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  1. fbm

    End of season contract situation

    After Wednesday nights game, me and my mates were discussing the contract situations of many players amidst all this uncertainty over PB. I said it would be likely that he would take a few with him and thought it was a shame, as if the squad could be held together for another year they could...
  2. Question Southend United and the Soviet Union

    https://twitter.com/ColdWarFoot/status/709490055245602818 Just came across this little delight, was wondering if anybody had any further information on a Shrimpers Soviet tour? Here is also a match report - http://volgatver.narod.ru/reports/volga-southend.html which can be translated on my...
  3. Boris

    Yes he play's the idiot very well,yet is one clever dude ! Just seen Boris perform in Dartford with his out vote and even though I intend voting out,he has 100% convinced me even further to get out of the EU. Future PM in waiting.
  4. DoDTS

    PL Cup FIRST ROUND DRAW - Tomorrow afternoon

    We have 93 taking part in the No. 1 fixtures and these will be automatically entered in the First Round cup draw. Byes will be given on first to predict basis. There will be 5 Rounds, Semi-final and Final. If anyone else wishes to take part then before 12.00 (Midday) Tomorrow, then can either...
  5. londonblue

    ECL Wildcards

    So the president of Barcalona wants top clubs who fail to qualify for the Champions' League to be given wildcards like in tennis: BBC What an idiot. Apart from the obvious: that this is moving further and further away from a Champions' League, he seems to have completely missed the point of...
  6. Sorry to bore you all.....

    ....but Chris Phillips has tweeted that RM will be making a further announcement very shortly regarding the stadium project INCLUDING PROGRESS MADE WITH BRITISH LAND AND THE COUNCIL - whoopeeda.
  7. londonblue

    Things You've Broken at Home and Got Away With

    Years ago, when I was still at school I had an 18th birthday party in my parents' house. My parents were very sensible and booked into a hotel for the night. That was partly to do with noise, and partly to do with the fact that about 20-30 people stayed over because they had travelled long...
  8. Razam

    Latest Rumours Nike TeamWear 2016/17

    I know its way too early, but anyways..... http://www.footyheadlines.com/2015/10/nike-2016-17-teamwear-kits.html All new Nike 2016-2017 Teamwear Kits follow the modern and uniform identity formed by the designs created for Nike's leading club football teams in the current season. And this...
  9. RobM

    Oh deary me! £50,000 as well

    "A lottery-winning couple who blew all of their prize money in the space of a year say they are now facing eviction from their home for a second time after being refused benefits. Jobless Jamie and Abbie Hort won £50,000 in the Christmas 2014 Channel Islands Lottery but the Guernsey couple...
  10. Shrimperstrust

    Event Race Night - Saturday 5th March 2015 - In Aid of Alzheimer's Research and the Trust

    The Trust will be holding a Race Night on Saturday 5th March 2016 in the Shrimpers Bar, Roots Hall, first Race at 7.30 pm. With 8 Horse/Dog Races and novelty race if times allow, this is a great event for all the family, with Cash Prizes for each race plus chances to win Bottles of Wine...
  11. callan

    The EU Referendum

    Despite being a keen advocate of leaving the EU, I have yet to see from either in or out Camps a firm vision of what the UK will look like further down the road, if we stay or go. What are our political parties plans should exit go ahead?....or indeed if we stay (more political integration...
  12. Division 1 Results Today

    Yes we slipped down a position today (without playing) it could have been alot worse in hindsight, but some results went in our favour in terms of not slipping to far away from the other pack that are also chasing the play offs at nearly the half way stage. Before Kick Off: Namely Blackpool...
  13. Phil's current goal getters .

    Since Corr left,the list of our best scorers during Phil's reign is rather surprising IMO . Leonard.......17 Hurst...........13 Pigott...........12 Payne...........10 Timlin...........8 Worrall..........8 Eastwood.......6 Straker..........6 Atkinson........6 There are a further 21 different...
  14. Napster

    Tyson Fury

    unhinged what? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-3343005/Tyson-Fury-transcript-Listen-read-controversial-interview-world-heavyweight-boxing-champion-claims-misquoted-Oliver-Holt.html
  15. War on terror 14 years and counting.

    George Bush told the world that a man living in a cave had masterminded the biggest terrorist act in history,the official version of events leaves a lot to be desired,but hey they must of carried out the attack,surely. What has the West learned? Not a lot as they still think bombing the crap...
  16. Best comment you've heard at the Hall ;

    Randomly my eldest asked me this question the other night. I have heard plenty in my time but after a bit of thought I selected a quip from the mid 90's. I was in the West Stand that day, and please forgive me for not remembering the opposition, all the dialogue or even the 'target', but...
  17. This weekends Fixtures.

    This weekends fixture list looks very interesting... i think it's what Jeff Stelling would call an "Accumulator Buster" Coventry (2nd) v Gillingham (1st) & Bury (6th) V Burton (4th) & Walsall (3rd) V Sheff Utd (8th) & Scunthorpe (12th) V Bradford (7th) The league is still quite closely knit...
  18. Shrimperstrust

    The Shrimpers Trust 'Big' Xmas Quiz

    This Christmas the Trust are running a ‘Big Quiz’ with a first prize of £100. The theme for the quiz is “Name the Group or Solo Artist” and the entry fee is just £1.00. As well as the £100 first prize you could also win a visit from the 2014/15 League 2 Play-off Winners Trophy at your...
  19. Shrimperstrust

    Shrimpers Trust News Scunthorpe United - Light Up To Save Our Steel

    The Iron Trust is calling on supporters to throw their weight behind Scunthorpe United’s Save Our Steel day on Saturday – including taking part in a show of support during the match against Southend. The Shrimpers Trust are urging all those travelling to join in with this show of support...
  20. Whatever happened to Jane !

    Jane Standley was reporting for the BBC when live on camera she told the world that WTC7 had collapsed even though it was clearly still standing,in fact it never fell for a further 30 minutes! Clearly Jane was only reading from autocue or script,but who fed her the story? Jane has vanished...