was gutless and quite frankly disgusting. Why did our big players of the season hide? One...
  10. * ORM *

    Just got back

    On the coach ! Amazing atmosphere - nice convoy of 20 plus coaches back to main road. Awesome in the stands, gruesome on the pitch but we'll be back next season amd stronger. We're gonna win 6-5 !
  11. TrueBlue

    Gather Round my children...

    Gather round people.... Tomorrow we go north, north to Doncaster where a potential dream can come true a dream that only until a few months ago was not thought possible, but now the chance is here! So when we depart the sunny lands of Essex and march north to the grey overcast skys of South...
  12. Clarky_Blues

    Invasion of Manchester

    I have to say I have never seen anything like this morning in Manchester City Centre with the invasion of Glasgow Rangers. Was advised by my brother-in-law who is in the traffic police for GMP not to drive in to work today with all the road closures around Manchester City Centre to accomodate...
  13. Ayrshire Blue

    Essex FM

    Can any of the Blue Voice get in touch with Essex FM and get the to advertise that the coaches are free. There advertising that we've sold over a 1,000 tickets but nothing about the travel. The more people know about this the more chance we have of getting more people there and getting a...
  14. A Donny View

    Well I enjoyed the trip last night. It took us 5 hours to get down to your place and then another 5 and a half to get back to Doncaster. The A1 was closed on the way home so most Rovers fans got stuck when a tanker and a car both overturned blocking the motorway for a good hour or so not even...
  15. fbm

    The fbm report - Donny play off 1st leg

    STILL ALL TO PLAY FOR IN SEASIDE STALEMATE Southend will have an uphill task if they are to make Wembley in the play offs this year as an impressive Doncaster outfit held the divisions form team to a goalless draw at Roots Hall this evening. The stadium had a fantatsic atmosphere this...
  16. CC51DAS

    Atmosphere tonight

    The SSU has been pretty quiet of late . Let's make sure it doesn't happen tonight . I have it on good authority that there will be a drum or two in the SSU tonight - so those who don't like the noise - BRING SOME EARPLUGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Robbo

    Credit to RH ticket office staff and fans today

    :clap: Just a quick pat on the back to the fans who queued today for Donny tickets. I was there at 9.45am and got my tickets at 11.30am. The atmosphere in the queue was really cheerful and relaxed and the ticket staff, although clearly under pressure, appeared to deal with the customers...
  18. CC51DAS

    Would we be better off to finish 6th ?

    Some reasons why we might do better to finish 6th A - the atmosphere at packed Roots Hall is usually at its best on a Friday ( probable date ) night . This might be the most lucrative option too B - We would get extra recovery time before the second leg . Our small squad has been...