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  1. UEFA Considering Cross Border League's.

    What with all the recent changes lately in our own EFL Trophy, I found this article from yesterdays Times newspaper. http://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/uefa-warms-to-idea-of-cross-border-leagues-to-close-europes-wealth-divide-dxjjh635g Long and short of it being that following a UEFA meeting...
  2. amsemp

    £2m to Fletcher Moss Rangers?

    http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/10189045/marcus-rashfords-former-club-denies-manchester-united-cash-request Latest rumour mill suggests Fletcher Moss Rangers have asked for a £2m donation from Manchester United to upgrade their facilities and safeguard their future. FMR were the...
  3. Cricko

    The Rich get Richer whilst the Poor get Poorer.

    Hardly a surprise really but shocking stats none the less and it''s not even from a left wing paper :winking: Britain's divided decade: the rich are 64% richer than before the recession, while the poor are 57% poorer...
  4. MrB

    News About Your Ticket!

    Third week in row I've had the email pop up in my inbox on Thursday morning, you open the website hoping for that amazing news, last two weeks were both tenners but this week I hit the motherload. Yep, 4 numbers!! What bounty did that bring I hear you ask? Well, I'm now richer to the tune of...
  5. Aberdeen Shrimper

    If the Internet did not exist???

    I was watching some crap music channel on sky tonight with the wife and stumbled across a tune…….it did not really strike a cord with me until my ears perked up to one of the lines in the song, which was something like … “What if there was no internet” Got me thinking just how much I...
  6. Ricey

    Pre-Match Thread Ricey's Report: Huddersfield Town (H) 13/12/08

    6 Points None The Richer. Saturday's game against Huddersfield town is a definate 6 pointer for the Shrimpers. They are directly below us and if Huddersfield win they go above us, this is something we don't want to happen and why this game is of great improtance to us. I think a major issue...
  7. Irish_Shrimper

    Interview with an Exile: Part 4 - Overseas Shrimper

    This week, Mark (Overseas Shrimper) from Malta takes part in the Interview with an Exile... 1) How long have you been an exile? A) I have been in exile since ’95, mostly in Malta but with stints in India and back in London. Even though I returned to the UK, it was for work and I...
  8. TrueBlue

    Perfect Steak

    The perfect steak The grill chefs from I'm Angus restaurant, Sydney, share the secret of the perfect steak with you. Choosing the right cut of meat is essential: Fillet, Rump or Sirloin, Porterhouse or T-bone are all excellent for pan cooking or char-grilling, depending on your personal...
  9. Harold Bishop Killer

    If The World Was A Village Of A 1000 People

    If we could reduce the world’s population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all existing human ratios remaining the same, the demographics would look something like this: The village would have 60 Asians, 14 Africans, 12 Europeans, 8 Latin Americans, 5 from the USA and Canada...
  10. Slipperduke

    Worst FA Cup? I think not

    Monday morning was like a scene from one of those post-apocalyptic movies that usually star Mel Gibson. The old order has been shattered, the new dawn has arrived and the scattered survivors crawl from their bolt-holes to blink in confusion at the much reduced skyline and wonder if things will...
  11. Favourite Poem!

    Hope this isn't too poncy a thread but we've had favourite painting as a thread recently so why not this.. Not sure what my favourite is but I really like this one. It's The Soldier by Rupert Brooke written early in First World War: If I should die, think only this of me: That there's some...
  12. Hello Guys

    Me, the Saints fan again :) How's everyone doing? How have you done in any friendlies? We had one on Saturday away to Eastleigh and won 4-2 Also, 7 bidders have contacted the club about a possible takeover!!! 2 of them being richer than Abramovich! :D An idea going round is that one of the...
  13. Interpol Shrimper

    The Championship

    Adam Pearson, Hull chairman seems to think so! Sky Sports News linky So, the richer get richer and smaller unfashionable teams like us, Hull & Col Ewe find it even harder to compete at this level. Discuss........ Personally, I feel money in football is getting ridiculous again &amp...
  14. Management contracts

    I prefer watching the football than worrying too much about how a club is run but looking at what the Chairman says about the contracts - "all the terms have been reviewed, not just the length, all the financial terms which will now compare with most Championship clubs" it looks...
  15. Chelsea Near Domination...

    According to SkySports and Anderlecht, They could agree a deal bring Kompany to Stamford bridge. If he partners with John Terry that will create the single most effective defence in The Premier$hite, maybe Europe... Kompany is only 19 (i think) and i rate him as one of the best defenders...
  16. MrB

    Home Grown Players

    From the excellent Football Unlimited website (no, I'm not a Guardian reader!): Europe's top clubs were today ordered to invest in homegrown talent under radical new guidelines agreed by Uefa designed to stop the rich getting richer. After months of deliberation and fine-tuning...
  17. Kent Shrimper

    Col Ewe Joke

    One day, a Southend Fan was walking along the beach down the seafront and came across an odd-looking bottle. Not being one to ignore tradition, he rubbed it and, much to his surprise, a Genie actually appeared. "For releasing me from the bottle, I will grant you three wishes," said...
  18. Worst Cover Track

    OK, we've had the best cover - what about the worst (plenty to choose from) I'll start off with Sixpence None The Richer murdering 'There She Goes'