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  1. Tarquin Fauntleroy

    Slight Adjustment Suggestion

    Hi Chaps, I appreciate the effort you all put in to this forum. Without you chaps, it would be a massive pile of nut and worm ridden faeces. However, may I suggest a slight rewording... Whilst I appreciate I may for the most part be a bit of a knob, to be referred to as a 'Total member' I...
  2. Southend Utd - An adventure story

    You enter the Changing Rooms at boots and laces. The room is empty but you hear the sound of a shower running in the cubicles. On a pile of men's clothes lies a mobile phone. The phone is ringing. Do you: A. Go into the shower room B. Answer the phone C. Leave the changing rooms
  3. DoDTS

    No. 3 POINTS and TABLES - MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE - Saturday 5th March 2016

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) A few more points about, Col Ewe went back to the form book, unlike our hero's, many put 5 or 6 home wins which could be their undoing. Well done to MK Shrimper for being top of...
  4. DoDTS

    No. 6 POINTS and TABLE for MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE - Saturday 7th November 2015

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Carlisle to win at Plymouth...never....Peterborough to win 3-0 at Burton...hardly......Bury to beat Wigan 4-0....you have got be joking, but the joke was on most of us with points...
  5. DoDTS

    No. 4 POINTS and TABLES for MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE - Saturday 24th October 2015

    THIS IS THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE SEE ALSO THE SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) Couldn't anyone predict Col Ewe's 4-4 draw? Not too many points around today but well done to Spoons for being top of the pile: Points below Tables to follow: 11 ...points...
  6. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 12 Southend Prediction league TABLE Easter Monday

    Again plenty of points on offer with Thundersly Blue and CMRandlall92 top of the pile. POINTS BELOW TABLES TO FOLLOW: 5 Thundersly Blue........... (East)... 5 CMRandall92............... (West).. 4 lucky luca..................... (North) 4 WickfordShrimper........ (East)... 3 The Eternal...
  7. DoDTS

    PL Table No. 6TABLE NOW UP for Southend prediction League

    THIS IS THE TABLE FOR SOUTHEND PREDICTION LEAGUE (Southend score and scorers only) THE MAIN PREDICTION LEAGUE WILL FOLLOW Only Gt Yarmouth Shrimper had the confidence and faith to predict a 3-0 win and thus gaining 3 points, but LuckyLuca is top of the pile for the correct result with a...
  8. danburyshrimper

    Fixture Pile up

    Assuming our Hull match is on the Sunday 26th ( as seems likely ) , we then have a League 2 match at Dagenham on Tuesday 28th quickly followed by a friday night fixture at home to Newport on the 31st. 3 tough matches in this short space of time is league promotion chasing suicide...... We...
  9. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No. 9 TABLE NOW UP for 26th November 2013

    WHAT A NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superb result at Portsmouth, and another enthralling night in the Prediction League. After last Saturdays 6 home wins, tonight five draws. Congratulations to top of the pile Kitch in gaininh 11 points and to WickfordShrimper, davewebbsbrain and Dick Bates...
  10. Match Reports, Opposition Watch & League 2 Round-Up

    Hi All, from now on, I will be posting match reports of all the Blues games I attend; along with "Opposition Watch" And "League 2 Round-Up". Today's "Opposition Watch" has already been posted. Check it out here: http://www.shrimperzone.com/vb/showthread.php?79514-Opposition-Watch-Mansfield-Town...
  11. Jam_Man

    Car Buying advice - Citroen C5/Vauxhall Insignia

    Driven one of my two 2003 Focus into the ground, its still going but has 120k on the clock now and needs upgrading. As you can see by having two older cars Im not really a car person ! I do however do a fair bit of driving, about 1300 miles a month and Id like soemthing half decent, without...
  12. DoDTS

    PL Table Main PL TABLE No. 3 NOW POSTED 10th august 2013

    Congratulations to escudo on being top of the pile, and to yogi bear utc, davewebbsbarin and Tinks for finishing ahead of the field. Latest table to follow later but here's todays scores: 10 escudo 9 yogi bear up the cagire 8 davewebbsbrain 8 Tinks 7 Shrimper2thecore 7 Gt Yarmouth Shrimper 7...
  13. DoDTS

    PL Weekly Points No. 9 for Tuesday/Wednesday 9th/10th April 2013

    Another low scorer with Yogi Bear UTC and H Turner top of the pile with OBL in close attendence: 7 Yogi Bear up the Cagire 7 h turner 6 OldBlueLady 5 DTS 5 malcominmallorca 4 davewebbsbrain 4 The Big shrimp 4 Roxy 4 chapperzuk 4 Nestudas 3 dannypav 3 Danshrimper 3 south247 3 sufc_dave 2...
  14. fbm

    Funny old game, isn't it?

    As our club becomes the centre of league 2 attention yet again in one of the most bizarre stories ever (club appoints new manager but allows old one to manage us 2 weeks later in a cup final) I have been thinking about the game, the situation and my feelings exactly when I saw the news that...
  15. Evening Echo

    Southend United's Paul Sturrock: Cup games a concern

    WE’RE in the middle of playing three games in the space of seven days and a fixture pile up does remain my biggest worry at this stage of the season. More...
  16. Onion_Bag_Dave


    It's like we have never lost a game before. As a complete die hard SUFC fan, I hate coming on Shrimperzone, because it is full of absolute hyperbolic nonsense, but I also love it because I get to interact with Southend United fans, sometimes it helps to get things off my chest, which I am...

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 42

    A reasonably good round for a few of you off the pitch ... i'm saying nowt about the on the pitch pile of poo 8 - Dave the Shrimper 8 - Dad of Dave the Shrimper 8 - davewebbsbrain 7 - SupaBlues 7 - davidovolic 7 - canveyshrimper 6 - class 6 - sufc dave 6 - Tinks 6 - number 11 6 - thenobster 5 -...
  18. Style of Play Debate

    Message Removed.

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 20

    Well for once SUFC got a whole heap of you out of the mire with the majority or all of your points stemming from our barely deserved win .. am i complaining? AM I **** !!!! A terrific week for Mark (4 spot ons is a joint record i suspect) leaves him comfortably top of the pile this time, while...
  20. Tommy2holes

    How many and ticket updates for Morecambe.

    Firstly what a great offer by the club and one that has been done at the right time with us sitting top of the pile. It was just a short while ago that we regularly had 7-8k everyweek and if we can put on a great show maybe we can start to pull some of these fans back. Its a great opportunity...