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  1. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Zone Fundraising Pompey tickets and book combo offer!!

    Righty ho, I've two spare tickets for the Pompey game in East Black (Block E). Looks like the game could be a near sell out if Pompey bring their usual healthy contingent (and the bell ringer:thumbdown:) As a fund raiser for SZ I'll sell off both tickets at the match day price of £25 each and...
  2. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Zone Fundraising Pompey tickets and book combo offer!!

    Righty ho, I've two spare tickets for the Pompey game in East Black (Block E). Looks like the game could be a near sell out if Pompey bring their usual healthy contingent (and the bell ringer:thumbdown:) As a fund raiser for SZ I'll sell off both tickets at the match day price of £25 each and...
  3. Floval Flyer

    Broadband ? Sky / BT / Talk Talk opinions

    Our BT infinity deal is coming to an end and we're thinking of changing ISPs We currently have the 76MB infinity 2 with the TV package etc. We hardly ever watch the add on channels so am considering going for a plain old Internet, but as we've been a BT customer for about 15 years have no clue...
  4. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Who has the best ever voice?

    Was thinking earlier when a Karen Carpenter song came on the radio. That was one lady who I think had a truly wonderful and unique voice. Yes, in many ways when you hear her sing it can make you feel sad even if she is singing a happy song given what happened to her at such a tragically young...
  5. yogi bear up the cagire

    Changes to Blues Player

    Got this e-mail this morning, don't know whether the change in name will mean a change in service? Within the next six weeks your club will be launching a new website. This website will feature a range of new features, including a new name for our PlayerHD service which will become iFollow...
  6. Be SUFC's 12th Man next Season for a Fiver

    The Zone are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a competition to win a 12th Man package for a game next season. 12th man (or woman!) package If you ever wished you had been a mascot in your younger years it’s never too late to be our all-important 12th man (or woman) with our popular...
  7. Breaking News "Final Four" ticket offer

    You can save money with a ticket package for the final four home league fixtures. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/news/article/2016-17/final-four-offer-3612783.aspx
  8. OldBlueLady

    Junior Blues Meet the Players Day 2016

    Just a heads up to anyone that usually turns up on an ad hoc basis at Boots & Laces, the Junior Blue's annual Meet the Players Day takes place next Tuesday, 25th October and, as such, there will be no casual admittance as this is a closed event. I hope people will understand that this is for...
  9. londonblue

    Bt tv

    I've been looking at getting rid of Sky in favour of BT. For the full package it looks like I'd save a large amount of money, but there seems to be an issue that shouldn't really be there. It seems that you can't have a 2nd box (their equivalent of multi-room) whilst paying for Sky Sports and...
  10. Manchester United v Bourmouth called off

    Called of due to a suspicious package, Anyone reckon they'll bother to play it? No point really...
  11. Ricky Otto

    World t20 March 2016

    Am I alone in thinking we have a really good chance? We have a very impressive batting line up which is very very deep, possibly down to 10/11 depending on the squad. I have had reservations about our bowling but seeing what Rashid and Willey are doing in the Big bash is giving me more...
  12. steveo

    Break the silence; Lloyds boss gets £11m

    Lloyds chief executive, Antonio Horta-Osorio, is set to receive a total remuneration package of £11m, consisting of basic pay of £1m, an £800,000 bonus and the payout of a three-year long-term incentive plan, which gives him 535,083 shares Not heard much whining about this yet? Anyone got a...
  13. Ricky Otto

    Tapping a new market

    The players who don’t get picked up by clubs at an early age and force their way into professional football by performing in non league football have often been the best signings clubs in league one and two make. Peterborough are the obvious example but we’ve had luck ourselves in this area with...
  14. wally4pm

    Blues Lottery

    Has anyone else noticed that the prizes for winning the Blues lottery have gradually been reducing to the point where I don't really want to win a prize. When it first started they were quoting dream prizes that money couldn't buy, such as trips on the first team coach to away games and the...
  15. Jam_Man

    Sky Sports - Now TV

    I dont subscribe to Sky Sports because I pretty muchlost interest in the Premiership long ago and we for some reason arent on there a lot, and when we are Im at the game anyway. Ive seen that Now TV are doing a day pass for Sky Sports which sounds like a great idea to me...
  16. superblue24

    Benefit Caps Kick In

    Not before time either! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22148764 Sarah Burns, a single mother, told the BBC she would lose more than £90 of the more than £500 she receives every week.She said: "Obviously we will have to cut down on shopping bills. And we'll have to cut our use of gas and...
  17. Question Flags

    Anyone have a good idea where I can get custom flags made, either printing on a St George one I already have or supplying the complete package of flag and design? Or any suggestions on how other people have come up with their flags?
  18. A Very Positive Experience

    As I stated in the other thread today I tried the club's Blue Lounge hospitality for the first time. I was greeted by the lovely Gill who explained the procedure for the carvery meal and was served the starter of Crispy Chicken Fillets with a sweet chilli and mayo dip. I chose the wonderful...
  19. southend4ever

    Current Household Packages - Internet, Sky, phone etc

    Hi All, I will soon be relocating and will need to invest in a broadband internet package, sky television (or equivalent), a house landline (ideally) and would also like to know about any other perks that the providers offer. I have taken a look around and Virgin Broadband do a pretty good all...
  20. Southend United Football Club

    Be Freddy's Kit Sponsor for just £1!

    Southend United supporters are being given the opportunity to meet striker Freddy Eastwood and take home the shirt off his back! We've been inundated with enquiries to become Eastwood's kit sponsor since his big return to Roots Hall last month. And as a result we've decided to give every fan...