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  1. Cricko

    Good Blog from Old_Holborn

    Taxing Festive Cheer - a new lowI do hope you all enjoyed the festivities over Christmas. Perhaps, like I, you drank a fine wine with friends, or smoked a cigar with your Cognac to celebrate one of the few remaining holidays the taxman allows us revenue producing drones. No sooner have we put...
  2. pickledseal

    Question Updating the swear filter on SZ?

    I'd like to propose we update the list of words to be in keeping with the Pakistani government's banned words list. Please have a read of the list to see what you think: http://t.co/QxqLx3Pv (18+ some rude words) You may argue 'drunken' and 'athletes foot' are unnecessary to ban... also...
  3. davewebbsbrain

    South Stand East exit shut

    From what I hear a drunk fell off a wall and they closed the South Stand East exit. Saw him on a stretcher and he looked in a bad way. Still, we all got to walk along the edge of the pitch and I got to shake Clohessy's hand.
  4. Left-wing Journalist Is A Very Silly Boy Shock

    Independent columnist Johann Hari has admitted copying the work of others (including it would seem Ann Leslie of the Daily Mail) to improve his articles. He has also apologised for editing the Wikipedia entries of people he had clashed with, using the pseudonym David Rose, "I took out nasty...
  5. TrueBlue

    Memory Lane My trip to East Fife

    Just wanted to do a review of my East Fife trip as I can't express how much of a good time I had!!! FRIDAY: all started 10am in the roebuck in Rayleigh straight into things with 2 pitcher ****tails 1 woo woo and 1 cheeky v followed by an epic full english then joined by Wallace - Gareth and...
  6. DTS

    Contact with Ex Lovers?

    Afternoon Chaps, Spent last weekend on a stag do. The wedding is this Friday and I shall be best man. On the stag we went boating in Oxford for the weekend which was pretty decent in fairness. As my mate is a 2nd time married he had wanted a quiter type event. There were 9 stags including us...
  7. Benfleet A1

    Calling all you designers out there

    Can anyone help me out here by directing me to a site where I can design a logo or is there any wouldbe designers who want to impress the hell out of me with one of their own creations. What I am after is the James Dean motorcycle pose from Rebel Without a Cause but in cartoon form and Mr Dean...
  8. Onion_Bag_Dave

    In need of a car!

    Recently had my car written off on Saturday night. Some genius in a massive Toyota pickup truck decided to smash into me at 30 mph ish whilst I was going round a corner, blatantly was drunk and he drove off (scum) BRILLIANT! But basically, I'm in need of a car as it is how I get to Uni everyday...
  9. Onion_Bag_Dave

    Asbo for teenager after booze-fuelled rampage

    I know this isn't directly linking to us as a club, but Ryan Hall kicks someone when they are on the ground, and allegedly goes inside to get a bottle which he DOESN'T use. Whereas... This guy has punched five different people in and around Wickford High Street in just 24 hours...
  10. duncan bulgaria

    Can anyone handle Peroni ??

    Chaps and chappess's ....I have been drinking Peroni now for near on 5 years and it never cease's to amaze me at how quick and blind drunk I get on this juice , I'm pretty much fine with any other beer but this just does me every time ......Trouble is I like the stuff and don;t really drink...
  11. Crawliano

    I'm just going to make something up, let me know what you reckon...

    So I'm sat here a little drunk, not knowing whether it really is time to hit the hay so I thought it's high time I set the rumour mill in motion. Now I reckon that Moshni is going to be used as a makeweight in the next move that Ron has up his sleeve to get us away from Roots Hall, as has been...
  12. LennySUFC

    Latest Rumours True or False?

    True or False? Is there actual evidence that Sheffield Wednesday are willing to pay money for Blair Sturrock Or more likely ... was someone drunk after saturdays game and decided to post a completely make up the most pointless rumour. Just want to know whats going on with Baby Sturrock
  13. * ORM *

    Drunk ref in Belarus

    Can someone post the link up from BBC most popular video. Brilliant http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/7503488.stm
  14. Rusty Shackleford

    Palestinian Family Sends Son To be Martyred; Israel Doesn't Cooperate

    I bet this really ****es the family off. All they wanted was a martyr, not a mentally ill son! Here they are, planning a big martyrdom celebration, counting the blood money they'll receive, looking forward to the anti-Israel propaganda, and the damn Joos wouldn't kill the boy! Those *******s...
  15. Drunken Disorderly Inn

    An interesting slant on alcohol overindulgence from Manchester Police http://www.gmp.police.uk/live/disorderly.nsf/index.html?readForm
  16. Benfleet A1

    The mongol rally 2012

    Well I had intended on leaving this until nearer the time but things have moved on a little quicker than expected so here goes. Several years ago I was being all funky and surfing the net when I happened across an web site called TheAdventurists. Through my drunken haze I read about a totally...
  17. cant we all grow up

    cant we all grow up and leave ron martin alone untill anything happens again on a bad financial side not just a load of drunk people in the blues voice get bored cause the teams losing and turn on ron martin again when we are wining nothing happens about ron so cumon lets gro up and support the...
  18. Post-Morcombe

    Doesn't go out until tomorrow, but I thought I'd let you lot have an early peak.... As usual feel free to agree/disagree, or go nothing at all :)
  19. Mad Cyril

    Police national computer/ CRB checks.

    Has anyone been through one of these type of background checks? I have been offered a new job and am concerned that a night in Rayleigh nick nearly 20 years ago following some drunken hi-jinks may come back to bite me in the backside. I have a letter from the OB saying no information is held...
  20. Uncle Leo

    Question Use Your Illusion I or Use Your Illusion II?

    Drunken conversation between a mate and I the other day ended up with us arguing the merits of the two Guns N' Roses albums that came out back in 1991. My friend was very much in the 'II' camp (features "You Could Be Mine" and he's a huge fan of "Civil War"), whilst I much prefer 'I' (the better...