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  1. Mugged in Southend

    Someone tried to mug me last night. After living in the town for over 30 years this is the first time this has happened to me. I was walking back from Herbies near Southchurch Park when I sensed two youths were following me on the other side of the park railings. They had hoodies on and I felt...
  2. Let's all support a Colu fan

    https://www.gofundme.com/alfiesvision/thankyou?d=&step=share# I am sure a lot of you will remember last season's home game against the scum when colu fan Tom Leggett ran from Colchester to Southend to raise funds for his young son who suffers from a rare disease well today he us running from...
  3. Sam McQueen

    Scored for Saints u23 against the scum! http://www.flashscore.com/match/nXEO7W47/#match-summary
  4. Lets all do the Conga

    Back to the spirit of Donny away,and Southampton WTF Is all this depression Most of the season we was in play off position or around it Today Col.Ewe Scum were relegated LETS PARTY :guitar:
  5. TrueBlue

    Scum at home

    Anybody know what we are looking like for sales at the moment?
  6. Shrimpers are Magic

    Some Happy News

    One of the murderers of Lee Rigby lost two teeth whilst being "restrained" by prison officers. Hopefully someone will cut off his thumbs next. Who's says prisons are too soft? Lets hope the murdering scum is in lots of pain and in constant fear for his safety.
  7. Shrimpers are Magic

    Jihadi John

    May have already been mentioned but I believe the killing of this scum deserves it's own thread. Anyone got a problem with the way it has been dealt with?
  8. Matthew Briggs

    Apparently contact was made before the Playoff Final with a view to a move if promoted. Was with the scum last year and by all accounts was the best player they had!
  9. Yorkshire Blue

    Happy St Angell's Day

    Twenty-two years ago today Stanley rampages down the leftwing, lifts the ball over Steve Potts and centres for Brettie Angell to smash home off the underside of the bar. Establishing once and for all that there's only one team in Essex. Paul Smith also smacks one against the bar and a young...
  10. Murkey_Mouse

    Col Ewes Vs Orient, who you all want to win?

    I want Orient to win, to keep the scum in the bottom 4, potentially there is an chance the gap between the scums and 5th from bottom get widen up .... Karma for the scums fans when they chanted "What that over the hill? Relegation is coming!" As I never forget it at Root Hall in April 2007!
  11. Napster

    New quiz - Southend v the Scum

    In what year was the first ever meeting between the sides? Which two players has scored 4 in one match against Col U? Which 1980s player scored three times in three separate games against Col U but never appeared on the winning side? Who scored the winner in the last time we beat Col U? After...
  12. Dan holman

    Did so well for us on trial he signed for the scum .And he has done so well for them he has gone out on loan to Wrexham .So on the round about way he has got back to his where he was ment to be going .:hilarious:
  13. Pale Blue Dot

    People who put LOL at the end of everything they write.

    Scum - Sub Human Scum.
  14. shrimperjon

    East end tossers v Fat prick

    So just to take our minds off the nerves surrounding our game on Saturday. Who on earth would you want to win out of Borient v Fat ****** Utd. As much as I hate the mere thought of that Fat Prick Evans, I just can not support the scum from Birdbrain road.
  15. yet another warm up game

    It seemes as if we put a side out against the scum again today and to put a :smile: on everyones faces we won 3 0 goals scored by jack paine gomes and Lee barnard . It seemes eastwood also go a run out . Full story is on the main site .
  16. pickledseal

    Car Thieving Scum

    And so where do we always return...? Having had a period of lurking (partly due to the busy-ness of getting hitched on 15th Feb), I haven't been as active of late. I'm still here. And my reasons for posting? I woke up this morning to find my car stolen, from the drive. No signs of entry (broken...
  17. Ricky Otto

    Col ewe ESC

    This is probably the wrong part of the forum to post this, please feel free to move to whatever the appropriate place is? Billericay are away to Col ewe tomorrow in the ESC. One of my best mates plays up top for Billericay and apparently there are a couple of Shrimpers on the team who are...
  18. Napster

    Franchise scum

  19. Orient Gobshites

    Would really appreciate Southend's not so friendly fans to welcomes these ****ed up gobshites off the train at Prittlewell. All they have done is spill beer all over innocent commuters and push innocent people. For the nasty people's information they will be getting to Prittlewell at 17:20. I...
  20. TrueBlue

    Pete Townsend

    Just finished with his book..... Guy is guilty as charged!!!!! MK you cant defend this scum