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  1. Rules Are Rules. Unless You're Portsmouth.

    When Portsmouth’s 4th owner of the season presumably won the club in a game of pass-the-financially-defunct-parcel, did nobody explain the basic rules of English football? The news that Portsmouth have applied for extraordinary circumstances to the Premier League in order to sell their...
  2. STFC_Gazza

    Good Luck From Swindon Town Fan!

    AS MOST people know Swindon Town have lurched from crisis to crisis over the 1990's 2000's. We basically paid stupid wages to players when we were in the Premier League during the 1993-94 season (yes if you blinked you missed it, check the record books we have the record for most goals conceeded...
  3. danburyshrimper

    Stuffed by the transfer deadline

    Our current financial plight has highlighted a big flaw in the transfer deadline system. We are absolutely skint + are in deep deep trouble as we all know ... Surely we should be able to sell our assets in order to stave off administration / liquidation / generally being in the brown sticky...
  4. Stats

    Breaking News Club Statement RE: Carlisle (Away)

    With the club experiencing ''problems'' with lack of playing staff at the present moment in time, the management, Steve Tilson and Paul Brush have asked that all supporters travelling to Carlisle tomorrow please take with them a pair of boots. Lottery tickets will be handed out to those who...
  5. Silencer

    Juggling the Loan Books

    Someone mentioned on here that Tilly recently advised that no more loanees would be coming in as we are skint...even with O'Donovan going back. Firstly To me.....I would rather send back M'Voto who is out for 6 weeks (May take longer to get match fit - say 8 weeks in total) and get someone in...
  6. Silencer

    Just like watching Dream Team...

    ...Well thats how I feel with Southend United the past couple of years, each week is like a far fetched episode of the old Sky One football series Dream Team. Although at times, the fictional storylines of Harchester Utd actually seem more realistic than that our our club. I am not one to rant...
  7. STFC_Gazza

    Question Alex Revell

    Swindon fan in peace and apologies if this is in the wrong section, was going to put EX Shrimpers BUT he is still your player so.. How the hell did you guys let go of Revell ar you really that skint (not a p take either, we have been down that road for years until we finally got decent...
  8. Being Sensible

    Having read many posts from some of you demanding super strikers,Fancy wingers aided by midfield maestros,Raiding full backs blah blah blah. We are Southend United FC and we are skint skint skint.Tilly without any funding can only tread water and the reality is surviving in this division until...
  9. seany t

    Why are transfers so hard to conclude in the modern era and where does it leave us?

    As it's all doom and gloom around here (perhaps a little unsurprisingly) I thought a topic to discuss in the meantime might be in order. So I thought we could discuss WHY transfers are so hard to conclude nowadays. Here's my lot: For a start, I think it's due to escalated prices. The top teams...
  10. steveo

    More Rubbish service

    On my return form a holiday in October, I made a post moaning about the rubbish standards we seem to accept in this Country. The roadworks on the Hockley/Rayleigh road were one of my complaints. Guess what, they are still there. The blokes appear to working on the pavement, and have been for...
  11. living on the dole

    it amazes me when i see/read the lifestyles of people on the dole. last week it was revealed the crazy guy who was forever ranting in this country and eventually was kicked out paid 4k for his daughter to have a boob job. how can he be claiming the dole and shell out £4000?? the other...
  12. Interest Rates

    With the city analysts not even being able to agree which way the BoE base rate will go in the next couple of months, which way would you like to sew them go (if they dont stay as they are?) Up, to negate inflation or down, to help on the mortgage repayments and to not be so skint?
  13. Smiffy

    Buying a Laptop..

    Calling all PC Boffs.. Some help please.. Now I dont know if anyone has seen it, but Currys (amongst others) are doing an offer where you sign up to Orange Broadband for 2 years and you can get £300 off any laptop in store. A good deal for people like me who dont currently have broadband...
  14. Xàbia Shrimper

    Southend United - How far have we come? Part 1

    Cast your mind back almost ten years; could you honestly see us reaching this pivotal moment in the history of Southend United? Back in 1998 the football club was skint; it couldn't pay its players, it couldn't pay its creditors, it couldn't pay the Inland Revenue; the future was so bleak that...
  15. Bielzibubz

    Family History & Genealogy research

    When my mother sadly passed away in 2005 my sister and I got to thinking about our family history. At this point we realised we knew virtually nothing about my father, his family or that side of the family. We knew where he grew up and that was it. My mother never talked about that side to the...
  16. Lord Football

    Memory Lane A Walk Down Memory Lane

    It was a bright Saturday morning as I jumped on the coach. Coach after coach left, all bedecked in blue and yellow (as it was then). Some of the kids were laughing excitedly, some were painting their faces. The older ones were trying not to show nerves. Attempting calm. I was 23, and me and mine...
  17. Would you go to a game on your own?

    I'm in Bournemouth at the mo but really wanna go to the Hartlepool game at the weekend. However my housemates are all to skint to afford it and none of my mates at home want to go see little ol' southend. Ever been to a game on your own?

    Good Morning All, Due to a change in circumstances, I have had to buy Roots Hall Big Screen tickets for the ColEwe match. I now no longer need my Terrace One tickets for Layer Road. There are two adults and three concessions, which cost £52 + £1 admin charge, total £53. The first person who...
  19. Is anybody else watching the game on sky?

    Is there anybody else who is watching the game on sky sunday or am i the only one?? I have had to move house this week and furnish it, and i am now skint, so for the first time in about 4 years i will be missing a home game. Good job its on sky though. But it wont be the same. If anybody has a...

    Help For Sat. Please!

    Any help most appreciated. I went to both LDV Finals , but cannot make Sat's big day ; basically skint! I decided that next best option would be to drive down to Southend from Barnet to watch in a family friendly pub. Please recommend somewhere with a big Sky screen which is happy...