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  1. RHB

    Desert Island Discs

    Ok Zone Castaways, now is your opportunity to share the stuff that the castaways on Desert Island Discs do each week. Pretty simple really, you have to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that you would take if you were to be cast away on a desert...
  2. Northampton from a cobblers perspective.

    Good Afternoon Shrimpers! Im a humble cobblers fan who wanted to give you some insight into what you will expecting from our team on Saturday and give a few tips about parking/drinking etc. I enjoyed chatting on here with some of you a few seasons ago when we were both in league 2. For those...
  3. SUBBlue

    Adverts that you hate

    Sorry to start the day on a negative note but just had to share this. I had the misfortune to see this ad whilst eating breakfast just now. Hate the advert, so annoying. Hate the bird in it, want to give her a Chinese burn. Hate Go ahead bars Anyone else got an advert they despise...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Fitness trackers

    Dies anyone use one? I have a fitbit charge HR and I am pretty sure the heart rate is reading about 15 bpm high. It also reckons I have burnt over 4k calories today which sounds a bit high......
  5. play off final dvd

    does anyone have a copy of the play off final they are willing to burn for me ..i would be very greatful as i have lost my copy on sky as have changed my subscription...or a link to download would be great many thanks
  6. Contract,what contract

    So the WBA forward may go on strike after Albion snubbed the Spurs bids. Jesus,these players ain't got a clue,reportedly on a non shabby 30k a week yet not satisfied. Will Albion let him rot in the reserves? Probably not,but he has burnt many bridges with his tantrum.
  7. PhD Club

    This thread is for people who have a PhD or who are currently doing a PhD. Talk to me. I'm feeling the burn.
  8. Leave it out !

    So Bents makes a bloomer then some want him burnt at the cross ! For my money Dan is a good league 2 keeper who in time will get even better and play at a higher level. Keepers can never ever win which is such a shame,they can make save after save yet are alway's in the sights of those ex pro...
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    Summary of last 2 weeks' news please

    So other than the obvious 6 points, Ron's annual marquee signing along with another sticky-plaster loan and further proof that BBBC is better than Falcao and on a par with Ballon D'Or winner Ronaldo, what have I missed whilst I was away? Is the Dome up? Has the new stadium been built? Have we...
  10. Cricko

    Day 5. Christmas Quiz . Cryptic 2

    CRYPTIC DRINKS: 1. Yeoman of the guard? - Beefeater 2. M D C L X 1 V? - 1664 3. Left on board ship? - Port 4. Newborns pork? - Babycham 5. 23rd letter phonetically? - Whiskey 6. Stringed instrument? - Harp 7. Deceased Labour party leaders tipple? - John Smiths 8. Sounds like my mates smart -...
  11. Prem loanee may have saved us

    We had Woodrow...No thank's We have Barney.....Jury still out Step forward Mr Loza a young hungry untried youngster with pace to burn who just may of turned it round for Phil and us. Wonderful debut which had everything. At last the prem have loaned us something special.
  12. Ricey

    Official Match Thread Southend United vs Oxford United

    Team line ups to follow. Can we perform in front of Sky and will the new manager hoodoo hit us?
  13. Still clinging on !

    Amazing even after this poor run we are still 7th yet the pack have now closed in for the kill with York Plymouth Hartlepool and Cheltenham ready to pounce. With Corr now suspended this has to force Phil's hand by dumping his 451 and going 442 and take the game to the opponent. I did not go...
  14. Tommy2holes

    Life changes thread

    I am at a crossroads. I'm 36 years old working silly hours at a mental health unit. I love the job but the politics and lack of progression mean that staying would lead to me working the same job until I'm 65 and I'm burnt out already. Has anyone else been in a position similar and changed jobs...
  15. Napster

    The Grauniad

    Simon Burnton's at Boots and Laces meeting Phil Brown. Expect an article on the gaffer in the paper soon.
  16. C C Csiders

    Rubbish nights out

    Yesterday evening I went to a German-themed Hot Tub/BBQ party. The evening started with all the guests having to get in a Hot Tub. Unfortunately, the thing had a malfunction and rather than a Hot Tub it was a distinctly lukewarm tub. Meanwhile the host was seemingly busy on the BBQ, and it being...
  17. Cricko

    The Nakid Truth

    Taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Naked-Truth-CameronIs-he-the-worst-prime-minister-in-British-history/349274725156523 How close was David Cameron to having a week that was not a total disaster for himself or the government. I really thought he was going to make it by Thursday,But...
  18. IN or OUT

    With all the ( very tedious ) Smith and Eastwood debates of late , I'm getting confused now as to who is 'IN FAVOUR' and who is 'OUT'. There have been pro and con comments about everyone of our squad , which is fine as it's all about opinions. I've listed some below ( some slightly tongue in...
  19. Mad Cyril

    Question Stephen Fry - Is he a massive ****?

    I was sickened to see a programme called 'Stephen Fry - Gadget man' on Channel 4 whilst flicking channels. The question - is he a massive **** and why? You would have thought it would be pretty hard to burn through the good will acquired as Melchett in Blackadder but there you go.
  20. Question The Frenchman ( who must remain nameless ) at Ipswich

    I'm guessing that McCarthy will take a look at all his players before making any decisions , but the loanees must be the most vulnerable if has to 'move players out' before 'moving players in'. Could be 'our player' is out in the cold again in Jan. I understand that he has burnt hsi bridges...