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  1. Who is to blame

    Ok who do we blame for the lack of transfers yesterday .Phil - Ron or our board All the hipe that Simpson was close That has to be down to Phil Not spending some money now that's got to be down to Ron .Now the question is has Ron lost faith in Phil brown so he wont invest in new players .Or is...
  2. steveo

    Buying a flat

    My son is looking to buy a flat which has 121 year left. Being somewhat old school, I am not completely sure about buying a leased property. Who owns the lease? What happens if they go skint? I would prefer him to buy a freehold property. Pros and cons anyone?
  3. Who really picks the team..Phil or Ron.

    Who wanted Fred back certainly not Luggy,Who wanted Barney back I doubt it was Phil,Effing hell we can't even sign a conference player! What the hell is going on at the club. Phil spouts we are after this one or that one yet we never sign them! We are told time and time again the club is...
  4. No.33 your time is up....

    Please can we stop doing loan deals, where we have to guarantee the player gets a start every time (Number 33), Corr would have made more of those chances the lad had, he works hard but from what I've seen he's not as good a finisher as our own player Big Bad Barry. I know we are skint but doing...
  5. Tangled up in Blue

    Fulham Season Review 2012/13

    Enjoyed watching Fulham's 2012/13 dvd review this evening.Reasonably good value at just under 16 quid. Anyone remember the days when we regularly brought out an end of the season video/dvd? I know we're skint but couldn't we have justified bringing out something to celebrate our first ever...
  6. Loadsa money Southend United

    As you know I have never ever bought the "we are completely skint" and so "lucky to still be in existance" bunch of bollox - and now reading the club statement regarding how many players and the budget PS has had it seems we are indeed a loadsa of money Lge 2 club .... just thought it was...
  7. TrueBlue

    Carpet Cleaner

    anybody got one I can borrow?? Cant afford to rent the rug doctor as skint.
  8. Mad Cyril

    Anglo Italian cup away games.

    I have always regretted being too skint to get to any Anglo Italian cup away matches. Does anyone have any interesting recollections?
  9. Freddy to leave Cov

    http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/coventry-city-fc/coventry-city-fc-news/2011/10/06/freddy-eastwood-to-find-another-club-92746-29548632/ Dunno how long he has left on his contract. L1 clubs are interested, but put off by his wage demands.
  10. Money situation improved or not?

    We hear things like the financial situation has improved others say it hasn't. Is Tara telling the truth when he says losses have been reduced or is it spin talk.? Are we really still in deep do-do? On other forums people claim we haven't a pot to **** in and that we remain absolutely skint...
  11. Do you think we're skint, broke, penniless, got no money ????

    5 million quid from sainsburys, the biggest gates in lge 2, good income from player sales - all our players on lge 2 money (salary cap) and sitting on a retail site worth zillions - tax man paid off - I cannot understand why anyone would believe for one minute we are broke -
  12. Onion_Bag_Dave

    A rant.

    1. Chanting '****ing Useless to our own player who puts his ****ing heart into his performances, doing what nobody else wants to do, the ****ing dirty work. 2. Cheering when Rhys Evans catches the ball. Brilliant. 3. Constant moaning. 4. Chanting the Seagull louder than anything else. 5...
  13. Jonny_Stokes

    Sheena and Morris

    How are our rejects settling in? I've had it on good authority that Morris was only released because we're too skint to give him a testimonial. So neck-and-neck to see who goes out of business first, as well as enjoying a point-for-point battle in our respective divisions. Joy. J_S
  14. MrB

    New Season - Wages etc

    Wages up from £536k to £587k. I can deal with that. I am however skint so might have to sell a batsman. Hoping a couple of home cup games may mean I can avoid that.
  15. TrueBlue

    Question In your honest opinion question 2 of 2

    If Southend United do not go skint in the next 12 months, will we stay up?
  16. Ron Manager

    Con/Lib agreement in full - in summary

    1. Deficit Reduction The country is skint, cuts will be made to make life harder for working families but still allow big businesses to dodge as much tax as possible. 2. Spending Review - NHS, Schools and a Fairer Society Cuts 3. Tax Measures Minimal tax cuts for the masses (enough to get...
  17. Man City Ask To Break Simple Rules

    Just what is it with Premier League clubs having a very limited understanding of just how transfer windows work? If it isn't Portsmouth asking for permission to sell players just because they're skint, it's Man City begging to sign a 'keeper. Due to some remarkable oversight, when Shay Given...
  18. IloveShrimp

    Will you use Pre Pay cards?

    What crackpot thought up this stupid idea? The owners of Southend United must be deliberately trying to send the club skint. Mine dropped through the door today, and what it basically means is that from the Brentford game no cash can be spent at the West Stand concessions from then onwards...
  19. Hi Ron - message for you ......

    theres no shame in admitting your skint - we've all been there - AND its very important to keep up appearances - even when the nearest and dearest have all found out - BUT its also important to keep up your own self belief and confidence - to keep believing in your own self worth, believing in...
  20. wiggy

    Your fault Martin, not Brushes!

    Ron Martin singlehandedly ruins a team well capable of staying in this league and then dismisses a bloke whom with Tilly has done us proud over the last few years. How has he got the cheek to use the freshening up cobblers when the main man is still here. Scared stiff to out Tilly so goes for a...