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  1. Mad Cyril

    Should I be suspicious

    I moved into a house a few months ago that had been empty for quite a while and have recently received a few letters from a bank addressed to someone we know has never lived there. Has anyone had any problems with people using their address fraudulently?
  2. Benfleet A1

    Did I Spot Our Man In Penzance

    For the last two weeks I have been lurking in Cornwall with the wife and kids. Now for someone who has been going down that neck of the woods for 30+ years you might have thought I would have pretty much covered the lot but nope, I doubt I have even scratched the surface. One of the places I...
  3. South London Shrimpers

    After someone saying they lived in New Cross I wondered who else was around this area? We could form a gang, drink beer and go to matches and all that.
  4. Hello

    Hi guys, My name is Jack, and I'm an alcoholic... Nah, just kidding, but I am a Southend fan. Lived near Chelmsford, and was a season ticket holder last season, but moved to Brighton in September for University. Obviously, I haven't been able to go to all that many matches (the train ticket...
  5. So its ok to use the death of six children for political gain then George ...

    .. and for you to park in disabled spaces. George Osborne is an utter XXXX! This man really is one of the nastiest low lives you could ever imagine. He makes Mandelson seem human. **** at his job, entirely lacking in morals, awful judgement and a complete wxxxxr! He goes on about breaking...
  6. Memory Lane Canada Man lives!!

    Hi everyone. It has been so long since I was on these forums that I forgot my password. I have lived in Canada for the past 34 years but born and bred a Southend boy. Lived near Southchurch Park growing up. My hero was and still is Billy Best. I remember watching him set the FA Cup record for...
  7. Rob Noxious

    Whatever Happened To The Old Leigh Bands?

    My fellow 'Zoners, I am gathering together information about bands that were formed from people who lived in Leigh-on-Sea from the late 20th Century to the current day for a radio show or shows to be broadcast on 'Ship Full Of Bombs - Thames Delta Independent Music Radio Station.' We'd also...
  8. Yorkshire Blue

    RIP Tony Greig

    One of the giants - in every sense - of the game is sadly no longer with us. No longer will we be seeing him dig his car keys into the pitch or hearing "hard and fast", "right off the meat of the bat", "blow it out your arse Bill Lawry". He was someone that lived and breathed cricket and whose...
  9. Bexley Blue

    Exiled Shrimpers - Living Abroad

    So since I found out that I'm moving abroad myself in half a year's time, it has dawned on me that there are quite a lot of internationally-exiled Shrimpers on SZ. I've always known the fact, but never really thought about it until I found out that I'll be joining your ranks in supporting Blues...
  10. TrueBlue

    Rotherham Council

    words fail me they really do! UKIP who I strongly support are a legitimate political party with no racists or fascist views!! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-20474120 I agree with what they stand for... UKIP immigration policy An immediate five-year freeze on immigration for permanent...
  11. Hello to everyone!

    Hi guys. I have been reading this page for ages but thought I would finally introduce myself. To be honest I don't think I can post too much about the club as I think it would be unfair to as I rarely see games and mostly use the board to help gague the mood amongst fans about the manager and...
  12. TrueBlue

    Hockley forever in my heart!!!!

    The time has come I am leaving home and the Royal Parish of Hockley under the rule of the Royal District of Rochford I will miss Hockley its all I have ever known for 26 years on this earth I have lived there I have seen friends come and go I have seen new buildings and developments I have...
  13. Hi to fellow shrimpers out there

    Just to say a quick hello. Although have lived in the darkest north for the last 20 odd years, I try and get to see the odd Southend game when I can, eg Burton away last weekend and Shrewsbury & Accrington also away. My first memories go back to 1972 to 1980 in the days of Best, Moody, Brace...
  14. Just a quick hello

    Joined the board as I'm interested in how the Blues are doing, and reading various opions of the supporters. Left Southend about 30 years ago and lived in Kent since. Been back to Roots Hall a few times over the years, and away games at Gillingham and Wycombe (when I used work there), plus had...
  15. Alright fellow Shrimpers?!?!

    First post on here peeps. I'm a Shrimper in exile having lived in the Manchester/Rochdale area for the last 10 years or so having married a local girl. Still get to all the northern away games and am venturing back home for the first time in 2 years to go to the Oldham game on Saturday. Can't...
  16. Marcus Milner making progress

    Good night to you all, Im a personal friend of Marcus Milner, hes only made one appearance for Southend United while he was a member of the U 18 squad in the Steve Tilson Era. After Paul Sturrock took over, he identified Marcus as a bright young prospect however this was very much short lived as...
  17. Breaking News Oh no! We're not top of the league at the moment!

    Dirty trick by the creepies to kick-off at 12.45 and move to top of the league with a 0-1 win over Northampton. Come on you Blues let's make their stay shortlived.
  18. Benefits of the EU?

    Here's something to cheer you up on a Friday. Our benefit system largely uses a principle known as "right to reside" to determine eligibility to certain benefits. UK citizens have an automatic right to reside, but for foreign nationals it is harder to meet the eligibility criteria. The...
  19. WightShrimper

    B and B

    Can anyone suggest some cheap accommodation around Southend? When my good lady and myself come up from the Isle of Wight for a home match, we are travelling from the early hours until quite late in the evening because of the various connections we have to make (and having to allow for boats...
  20. Blue_Wes

    Bellew v Cleverly. It's on.

    Tony bellew has finally got his dream fight against World Champion, after failing to make the weight when he stepped in to fight Cleverly in the summer. Bellew is already using Twitter to predict Cleverly's reign as world Champion will be short lived. Bellew is definitely the under dog, but...