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Jan 3, 2008
Southend on Sea
1. Chanting '****ing Useless to our own player who puts his ****ing heart into his performances, doing what nobody else wants to do, the ****ing dirty work.
2. Cheering when Rhys Evans catches the ball. Brilliant.
3. Constant moaning.
4. Chanting the Seagull louder than anything else.
5. Last 4 minutes absolutely no noise at all to encourage and to get behind our team who could have earned a well deserved point.
6. Cheering when the substitution where made.
7. Sitting in chair not moving, clapping, shouting, breathing.
8. Actual verbal abuse towards players, OUR OWN ****ING PLAYERS.

On the Richter scale of idiocy today was off the scale.

This list could go on.

I've had enough of the ****ing fans. Ron Martin might have ****ed us up, we might be skint, some of the players might not be good enough. But I feel more driven out of this club, which we all ****ing love, by our own fans, and it isn't just a minority it's a lot of them.

We deserved atleast a point today, and if it wasn't for a completely outrageously well struck free kick and a muck up defensively and by the goal keeper we would have had three points.

I'm not pointing the finger at anybody in particular because I heard it from all angles, told several people to **** off home, and that's is exactly what I'm doing now, please just **** off and don't come back . I can take not winning sometimes, but I can't take idiocy.

Looking at Blair's face when he heard ' ****ing useless ' actually has upset me, he just shook his head and you could tell, he just thought 'you absolute idiots'. He puts a lot into his game, and it goes un noticed, not only effort but he offers a lot.

These players are here, they want to play for us, some of them may not have had any other offers, but they are still here, so I love every single one of them.

Running off the pitch, hearing yourself being cheered off because you know the fans don't want you there must be the worst feeling in the world. You can say 'Oh they are men they can take it, they get paid to play football for christ sake' That's exactly right, but it doesn't stop the hurt does it? I just hope that someone reads what I'm saying now and thinks 'Oh **** maybe I have been being a bit stupid'. I hope someone reads this and passes it onto the players because some of us actually appreciate the effort, even if it's a loss, they still put effort in, it hurts losing. But we still performed well, at times we where real quality.

I don't even know if these sentences are well structured, or if there are any spelling mistakes or anything that might be held under 'grammaticality'.

**** sake. I could go on but I just might lose my mind.
Not open for further replies.