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  1. Bricklayers

    Any bricklayers out there that would like a bit of weekend work in Hadleigh, Benfleet area ??
  2. Driving Instructors

    Can any of the good people on SZ recommend a good driving instructor/school in the Benfleet area. I'm looking to get My son driving lessons or maybe an intensive course(not so sure on these). Any advice would be helpful as have no idea on what's best. I know it's no longer £5.80 an hour that I...
  3. davewebbsbrain

    Party venue/DJ

    I have started to think about a surprise party for my wife's 40th in July this year. Anyone got any recommendations please on a DJ and a venue that will hold about 100 and that has a bar, and preferably would supply a buffet. Needs to be in the Southend/Rayleigh/Benfleet area. My first thought...
  4. Mad Cyril

    Best chain working lunch establishment.

    If I step outside the office I tend to use Leon or Wasabi. Not cheap but nothing is in Canary Wharf. When I worked on Fleet Street I used Pilpel, a small falafel and humus chain which was fantastic. Anyone else got any favourites?
  5. Murkey_Mouse

    Official Match Thread Southend Utd 4-0 Canvey Island

    Ted Smith will start at Canvey with mixed first team, reserve & some trailist. I will be at Park Lane as its only 8 minutes drive from my place in Benfleet, who is going?
  6. Mad Cyril

    Restaurant recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good Indian restaurant in Chelmsford or on the way back from Chelmsford to Benfleet?
  7. Mad Cyril

    Election 2015 - Who or what has turned up at your front door?

    I live in South Benfleet and so far I have had a Rebecca Harris/Conservative newsletter and that's it. Anyone else?
  8. Mad Cyril

    More local restaurant reviews.....

    IL Torrente, Benfleet. Food OK but overpriced and I think they are trying to cash in on an upmarket South Benfleet clientele. They didn't have Amaretto which is odd for an Italian restaurant and I saw them make an Irish coffee and stir the cream in. Don't think they will be around long unless...
  9. OldBlueLady

    Wanted.....local (to Benfleet) social media guru

    Hi all I am looking for someone to set up social media platforms for a local business in Benfleet. Please send me a pm if you are interested, detailing your suitability for this project. Thanks.
  10. OldBlueLady

    Explosion in car park at SEEVIC

    Reports of an explosion and car fire at SEEVIC earlier this evening and a body having been recovered from the car. Shocking news, thoughts are with all those affected - and there would have been a lot of students and staff still there at the time, and people using the swimming pool and at the...
  11. Mad Cyril

    Southend United themed cars.

    I saw one recently at Benfleet Station and have to admit a soft spot for the Canveymobile which I regularly see. Does anyone else have a Southend themed car? If not what make/model would you choose? I would probably go for something like a Talbot Samba or an Austin Allegro.
  12. Mad Cyril

    Restaurant Scores on the doors

    Do you refuse to eat anywhere if they have a low rating? I have stopped going to a few places after checking their ratings online. Luckily the Mumtaz Mahal in Benfleet has five stats so I won't starve.
  13. Jam_Man

    Secondary schools in Southend

    My daughter is at that age we are looking at her next school and have been going to a few open evenings. To be honest Im horrified at the schools in the area and would appreciate other peoples views. She is a bright girl and is going for her 11+ and I think its 50/50 whether she passes it, if...
  14. RobB11

    Goalkeeper wanted for Sunday League team

    Hi, my Sunday team (Disaronno Rovers 2nds, Sceptre League Div. 8) need a goalkeeper for this coming season. You do not have to be amazing, all I ask is that you are committed and can turn up every week. If anybody plays in goal or knows somebody who does then please get in touch, either PM or...
  15. Jam_Man

    Thatcher's Funeral

    Dragging on a bit. When is Elton John on ?
  16. Mad Cyril

    Police commissioner elections.

    I voted in Benfleet at 8:35 this morning and was the third voter since 7am. I suspect a combination of voter apathy and candidates from 'fringe' parties such us UKIP and English Democrats could throw up a few surprises.
  17. Shrimpers are Magic

    Drinking holes in the south end of Prittllewell

    Was down for Pie and Pint night with the Doughnut the other night and before it all started I had a walk around town. It occurred to me I no longer know my home town anymore ! Moved away sometime ago and when I do come down for the game I'm off the train at Prittlewell and pretty much into the...
  18. Shrimper_Wez

    Coaching for kids - help please!

    Shrimpers I need your help! I am currently doing my FA coaching badges and will soon be seeking football volunteering opportunities with children up to the age of ten or eleven (I have plucked this figure from the air so I am open to suggestions!). I am 24 years old and my relatively short...
  19. duncan bulgaria

    Saturday Players Required

    Chaps Not sure if in the correct Forum - apologies if not . I am currently taking charge of a Essex Olympian League 1 side ( with both 1st and reserves teams ) and will be starting Pre season training soon , any players interested and feel they can play at that level then please contact...
  20. DoDTS

    How our Parents/Grandparents coped with the War.

    Here we are it’s DoDtS’s summer saga. Totally non football related, but my attempt to understand how and what our forebears had to endure through the war in a series of extracts from the Southend Standards of the times. Not everybody’s cup of tea but if your not interested then don’t read it...