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  1. * ORM *

    Any state pension specialists?

    I don't understand. According to one part of gov't website I only need 30 years fully paid NI to qualify for full basic state pension. Then elsewhere I check my NI contributions and I'm paid up 30 years in full but it also tells me I have made no contributions in the last 4 tax years and need to...
  2. Footballer's names as a question

    I saw this on reddit and nicked the idea before I read any more of the contributions. Very simple. There are some footballers whose name can end a sentence and make a question. For example: Is Wes Brown? Can Peter Crouch? continue!!!!
  3. Uncle Leo

    500 Reasons To Love Cricket

    I think they'll do well to get to 500, but some Twitterers are inviting contributions for this blog. Shameless plug I know, but here's mine: http://500reasonstolovecricket.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/the-1992-world-cup/
  4. Old reader but new poster!

    Hi all, there I was getting annoyed at all the new years resolution talk when I realised that the one thing I definitely SHOULD make an effort to do this year is to contribute to this site rather than simply relying on the contributions of others to get me through my commute/lunchbreak! First...
  5. Uncle Leo

    Biggest load of drivel I've ever heard

    Not sure how they got my details, but some loons have sent me an email suggesting I sign a petition to protest about there being no women (other than HM The Queen) on British bank notes. Whoever wrote this needs to get out more. "Mervyn King, the Governor of the Bank of England, has announced...
  6. Cricko

    Breaking News Thank you so much Zoners.

    The Owners of the Zone would like to thank all of you that have given so generously to our call for help with funds....We appreciate every single donation and this helps us to continue to make this site free for members and keeps us as ever, one of the best fans' forums outside of the Prem...
  7. pickledseal

    Question Anyone else on strike next Thursday in Southend?

    I'll prob join the rally in Southend High Street at 12.30pm: http://www.j30strike.org/location/southend/ ------------ Defending our pensions to protect education For every teacher, lecturer and leader, educating our students is the most important aspect of our working life. And it’s for this...
  8. pickledseal

    Vote of no confidence for Gove

    This would be an interesting move.... <link> I loved this quote: I do thing that general contentment amongst teachers, as with many public sector workers, must be at record low in recent times. Now before we get into "public sector workers don't know how good they've got it" debate - and...
  9. pickledseal

    Pension Changes

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12687489 I started teaching at 22. I'll die before I can retire.
  10. Cricko

    Zone Update Your new site.

    Hi all, this is going to be pretty long winded so bare with me...We now think we are about "there" with all we can do for now. We will of course continue to make The Zone one of the top boards outside of the Prem....There are certain bugs like the names in groups and other little annoying things...
  11. Firestorm


    The premier league have to submit finite 25 player squads to the FA shortly which , as I understand , cannot be altered until the January transfer window opens. Does this mean that there will be a number of players on Prem teams books who will not be allowed to play competitively ? and is this...
  12. Cricko

    Question Blogger required.

    Anybody up for helping with this...Pm me for the email addy. Hi, I'm writing on behalf of the blog to which I contribute, http://thetwounfortunates.blogspot.com, to ask whether someone from the Shrimper Zone would be interested in contributing to our pre-season previews. We have been going for...
  13. Cricko

    Administration essential and Sainsbury's

    Administration essential even if Blues find money. Southend United should be placed into administration, even if they clear their current tax debt of 238k, the taxman has said. Catherine Addy, representing HM Revenue and Customs, described the club as "demonstrably insolvent", a persistent...
  14. Supershrimper

    Articles in Todays Echo - Dated 2/07/2010

    This has been copied word for word from todays echo. The two page spread on pages 8-9. A Lot of it is what we knew already, we up a creak without a paddle, and most probably a raft as well. Taxman Targets Blues…Again (Taken from the Echo, pages 8-9) This time the club owes £200,000...
  15. Tangled up in Blue

    Club Statement:HMRC

    On the OS now.We're back in court again on the 8th July for outstanding PAYE contributions for May/June.We owe 200,000 quid. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2081862,00.html
  16. Mad Cyril

    Synth Britania

    Interesting program on BBC4 tonight with a bit of local interest from local bands Depeche Mode and Yazoo and contributions from Vince Clarke........ Synth Britania
  17. Sherif H

    Big thanks to the Col U lads

    Amongst all of the negativity surrounding our particularly rancid performance (bar the last 20 mins or so), I would personally like to express my gratitude to both Pat Baldwin and Scott Vernon for their contributions today. Much has been made of Baldwin's supposed non-plussed appearance during...
  18. Rob Noxious

    Tales Of The Ales

    With thanks to Pubey for starting 'The Beer Thread' ... this is a variant on this particular theme. Some of you may have hopped onto the 'On The Road Again' thread from time-to-time (in the 'Away Travel' forum). I would ideally have liked other good SZ folk to have contributed there and have...
  19. Zone Update All At Sea - next edition

    Hi all, Further to Jai's post yesterday re the five year anniversary edition I'm afraid we have decided to put back publication until the Leyton Orient game on Sept 4. This gives you more time to send in any contributions for the fanzine, to the usual e mail add: allatseafanzine@hotmail.com...
  20. Five year anniversary

    All At Sea celebrates five years when it comes out next on August 21 against Millwall. I believe this makes us one of, if not the longest serving fanzine in the club's history - although I could be wrong (I know Roots Hall Roar ran for exactly five years). We're hoping that contributors past...