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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    The Blue Wall of Death

    computer has simply died - believe it's a window's 10 issue aka (see title) but fixing is not a simple as reinstalling (trust me) anyone know anything about this?
  2. Sky Broadband and Talk Outage in Southend and Surrounding areas

    Sky Broadband and Talk Back on in Southend and Surrounding areas Working again :)
  3. Streaky

    Help for Hullbridge

    Afternoon SZ'ers If you get 2 minutes can you please vote to help Riverside Primary School receive £25,000 to repair, refurbish and reinvent the school swimming pool. By fixing the swimming pool we would be able to offer swimming lessons to all of the children at the primary school as well as...
  4. Brilliant Invention Please Vote

    One of our members has invented this gadget for fixing things to the plasterboard walls of houses and needs your votes to progress onwards. Please vote to support a local genius and fellow SUFC supporter. https://t.co/QAokuCCOCZ Bladefixing t.co
  5. Firestorm

    David Obaze

    Joins Reiss Noel in the ex Shrimpers Hall of infamy (match fixing section) http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/28343954
  6. Life long bans !

    It ahs been reported in todays Herald /Sun newspaper that 2 british born soccer players ,plying their trade in melbourne have been given life long bans from any football related activity World wide by FIFA,following their part in the match fixing here iin Melbourne , they are 24 yo Reiss...
  7. BBC Article on Phil Brown

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/25866578 He might not have fixed the floodlights but Phil apparently has been fixing fuses for the physio department.
  8. fbm

    Spot fixing and the Sodje family

    Just a thought, with various mentions of the Sodje family in the match fixing scandal, does anyone remember Efe's monumental blooper in the first few minutes against Colchester when he looked to pass or head the ball back to Flahavan, saw Cureton in the way and did it regardless! Put us 1-0 down...
  9. Question Anyone concerned?

    With the news that a number of players have been arrested over match fixing allegations, do you worry just how serious this problem might get? As we have witnessed in the Yewtree witch hunt, once the authorities have no option but to investigate, more and more of the iceberg begins to surface...
  10. Former SUFC Youths In Match Fixing Probe

    With all the news of the recent arrests in England for match fixing there have also been 4 English players charged in Australia with a similar offence. Two of those are former youth players of ours Reiss Noel and David Obaze. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24171344
  11. DTS

    Ex Shrimpers in trouble

    I saw on twitter that two ex Shrimpers (Noel Reiss and David Obanze) are both under investigation for max fixing in the Australian Division 2.
  12. southend4ever

    Signing up to a Service

    Is anyone signed up to a service to receive tips? I have been on board with this for a week and a half and I have been making 2-3 bets per day in leagues all over the World at all different times of day. This is currently proving to be very profitable. It is the first time I have been betting...
  13. ibwiajwa

    Paul Sturrock - a good man.

    An interesting article by Gerard Degroot in the Telegraph yesterday mentions Paul Sturrock: " The football manager Paul Sturrock, a good man, deals every day with young men who take their gifts for granted. They sometimes forget that the ability to kick a ball is not enough by itself to...
  14. Mohave Shrimper


    My mum's landline has been down since Sunday last week (!) and these useless ***** just can't get it right! * Fault reported Sunday 19th June, told deadline for the fault to be fixed is Thursday 23rd 5pm. * Monday 20th Engineer visits house, tells my mum he’ll be fixing it from 8am...
  15. Yorkshire Blue

    West Indies v Pakistan

    Really interesting series this as they should be two evenly matched (ie flawed) sides, but both are teams who look as if they finally may be ready to start making some progress now the WIndies have dropped that waster Gayle and Pakistan have purged most of the match-fixers. I think Pakistan may...
  16. BrettieAngell

    FIFA to investiage match-fixing!

  17. Thorpe Groyney

    Croydon Athletic The Fall Guys In Pakistan Spot Fixing Scandal

    I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned on here but it looks like Ryman Premier League side Croydon Athletic will soon become defunct. In the course of HMRC investigations into Mahzar Majeed, the bookmaker at the centre of the Pakistan spot fixing scandal, it was found that since he bought the...
  18. Latest Rumours Broken legs

    I once had a friend who needed both knees fixing because of sport injuries,so the doctors did one and then 6 months after did the other this is done just in case one knee fails. So is there any one you know that may have had thier legs broken for not paying debts to rough tough men emmm let me...
  19. Bologna v Lazio

    B365 odds: Bologna 9/2 Draw 1/2 Lazio 15/4 Rumours around the internet that this is fixed, and the money backs that. I've also read this is a decoy for Bari-Siena which will end in a draw too. Italian match fixing still alive and well? Will be interesting to watch how this pans out today.
  20. The General

    The "My Car is stuffed thread"

    Chaps, Just found out my 51 Peogeot is now pretty much dead to me. I thought the clutch had gone and was prepared to pay a couple of hundred quid to get it fixed etc... However, they've (Mr Clutch) had a quick look and it looks like its the gear box and considering how much that costs, compared...