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  1. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Salute to some Sarfend Heroes

    To all of the TZers that travelled with us this season and all that travel away which would include cost of their holidays, money and inconvenience at times. For the support of our club, effort and friendship we shared. the drinks we drank, the episodes of life being a Shrimper on the road, a...
  2. The Watermill Wino

    Blues on Tour Match Travel TZ Thank you to Oxford TZ'ers

    A huge thank you to the TZ'ers on the TZ service to Oxford for their generosity and support towards Kerry Fairless, Lord Football's charity run for HARP Charity. and to Chrissy Powells run next week for Prostate Cancer charities. We raised £161 on board and TZ also topping up a bit to make it...
  3. East Black/Green food stand

    For those of you attending tonight please make sure you say thanks and goodbye to Kerry who will be serving burgers (with onions) for the last time tonight after many many years (17?) of faithful service to the club (and your intestines). The 2 other young ladies who have also worked in there...
  4. Uncle Leo

    Kerry Dixon

    Joins the ranks of top* footballers who have also done time http://www.dunstabletoday.co.uk/news/local-news/ex-luton-and-chelsea-star-gets-nine-months-in-jail-1-6808170 *Stretching the definition a bit, but he did play for England and only a couple of players have ever scored more times for...
  5. Male/Female names

    With apologies to Danny Baker.... Have you know a male/female version of the same name? For example, I have worked with both a male & female Lindsey. I went out with (female!) and was friends at school with a Kerry (male). My mate named his daughter Stevie (after Perryman) and we all know a...
  6. The Watermill Wino

    TZ Thanks you, Morecambe.

    TZ Family. Thank you for all your support over the last few weeks which have been trying at times to say the least for the Wino home, your kind words and support are really touching xx. Thanks to Del, Ken & Fran, Trevor, Kerry, Rich,David and Carol, Allan, Joe and of course shrimperzone gang...
  7. Jedi Shrimper

    2011 Season

    Opening day is almost upon us, which team do you follow and what do you think to their prospects for the coming season? It’s been quite an off-season at Wrigley Field, interim manager Mike Quade was made full-time manager after leading the Cubs to a 24-13 finish in 2010. The Cubs main...
  8. Slipperduke

    Milner?! **** off!

    For the second year in a row, the PFA have managed to take a really simple concept and get it really wrong. Last year’s decision to make Ryan Giggs ‘Player of the Year’ instead of Steven Gerrard made as much sense as giving ‘Star Wars’ an Oscar instead of ‘The Hurt Locker’. Just because it was...
  9. DTS

    Question Celeb we all say we wouldnt but in secret we would.

    I do laugh when I read some of the comments on hear about Kerry Katona this and Jordan that. I am sure that every red blooded male (If we were single of course) would in reality give them six of the best. I have enclosed a list of celebs who reguarly get slatted on here - Be honest lads which...
  10. DTS

    Question Your favourite of the so called "Big four"

    Watching the premiership on the opening day of the season made me realise how much I cant stand football at the top level. So many plastic fans and the whole beauty of football seems lost to me. Spent Sunday on the beach with the Mrs and it amazed me how the big four have such a monopoly on the...
  11. chunki-hunki

    Transfer list

    Not sure if this has alreday been posted recently but was just bored so i searched for it and found this site, seems updated to me. If it isn't any good then ignore it but just thought it looked pretty good, have a browse and add possible transfer names...
  12. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 7 - Sufc_girl

    This week, Rachel (Sufc_girl) from Canada answers the questions. Apologies for the 18's rating on the thread, this was put there merely to make her feel a little more nervous than she no doubt already is :D Below is Rachel with her new fella... 1) How long have you been an exile? A)...
  13. Sad death of Tango Man

    I would like to send mine and my families condolences to Tango Man's partner Kerry and their kids on the sad news of his death last week aged 45 of a massive heart attack. I am sure his presence will be missed in the South Stand. RIP Tango Man.
  14. Stats

    Battle Of The Tools - Prelim 2

    Match No.2 pits one of Society's great contributors in Vanessa Feltz's Father (South Bank Hank) against live chat show slurring ''Celeb Mum Of The Year'' Kerry Katona (Van Whale) Vote away.
  15. Andy_S

    Kerry Katona hits new lows

    I'm assuming this was on this mornings episode of This Morning, but it's already making it's way around the internet like a speeding train. Yet more car crash tele served up by this washed up mess of a former pop "star". How long before she overdoses? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=BcZASr2TGVk
  16. Stats

    Battle Of The Tools

    Yes thats right people we've had battle of the fit babes, battle of the sitcoms, battle of the horror movies but now its time for BATTLE OF THE TOOLS Your chance to have your say on who you think is the most annoying waste of space in modern society. As previous please put your nominations...
  17. Irish_Shrimper

    Kerry Katona or Vanessa Feltz

    Simple really. Gun to your head, which one would you smash the big fat annoying and irritating flabby granny out of? :D Katona
  18. Ricey

    Transfers So Far!

    Brighton and Hove Albion INS: Kane Louis (Youth), Andrew Pearson (Youth), Dan Royce (Youth), Kane Wills (Youth), Colin Hawkins (Coventry), Kevin McLeod (Colchester), Adam Virgo (Celtic), David Livermore (Hull), Matt Richards (Ipswich, Loan), Kerry Mayo (Unattached), Gary Hart (Unattached)...
  19. Charity Event. Please Support

    Yeap! Wino's at it again, in organising the Festival of Football at Basildon United's ground at Gardiners Close on SUNDAY 3rd August 2008. 10-00 kick off The day starts off when TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS Pan disability team plays Basildon United's Pan Disability team. 25 mins each half and a...
  20. Charity Event. Please Support

    Yeap! Wino's at it again, in organising the Festival of Football at Basildon United's ground at Gardiners Close on SUNDAY 3rd August 2008. 10-00 kick off The day starts off when TOTTENHAM HOTSPURS Pan disability team plays Basildon United's Pan Disability team. 25 mins each half and a...