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  1. Lift up your top Ladies, and show us your Bra. Said the stewards.

    So Grimsby were playing at Stevenage in August. Some Stevenage stewards were asking the Grimsby Ladies and young Ladies to lift up or open their tops to show if pyrotechnics were hidden in their Bra's. This all sounds a bit perverted by the stewards as I'm sure they wouldn't have been instructed...
  2. RHB

    Acroynm made me laugh

    On the car radio this morning, Mitsubishi - Must investigate the squeak under bonnet. I should hit it. Not heard that one before though no doubt some will tell me its an old one.
  3. Question Safe standing

    I can't help but recall a few months back the Shrimpers Trust said they were in talks with the club about getting the safe standing roadshow down to Southend to try and get the club to investigate should there be an opportunity to bring it in at Fossetts Farm (in the unlikely event it ever gets...
  4. Question Anyone concerned?

    With the news that a number of players have been arrested over match fixing allegations, do you worry just how serious this problem might get? As we have witnessed in the Yewtree witch hunt, once the authorities have no option but to investigate, more and more of the iceberg begins to surface...
  5. Davros

    OFT not to investigate Fuel Prices further

    http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/anger-from-drivers-as-oft-rules-out-fuel-price-probe-8472532.html here here Taxation, poor sterling performance vs the dollar and crude prices further up the chain are the obvious causes, and its sensible that lots of tax payers money hasnt been...
  6. TrueBlue

    GTA V details....

    The first of many GTAV previews to come starts today with Game Informer's article hitting the digital newsstand. Continue reading below for our bullet pointed summary of all the important and interesting facts, and discuss further on GTA Forums: General Information: There are 3 playable...
  7. Tangled up in Blue

    Plymouth investigate claims that fan racially abused Southend player

    Anyone know who the Southend player concerned was? I understand that he was called a "gypo" by the Plymouth fan concerned.Didn't think we'd had any players of that particular ethnic origin since Freddy left.
  8. galvatron1983

    Parking at Roots Hall?

    My girlfriend managed to grab a car after a pay rise at her work and Im trying to persuade her to drive us to games at Roots Hall now its possible. Can you still park in the Roots Hall car park for a fiver? As Ive always travelled in by train from Stratford I never bothered to investigate...
  9. Streaky

    Orient fan moaning about penalty shoot out

    I have been sent on the following email from an Orient fan complaining about unsporting behaviour from our tannoy announcer. Personally i didnt hear the noice described - anyone else?? This fella has complained to Southend, Orient & the football League.. Subject: Southend United vs Leyton...
  10. Breaking News Tonight: Warning

    Just to let you know any Shrimpers going via Chelmsford on the choo-choo MAY experience delays on the train as there is a fatality reported and it's bound to delay services. There is a chance it could affect services on the line out of Liverpool Street, I shall investigate.
  11. Spain/Portugal 2018/2022 World Cup Bid Investigated

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/oct/22/portuguese-fa-fifa-investigation Over allegations of collusion with the Qatar 2022 bid. Interesting to see how this pans out and whether it works in England's favour, or against it. If there's a thorough investigation which finds nothing, I can...
  12. some more life in the 70's rubbish...

    SCHOOL -- 1970 vs. 2010 Scenario: Johnny and Mark get into a fistfight after school. 1970 - Crowd gathers. Johnny wins. Johnny and Mark shake hands and end up best mates for life. 2010 - Police called, arrests Johnny and Mark.. Charge them with assault, both expelled even though Mark...
  13. Bob Cratchitt

    Great North Run

    As some of you know, the past year i have been steadily losing weight (4.5 stone in total), the main aim of this was to be able to run in the Great North Run. This a run that I have always wanted to do due to it taking place in the homeland of my mother as well as being an area of Britain that i...
  14. CC51DAS

    Breaking News BBC to resurrect High Altitude programme next winter

    BBC Two Programme Policy 2009/2010 Television: Select television statement policy BBC One BBC One Scotland BBC One Wales BBC One NI BBC Two BBC Two Scotland BBC Two Wales BBC Two NI BBC Three BBC Four CBeebies CBBC BBC HD Service remit BBC Two's remit is to be a mixed-genre channel...
  15. Probe at Basildon hospital into tampering with intravenous drips in peadaetric ward

    Bit worrying as my little boy was in Penguin/Puffin a couple of weeks ago. Though fortunately didn't need a drip. POLICE have launched a probe at Basildon Hospital after it was revealed drip bags may have been tampered with. It is understood around 30 intravenous fluid bags, used to feed...
  16. Richard_Cadette

    Ron Martin and Garry Adamson

    Just going to buck the trend of late about club bashing, and post a thread about the extremely excellent service I received from both Ron and Garry this week. I raised a query with Ron earlier this week over an altercation with a member of the ticket office staff, and a seating problem - I...
  17. Aberdeen Shrimper

    If the Internet did not exist???

    I was watching some crap music channel on sky tonight with the wife and stumbled across a tune…….it did not really strike a cord with me until my ears perked up to one of the lines in the song, which was something like … “What if there was no internet” Got me thinking just how much I...
  18. duncan bulgaria

    Garlic Bread !!

    My pal at work was telling me that he ordered a pizza the other night with a few of his chums and sat down to eat it , all the lads tucked into the pizza as you do , and then they opened up the garlic bread box only to discover that there was no garlic bread in the box and it had been replaced...

    PL Weekly Points Round 21: Points Scored

    Finally, and after much ****ing about, i have this weeks point scorers ... i was determined to get it finished while my pc was working to a vague standard (did i mention its been playing about a touch :unsure:) but now its stupid o'clock in the morning, i'm half ****ed and dog tired so apologies...
  20. GNH

    Car Accidents/Near Misses

    After reading Winkles itchy bum thread and his close encounter with unsuspecting users of the footpath, it reminded me of an encounter i had 2 weeks ago whilst driving, where a bumble bee decided to fly in through my window and investigate my right ear whilst i was doing about 60 on a country...