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  1. Floval Flyer


    Thinking about our current strike force, and interested in who you would pick as your front 2 for Saturday I’d bin Lapado, he’s worse than Robinson, and that is saying something! Ba isn’t ready from what I’ve seen, where the hell is he anyway? So that leaves 4; Cox -...
  2. Shooting Practice Today.

    I was passing by Boots & Laces today and couldn't resist popping in to watch the end of training. All I caught was the very start till finish of shooting practice. G Coughlan must have seen my thread a while back where I said shooting practice was basically rubbish, with hardly any routines...
  3. Crawliano


    Hi all, I had a BBQ yesterday and I've got about 5 days to get shot of a load of meat (burgers, sausages the usual). What I don't want to do is just lob it all down the tip, I don't have any room in the freezer and I don't particularly want to attempt a new take on the Atkins diet. So what I...
  4. RobM

    Question Protein (whey) supplements

    As a fairly regular gym-goer I wonder if these supplements are any good. They're pricey (in my view) but do they help? I'm trying to put some bulk on my bean-pole like frame! Ta!
  5. Lack of goals was the downfall !

    So 48 games played and it's all over with the club remaining in the basement division,Phil was dealt most of the cards and he was ok for the bulk of games yet to me the tactics were designed not to concede many! Phil told the SKY commentator he was a 1 0 man and the goals conceded backed up his...
  6. Fossetts Farmer

    Panini World Cup Sticker Album 2014

    Geek alert! Sorry, the inner child in me wants to recreate my yoof before we get smashed for real this Summer. I dare say some other saddo's on here will be doing similar...(where's that sticker album guy ha ha)?! Either a few other peeps will be man(boy) enough for a thread for 'swappsies' or...
  7. Flexible bulk tickets?

    I was wondering whether it was worth approaching the club to see if they would be interested in offering flexible bulk tickets if the current three match mini card experiment works out well. My thinking is along the lines that full ST's and half ST's get a discount, quite rightly, for buying...
  8. Massimo Giovanni

    Pre-Match Thread Scunthorpe United vs Southend United

    Monday morning Blues & NO Agent Lomas? BIG game this Tuesday and IF we can win it might get us back on track! My selection, made with no knowledge of injuries and any other post Saturday info... Dan B, Ben Coker, John White, MP, Egan, Laird, Lenny, Tims, KH, Fred, BBBC. Just two changes and...
  9. DoDTS

    31st January Newport at Home and a Disaster

    Serious Thread. 31st January 2014 Southend United play Newport County at home..... 61 years ago exactly; 31st January 1953 Southend United played Newport County at home. That night the worst floods ever to hit South East Essex killed over 60 people. Quite a coincidence that we are playing the...
  10. Tangled up in Blue

    Europe:some facts

    http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/nov/03/george-osborne-eu-eurosceptics-entitled-own-facts?guni=Keyword:news-grid%20main-3%20(comment)%20Pickable%20with%20editable%20override:Pickable%20with%20editable%20override:Position1 No need to let the facts get in the way of a good argument. One...
  11. Mad Cyril

    Leaving drinks etiquette

    I am leaving my job this Friday and am having leaving drinks in the City. Is it the done think to buy everyone a drink as they arrive or open a tab and have a free for all? Please bear in mind that out of politeness I sent a bulk invitation which has been accepted by some who I have never so...
  12. After game walk round

    Afternoon all I would like to discuss an opinion of mine , that I have a problem with immediately after the game . When we lose , I feel that it is really poor of some of the squad , to simply rush off done the tunnel , without coming round and clapping the supporters for turning up .... Not...
  13. TrueBlue

    Best place to sell tickets

    Long story short guys I have 20 number tickets to see Olly Murs Pixie Lott and Diana Vickers on Sunday 2nd September at Highlands park in Chelmsford face value is £36 and I am looking to shift them all. I am happy to sell on the zone bulk load at £25 a ticket Or I need some decent ticket...
  14. Costco

    Has anyone used or is a member of the above superstore? As I'm planning a party for my little girl, I'm wondering if I can buy BBQ stuff and salady stuff in bulk? As the membership is £25 seems a bit pricey to use it once.
  15. South Bank Hank

    One year on...

    Hard to believe that just one year ago today, the overwhelming majority of the squad and management team had literally just walked through the door. We faced the coming season with just 3 senior players from the previous campaign and a transfer embargo threatening to scupper any deals for new...
  16. DoDTS

    The 1953 Floods

    I hope the following is of some interest, on a Saturday afternoon in 1953 Southend United played a poor game of football, the crowd had a good old moan and then went home totally unaware of the disaster that would hit locally in a few hours time. Saturday 31st January 1953 Southend United 1-0...
  17. DTS

    Question Worst away sides to come to Roots Hall

    Whilst the result didnt really show how bad Barnet were last night I cant help but think the bulk of people that went will feel they are absolute ****. The only player that looked like he could kick a ball was Deering the gobby midgit and even he wasnt good. The black right back that got subbed...
  18. DTS

    My worry for next season.

    Speaking to a lot of fans on saturday I was suprised by the amount of people that think were going to find it easy in L2 next season. Ron Martin kind of said the same in his "Morecombe" interview. I cant help but think Tilson is going to need a team of fighters next season. Having seen a lot of...
  19. adwebb16

    "£10" tickets last night

    Prior to las nights match had a sneaky peek on the SUFC website and noticed a few mentions of prices being 'slashed'. Oh no my friends not just cut, not just discounted but slashed! Nice bit of marketing i thought, safe a couple of quid myself but hey it gets a bigger gate! Anyway, roll up to...

    Pre-Match Thread Exeter City: Saturday 13th March

    So with Brushy gone (thanks for all the good times Paul, and good luck with your future) what can we expect on Saturday ?? Word has it that Brush used to do the bulk of the coaching while Tilly was the man-manager of the duo, now i'd presume with no veteren in the ranks (ie a Sodje, Prior or...