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  1. Jam_Man

    First people on mars

    http://news.sky.com/story/1428794/britons-shortlisted-for-one-way-trip-to-mars So we are sending people to mars. Or its a scam to do with reality TV shows ? Cant see this being genuine as the finances must be astronomical, and if they are charging applicants to apply that hardly says they are...
  2. 60 quid to watch a friendly

    Bournemouth entertain Real Madrid in a pre season friendly and are charging a wallet busting 60 quid to anyone daft enough to pay. If Madrid were playing at the Hall and admission was on a par as above,..Would you attend,Def not for me at those prices.
  3. palexander

    Notice: parking at Stanmore station car park.

    Car park is full. There is another car park down the same road charging £10 and has loads of space at the moment.
  4. Question Sturrock or who????

    So, loads of you are calling for Sturrocks head, but, seriously, who would you want to see come in and take over? We have no war chest, the players get paid late so motivating is a constant problem, Barker admits the boys are worried about off field issues, they have families & mortgages too &...
  5. Smiffy

    iPhone 4s Charging Problem

    So my missus has an iPhone 4s. It is not even a year old and up until yesterday was charging fine. For some reason now, It wont charge via the mains using a proper iPhone charger. But it will charge if I plug the same charger into the PC and charge via USB. I have tried two different chargers...
  6. TrueBlue

    North bank v dagenham

    Couple of things, First off SUPERB support today got behind the lads well I hope we sounded good from other stands? Loved that we got the cresswell song going and he loves it too (talking to him in the boozer last night) Lastly though can we please please not try and get 'personnel' with the...
  7. Should we do a Hartlepool?

    Just read an interesting article in the Mail regarding attendancies in the Football League. The article mentioned that Hartlepool have 5900 season ticket holders! Hartlepool made an offer pre season that all season tickets would cost £100 if they broke the 4000 sales mark by July. I personaly...
  8. CC51DAS

    Club to experiment with free admission ?

    With attendances starting to dwindle, I understand that the Club is to look at possible ways to entice the so called 'marginal supporters' who might otherwise be tempted by the lure of neighbouring clubs such as Canvey , Chelmsford and even Braintree Town, to visit Roots Hall. It is not thought...
  9. Vange Shrimper

    Driving Instructors - yes I know, again!

    Hello, me again, has anyone come across Drive2Us.com and used them for driving lessons? I've just come across them on the internet and they are charging £16ph, which is bloody cheap. I've just completed a disastrous 5 lesson stint with Red Driving School, who I would not recommend at all as the...
  10. Cricko

    My screen is flashing

    My screen is flashing on my laptop when it is plugged into the charger...I have checked all the connections which seem fine..so what is up. Any ideas please people? Has the charger given up the ghost as it no longer getting hot and the power seems to be dropping although it says charging and...
  11. Kenny

    Saturday 3pm games down the pub

    Niall Quinn has taken a look at Sunderlands drop in gates and aimed a dig at those fans who opt to watch the games in the pub. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/s/sunderland/9395083.stm A landlady in Portsmouth was fined by Sky for opting to use a foreign satellite feed which cost...
  12. Question New Years Eve

    Couldn't find a thread so thought I'd start one. So what's everyone doing tonight? Yeah, I know NYE is always **** and overpriced but is anyone going out tonight? I'll be seeing the New Year in somewhere in Temple Bar presuming I can find somewhere which isn't charging €10 just to get in the...
  13. Someone give Moshni a brain!

    While I think he is brilliant, he needs to think a bit more, like he went charging into a guy in the corner when he was going nowhere and gave away a needless free-kick when you shoul of just stood the guy up, then in the resulting free-kick seemed far more interested in pulling and pushing...
  14. Southend United Finances.

    Hi. Just to introduce myself, as the name probabaly suggests, I'm a Stockport Fan. (In peace). I've actually come on here just to spread a bit of information about financial issues, but before I start, I'll just say a bit of a piece. 14 months ago, other Stockport supporters, myself and...
  15. Cricko

    Help wanted 80004

    My son was playing with my phone yesterday and now I keep getting txts from 80004 about stupid competitions and they are charging me £1-50 a go...how do I stop this? please.
  16. TrueBlue

    Is it right

    If a woman is going to attack you i.e she comes charging at your with an implement is it right to job her one in the mooey in self defence?
  17. Pak Power

    Who actually owns Roots Hall ?

    As far as I am aware, (and I need some of you more knowledgeable than me on this) Roots Hall was bought and paid for by the supporters. Local people donated. Local business's donated supplies for the ground to be built.Ted Grant donated the North Bank stand, and players and local people built...
  18. Shrimperstrust

    Watch England for Free !! - Sign Up To Trust Affiliate Bet 365

    Hopefully by now many of you will have had a chance to look at the new Shrimpers Trust Website. For those that are interested we have now teamed up with a few new affiliates and in particular one may interest some of you right now. As many will know the England game on Saturday is not being...
  19. Eduardo dive

    anyone feel a bit sorry for Eduardo, I don't actually think it was a blatant dive... Boruc came charging out, Eduardo got to the ball and nipped it passed and then went down, he didn't claim or appeal for a penalty, and so my understanding is that even if there wasn't contact he couldn't be...
  20. Davros

    Should they weigh people before flying

    Now, i know we have had this discussion before, but last time.. a) We didnt do a poll b) Trueblue threatened to beat people up c) i didnt realise that when the first passenger airport opened in Croyden many years ago, they did actually weigh the passengers as well as the baggage, and if the...