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  1. OldBlueLady

    Question Travel to Malaysia

    A question for those who are much more seasoned travellers than I am, to help my daughter out. She's travelling out to Malaysia next month with her father for a visit, which includes a wedding (her dad's mum is Malaysian so there's a lot of family out there). It's difficult for her to take...
  2. steveo


    Blimey is this bloke for real: In his previous autobiography, published in 2007, Gerrard described Diouf as a lazy and self-interested character. "His attitude was all wrong," Gerrard wrote at the time. "I felt he wasn't really a***d about putting his body on the line to get Liverpool back at...
  3. J

    Not seen him for a while on here. Turns out he was getting naked on top of a Malaysian mountain... http://www.rtlnieuws.nl/nieuws/binnenland/nederlandse-dylan-wordt-met-boete-maleisie-uitgezet-om-naaktfoto
  4. Southampton Shrimper

    The Squad of 1989-90

    Three weeks ago, The Football League Paper featured our 4th Division promotion-winning squad of 1989-90 in their Where Are They Now? feature. The article was based on Bernie Friend's book Red Card Roy, with quotes from the book from Roy, and then the article went on to report where all the...
  5. Napster

    A Where are they now special: 1990-91 season

    In the 1990-91 season, we were promoted to the highest echelon. So where are the squad now? Brett Angell - coach in NZ Andy Ansah - choreographer for football ads Dean Austin - looking for work Ian Benjamin - postman Peter Butler - just left manager's job in Malaysia, a club called Kelantan...
  6. How are you doing now?

    Havent been on here since the scare of last month so How are you doing now? Dont know if you have heard about Cardiff but we have had a 70 day winding up order by HMRC But have now been invested in my a malaysian millionaire property tycoon. The Crazy world of football clubs ay? All the best...
  7. * ORM *

    Rambling musings when you wake up slightly hungover with not enough sleep.

    Damn, it doesn't matter what time I go to bed (2.30am) and how much I've had to drink the night before (plenty). I still wake up at 6.30 even on a Sunday and well before the alarm clock which is set for 8.30 to wake up a girl I was out with last night as she is going sailing all day today and...
  8. * ORM *

    I'm sick of Southend - I'm off to the Orient !

    Ok ok - panic over currently on my third glass of red In the Cathay Business lounge waiting for the 1805 to take me out of this godforsaken hole for a few weeks. Off to HK until 19th December with a short trip home inbetween. Haven't been to HK for 4 years and can't wait. Will also be taking in...
  9. number11

    Club Hospitality - Blues Lounge

    This Saturday I went to the game via one of the Club's hospitality packages. It was a one off as a friend was back in this country getting married (SamuraiBlue) and we thought we would do something a bit different. Have to say I was very impressed. I had some reservations based on a corporate...
  10. Slipperduke

    The 39th Shame

    I've found an interesting anomaly on the official Premier League website. Now, admittedly I'm playing fast and loose with the definition of the word 'interesting', but stick with me on this. When you click 'contact us', instead of bringing up the address of the organisation, it gives you a...
  11. Slipperduke

    Trouble in Toon

    Believe it or not, a lot of Newcastle United fans were philosophical about their relegation at the end of last season. They recognised that you cannot run a football club as appallingly as Freddie Shepherd and Mike Ashley had without inviting serious consequences into your frontroom for dinner...
  12. Napster

    Dick Bate

    was released by Watford recently. He was before that Technical Director at Canada FA. I think he still works for the FA in some capacity. Check out his CV FIFA – Education and Development Courses Conducted 1993 AFC 5th Coaching School – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1995 Asian Coaching School –...
  13. Magnum PI

    Peter Butler

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kelantan_FA I had no idea Peter Butler was working in Malaysia. Found it by accident on the web. Lucky sod
  14. Australian Grand Prix Result Revealed

    Provisional results from Australian Grand Prix: 1. Lewis Hamilton (GB) McLaren-Mercedes 58 laps one hour 34 minutes 50.616 seconds 2. Nick Heidfeld (Ger) BMW Sauber +5.478 secs 3. Nico Rosberg (Ger) Williams-Toyota +8.163 4. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Renault +17.181 5. Heikki Kovalainen (Fin)...
  15. Kenny

    Peter Butler

    one of my WHU supporting mates just sent me this over.... Peter Butler Unleashed by iaindale on Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:40 pm I had a long email from former Hammers midfielder Peter Butler this morning explaining what he has been up to since he left West Ham. It's a brilliant and very funny read...
  16. Xàbia Shrimper

    The Sweet Escape

    One of my fingers in one of of those huge pies expats need to find and take advantage of is organising sports tours to Jávea; I have just finished an international mixed netball tournament, hugely successful, hugely enjoyable with teams from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia...
  17. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke meets...

    When I caught up with Adrian Clarke in London's trendy Camden, it was raining. "It's raining," he said with a wry smile, as the water pounded against the windows. He glanced outside at the widening pools of water on the pavement, the reflected lights of the traffic turning them into...
  18. Napster

    More Peter Butler

    http://www.telegraph.co.uk/global/main.jhtml?xml=/global/2006/05/06/pasia06.xml&sSheet=/global/2006/07/14/property.html Although the Flexmans have had a very easy time of it, there are caveats. Peter Butler is a former West Bromwich Albion and West Ham footballer who became a coach in east...
  19. Confirmed destinations of Pennant travel

    The SUFC pennant Confirmed destinations: - Rabat, Malta - John O' Groats, Scotland - Jávea, Spain (+ 3 others ) - Ontario x2, Canada - Seneca, USA - Dallas, USA - Perth, west Oz - Melbourne, sth east Oz also to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Tokyo, Barcelona, Turkey, and Korea if the timing is...
  20. Napster

    Last night/Cottee

    Some of us went to a sportsman's do last night at Trinity and Tony Cottee was guest speaker. He actually wasn't bad for a Hammer, but some of the people who asked for a photo/autograph, jeez. Anyhoo- he almost came to Southend or Orient after his stint in Malaysia, before Leicester...