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  1. Mark Gower

    Maher off, Gower on a yellow for creating a fuss about the sending off (although a justified rant). So we have 10 men and at 0-0 could keep it tight with the possibility of maybe grabbing a goal on the break. What does he do makes a STUPID tackle on the cheating bar steward and get's himself...
  2. Winkle

    The brown stuff!

    Does anyone feel as thow the world as ended today! Beaten by the scum, trounced by the springboks, batterd by the aussies..... is there a worse Set of results ever? Seriously, I have just looked at the table and its not looking good at all, even if we beat barnsley and wolves at home we will...
  3. TrueBlue

    Excuse me!

  4. Play For Your Club

    Time to start a new thread for a new charge up the table! Remember, PlayForYourClub.com starts again tomorrow morning at 10:00. The Red Scum cost us our chance of promotion, but if we work together we can easily get Southend into the Premiership. Give it a go!   You Know it Makes Sense!
  5. J

    Courage, Bravery, and Hero

    All as an OAP: wouldn't have a problem, with beating the bloke that did this to within an inch of his' life.. SCUM
  6. something intresting is it true?

    on the Man Utd "Scum" website saw this page bout tuesday night. WHEN HAVE WE PLAYED MAN UNITED IN A FRIENDLY?? http://www.manutd.com/default....=373985
  7. The Big Shrimp

    How Many Man Ure Fans Near You Tonight?

    Sitting in the East Blacks tonight, I noticed lots of strange, & in some cases, dodgy faces. By the 2nd half there were lots of empty seats near me as these Man Ure fans or ticket touts, had bogged off. I know we were sh!te tonight, but even the most fickle of fan would have stayed...
  8. Col u are more popular

    I've just seen the scum have got a loanee from Man u , and when did K mcleod go there. If they can get them, what are we offering a tenner a week, and a company bicycle..
  9. Jonny_Stokes

    A bit of perspective

    Firstly: f%&k off Jonny, Orient scum, going down, East London is full of ethnic minorities. Right, now we've got that out of the way: I can't believe the negativity on this board. I really can't. I know football fans are fickle creatures, and I know as well as any of you how it feels to embark...
  10. shrimperman

    What if...

    its everyones boyhood dream and in most cases dream of a lifetime to become a professional footballer. What if you were offered a trial up at the scum? Firstly, would you take the offer? Secondly, if you decided to take the trial and was offered a contract, would you take it?
  11. Tilly hates yellow boots

    I hate to be negative but  SING

    I hate to be negative but its the most fustrating thing when ya sitting there team need some support, so i know lets try and get some stuff going, ( i stand up with my 5 freind and try and sing ) and what repose do we get, people looking behind them at us like were the scum of the earth for...
  12. South Bank Hank

    Why we need to be EXTREMELY WORRIED…

    … YET STRANGELY OPTIMISTIC!! Sometimes when a team is promoted, the momentum from previous seasons can be enough to carry you still forward – see Wigan last season in the Premiership and just look at what we achieved last year ourselves. But then sometimes the step up in class is just too...
  13. Interpol Shrimper

    West Ham

    The scum are at it again.....
  14. * ORM *

    Big Problems C2C

    Probably iron themselves out by the time you lot come home but currently running buses between Leigh and Chavburyness due to overhead line problems. Looks like some of you may have to come home on the classy line tonight. Scum line link
  15. sufcintheprem


    Had an interview in the smoke today and just as it was ending the bloke tells me he's from Col******r and proceeds to mention how well they've been doing lately. Presumably they'll call me not the other way round then.... Then again, I can't imagine an unintentional...
  16. grayhound

    Col U

    Scum Just been taken over.