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  1. Hi everyone

    New member here. Moved to Essex for a spell from 1989 through 1998-ish and started following Southend United as my "local team" shortly thereafter. Went pretty regularly through the promotion seasons, driving to away games in a C-Reg Rover 216 with Jamie from Grays and Stuart "the postman"...
  2. mattytheshrimper

    Anton Ferdinand

    Rare for me to start a thread but I am genuinely curious to hear other fans opinions. It seems most people would agree that he has had a shocker of a season and he seems well past it. My Question is, what are other fans opinion of the man constantly on twitter talking about West Ham nearly...
  3. Question Minutes silence ? Did that include for John Stoten?

    Asking a respectful question here.... as we all held a perfect silence for the dead and injured in the terrible acts in Barcelona yesterday I didn't hear if that was to also remember our lost Shrimper John Stoten? Any ideas if that was or are we to hold a separate one ?
  4. Shrimpergarry

    Planning Application Now Registered - 17/00733/FULM

    Just had an e-mail from the planning consultant to say that the application is registered and on the Council website. Reference is 17/00733/FULM There are over 100 documents (plans, statements etc.) to wade through! Head over to...
  5. Uncle Leo

    Champions Trophy 2017

    Just saw a post by Ricky Otto in the England thread, but figured this tournament deserved its own one. Can England finally win a major 50 over tournament? Hearts says yes, head refuses to shake off all those years of hurt. And I'm still resentful about my Mum making me to go to school half way...
  6. Anyone been to this pub?

    http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/15238299.Pub_Spy__This_place_is_not_for_the_faint_hearted_and_surely_the_worst_pub_in_Brighton/ Sounds a delightful tavern. I'm sure Spartan drinks there regularly....with his dog.
  7. Ricey

    Thompson, White, Ferdinand and Ranger doubtful for tomorrow!

    That's us ****ed then!
  8. flangejackrabbit

    Up and coming managers (other than the Cowley brothers)

    Obviously everyone's very much au fait with Danny Cowley and his brother's recent achievements, but their cup run got me thinking about other young managers coming up through the leagues. Somebody who doesn't seem to have been talked about as much is Darrell Clarke at Bristol Rovers, who has...
  9. wally4pm

    Charlton Supporter - The Late PC Keith Palmer

    As we are at The Valley on the 8th April, are there any plans for our fantastic supporters to pay tribute to the bravery of the policeman who was so tragically murdered in Westminster last Wednesday? He was a Charlton season ticket holder and it would be great if we could show our respects from...
  10. yogi bear up the cagire

    Lucky dip!

    To celebrate (commiserate?) my arrival at the big 70, the wife and I decided to return to see the family towards the end of the year. Originally, I found a cheap flight out of Lourdes for the 15th November and was warming to the idea of seeing our quick return game against the Bantams. That...
  11. Sandy Hook

    Lots of people now saying the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting early 4 years ago was faked. Just to remind you 20 kids and 6 teachers died. If you haven't already seen any of the clips that make people doubtful, google a guy called Robbie Parker. Who ever he is, he is not the grieving...
  12. Bit of a Tammy Wnyette

    After years of trying I have come to the very heavy and painful decision to end my marriage which is something that I do not do lightly and I wonderedvif any zoner was a (can not spell the word solicitor) ***** but my tablet can. So in short i need help and advice on costs and what to do, how...
  13. Benfleet Blue

    Phil Brown to other jobs - Rumours and Gossip

    I've never heard such disrespect for the club. You want either the Sunderland job or to be in the England set up, so disrespectful. 2 years ago Lincoln City didn't want you ! Your aspirations cost us last year and is now starting even before the season begins. How can you expect player loyalty...
  14. Ricey

    Euro 2016

    We don't really have a dedicated thread so with it around the corner I thought I would start this. Only starting due to the news Jordan Henderson is out for the season and doubtful for the euros.
  15. manor15

    Messi and Suarez's "Cryuff" penalty: Disrespectful or genius?

    It's caused a lot of debate. Is it disrespectful to the opposition (the score was 3-1 at the time) or creative genius that should be applauded? Of course, nothing against it in the rules. Some have said why didn't Suarez just take it himself, although press today claim that it was supposed to...
  16. Anyone lost a wallet?

    This was posted on facebook yesterday by Lisa Bellett. There's no update, so it might not be back with it's owner yet. Hope this helps someone. Today at the Southend United game, we found this wallet. It had fallen down the back of a seat in the family stand. It has some letters handwritten in...
  17. play off final dvd

    does anyone have a copy of the play off final they are willing to burn for me ..i would be very greatful as i have lost my copy on sky as have changed my subscription...or a link to download would be great many thanks
  18. SamuraiBlue

    Charlotte the Japanese Monkey

    Is it really disrespectful to call a monkey Charlotte? It was supposed to be a nice gesture but many English people have complained about it. Has the world gone crazy? Do you really care? Would William or Kate be insulted? Long live Charlotte the monkey! (and the princess)...
  19. Battle Cries Looming so...

    Its time to vacate your forum till after Saturday . You have all made me feel very welcome and you are a lovely bunch of people After the game that never was I have a lot of time for Southend as the way both sets of fans applauded each other was how football at the lower leagues should be ...
  20. Fred

    10 years ago today

    Just got back from hols today and so not sure if it's been covered today but it's 10 years since our first trip to the millennium. It's been quite eventful since then on the field in comparison to the snails pace progress of our new stadium.