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  1. The General

    The "My Car is stuffed thread"

    Chaps, Just found out my 51 Peogeot is now pretty much dead to me. I thought the clutch had gone and was prepared to pay a couple of hundred quid to get it fixed etc... However, they've (Mr Clutch) had a quick look and it looks like its the gear box and considering how much that costs, compared...
  2. Seasonal Cash Flow

    When the HMRC winding up order reared it's ugly head back in July, I was extremely concerned that it happened so early in the cash flow cycle. With our solid base of approximately 5000 season ticket holders,most of whom pay up-front in April or May (although some do pay by monthly...
  3. You've got to hand it to him

    I've never met the man, so haven't seen his skills first hand, but you've got to hand it to him. Ron Martin must have incredibly slick PR skills. He seems to be like teflon. Whenever there is something bad to face, either someone else is put forward to take the flak or he somehow wins people...
  4. gillingham tickets

    we only have 800 compared to 2500 which Charlton were given!! why is this??
  5. Firestorm

    Accounts Pre 2003

    Just got the accounts back to 1994-1995 in 1994-95 we had Administration expenses of 1.8M (compared with 2.04 in 2007-2008) and made an operating profit of 1.4M, but we did get 2.9M in transfer fees ! The next year we lost 1.05M but revaluation of the value of RH etc (up to 8.4M) made us...
  6. What Becomes of the Broke and Shafted

    Someone great once said that Football isn't a matter of life or death, it's much more than that. Which would explain the pain felt by those when their football club is ripped away from them. As a Southend United supporter, I've had the good grace of never witnessing non-league football and...
  7. Frustrated

    Tilly will always have my utmost respect for the fantastic job he has done at Southend United, I love the guy - he's a legend. I'd also love to see him stay here for many, many years to come, it would take an awful lot for my feelings to change on that score. However I'm frustrated at the...
  8. Surviving Scudamore

    When Richard Scudamore announced the new home-grown quota system that will come into place for the start of the 2010/11 campaign, you could almost hear the penny drop in boardrooms across the country. From August 2010, a Premier League club will have it's squad capped at 25 players, containing...
  9. Mayweather Dismantles Marquez, Clears path for Monumental Showdown

    Some might have suggested that, after a 22 month absence from the ring, there'd be a certain element of rust around Floyd Mayweather. Not after this performance. "Money" Mayweather, as he prefers to be called these days, looked every bit as deadly as the man who took Ricky Hatton to pieces in...
  10. Napster

    Jimmy Corbett Interview 24/8/2009

    A foot in both camps...Jimmy Corbett By Chris Dicketts Gillingham entertain Blackburn Rovers in the Carling Cup this week and in preparation we spoke to a player who has a foot in both camps. Jimmy Corbett never played a game for Blackburn in an injury hit stay there but did making seventeen...
  11. ldnfatso

    AGM Notes of Q&A Session

    This is all rather rough, OBL's will probably be better, but i left her to get sloshed with the shareholder bubbly. RM - Ron Martin ST - Steve Tilson BJ - Bill Jennings GK - Geoffrey King RM asked firstly why 1 person had voted against the accounts. RM said he thought this rather bizarre...
  12. Stats

    English County System Needs A Revamp

    Having spent time out in Australia last xmas I watched quite a bit of cricket, both International and State. One obvious thing is there are only 6 Aussie state sides compared to 18 English county sides. They dont use overseas players in 4 day games therefore every game will see 22 Australians...
  13. Slipperduke

    The 39th Shame

    I've found an interesting anomaly on the official Premier League website. Now, admittedly I'm playing fast and loose with the definition of the word 'interesting', but stick with me on this. When you click 'contact us', instead of bringing up the address of the organisation, it gives you a...
  14. Stats

    The Open Golf Championship - Turnberry

    Golf's third major of the year rolls back into Turnberry after a 15 year absence. Tiger Woods starts as 2-1 favourite but with the rough supposed to be quite thick can he keep the ball in play enough to claim his 4th Open Title. Back to back defending champion Padraig Harrington has endured...
  15. Slipperduke

    The Golf Book

    It's that time again, chaps. This is book number four of the quadrology... *waits for MtS to find the error in the Latin* ...of sports books that I'm writing this year. And it's time for Golf. Now, this will be a strange one because there doesn't seem to be an awful lot to explain. Compared...
  16. Shrimper

    My two cents

    I'm getting very irritated with the lack of news regarding new faces or even links to new faces that could potentially join Southend United. As soon as we beat Cheltenham we lost two of our key players in the season with the end of Dervite and Robinson's loans from Tottenham and Watford...
  17. Bexley Blue

    26th July 2000

    It's things like this that make me realise how much better a state this club is in now. http://archive.echo-news.co.uk/2000/7/26/198785.html The club was in absolute turmoil this time. You read the doom and gloom merchants on here, boo-hooing that we havent's signed this or that player by...
  18. Ron Manager

    Outnumbered at home

    Just in the process of getting my ticket for Brisbane Roar vs Celtic, a pre-season match over here in July. Now by all accounts every exiled Celtic fan and Irishman in Australia is heading to Brisbane for this game and despite being at home Roar fans (such as myself) will be seriously...
  19. Benfleet A1

    A Recovery Nightmare

    It all started normally. Flat battery in South Woodham Ferrers, clutch gone on an VW Camper in Westcliff another flat battery at Southend Hospital. All run of the mill stuff. Then I got a call for an Ford Scorpio in Pitsea with a wheel bearing gone and needing recovery to Great Yarmouth. That'll...
  20. seany t

    Wembley: A Nation(al Stadium) divided?

    As a stadium, I still feel entirely undecided about Wembley. It's most impressive outside, lit up at night - a glowing beacon calling sports fans to its central hub. And it's a very slick operation, delivering colossal volumes of food and drink at breakneck speed, being very sensibly laid out...