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  1. Ron Phil Deeg !

    Well done Ron for appointing Phil ! Yesterday's game was at times beautiful to watch,we played nice slick football,Great stuff Phil and you should have gave baldy a tuppeney one. Deeg was impressive with his range of passing,I would prefer him playing attacking midfield as I still believe he...
  2. Massimo Giovanni

    Slick marketing?

    I have just received my SUFC Commercial Brochure 2015-16. The glossy, well presented brochure is interesting and very professional BUT why is it 2 months late? Another "almost but not quite right" effort from The Blues. Some of the game day packages are very tempting.
  3. RHB

    Women's World Cup 2015

    Unless the England team sharpen up on ball control and passing I can't see them bringing home the silverware. France looked a classy team, good technique and slick passing. they will go a long way in this tournament based on that performance.
  4. pickledseal

    Parent Text App: How to text your children...

    I'm intrigued by this for a variety of reasons... I don't have children, but spend all day every day communicating with young people. Texting is a powerful force and so often communication takes place between parents and their children in this way. Indeed, even at 27 often I will text my own...
  5. * ORM *

    Oil Slick at Southend

    Just seen on BBC news. BP haven't been drilling locally have they ?
  6. There may be trouble ahead...

    Oh dear, oh dear.... On that showing, relegation is a real possibility. Totally clueless, ineffective and downright sh*t. The problems, well, where to start? Firstly - Long ball football; Reality hit home today. Hard. Under Tilly we constantly tried to get the ball down and play football...
  7. Cricko

    Round 1 Susannah Hoffs v Grace Slick

    Heat 13 see's Napster's Susannah Hoffs take on Gt Yarmouth Shrimper's Grace Slick. Put your pictures up please and start voting.
  8. Xavi Takes Centre Stage in Football Spectacle

    When two teams of the highest calibre collide, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility that they negate each other and the feature becomes something of an anti-climax. Not when Arsene Wenger and Pep Guardiola are around. No. This was special. Barcelona flew out of the traps as if to...
  9. You've got to hand it to him

    I've never met the man, so haven't seen his skills first hand, but you've got to hand it to him. Ron Martin must have incredibly slick PR skills. He seems to be like teflon. Whenever there is something bad to face, either someone else is put forward to take the flak or he somehow wins people...
  10. Slipperduke

    Job Done

    Manchester United 0-0 Arsenal Sir Alex Ferguson stepped lightly across the slick Old Trafford turf, turning slowly and taking in the view as if it was his first ever visit to the stadium. With eyes full of awe and a broad grin splashed across his face, he let out a long, sigh of satisfaction...
  11. Slipperduke

    Fergie Must Quit

    I have a dream. I have a dream of Rome, May 27. I see Rio Ferdinand lifting the Champions League trophy, I see Wayne Rooney throwing his shirt into the crowd, but most of all, I see Sir Alex Ferguson leaning into a camera crew and, above the roar of the crowd, giving them the scoop of their...
  12. duncan bulgaria

    Hatton v The pacman

    So here we go then chaps , one day to go until another potential classic fight between 2 warriors of the ring , both fantastic at what they do in terms of their own style , Hatton with his all out action / attacking style , he will try and smoother Manny but for me although it pains me to say it...
  13. seany t

    Wembley: A Nation(al Stadium) divided?

    As a stadium, I still feel entirely undecided about Wembley. It's most impressive outside, lit up at night - a glowing beacon calling sports fans to its central hub. And it's a very slick operation, delivering colossal volumes of food and drink at breakneck speed, being very sensibly laid out...
  14. Magnum PI

    Post-Match Thread and Ratings Hereford United 0-1 Southend United

    Just back from Hereford. Didnt think we would edge it once Laurent missed that chance, but we certainly got stronger as the match went on and probably just deserved it, although the penalty was right in front of me, and I would have been pretty peeved to have that given against us. I reckon he...
  15. Ricey

    Ricey Reports: F1 Pre Season News. 1/12/08

    Credit Crunch Hits Hockenheim. Hockenheim could join a host of Formula 1 casualties just two months shortly after the Canadian Grand Prix was slashed off the list due to them not being able to pay the commerical rights. The French grand prix has also been removed off the list due to have the...
  16. Ricey

    Ferrari not liking new changes!

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,12433_4489416,00.html Are they ever happy? It will be interesting to see what the races will be like with brining the slick tyres back into play.
  17. Slipperduke

    Chelsea Fall To Resurgent Roma

    This wasn't in the script. Chelsea were supposed to go to Italy, ease their way past a struggling Roma side and secure their place in the knock-out stages with two games to spare. The side that had suffered five consecutive defeats and were hovering above Serie A's relegation zone were supposed...
  18. fbm

    The fbm report - Walsall

    BLUES GO FOURTH AFTER SADDLERS STROLL Well, stroll might be too strong a word for what on paper was only a 1-0 victory but in reality Southend put on their best and most entertaining performance for many weeks as they totally dominated Walsall at Roots Hall today. The fact that the scoreline...
  19. BaileytheQuitter

    Feed back please.

    Hi all. I play for my local football team- Hadleigh Athletic, and have been writing match reports after the games. Ive always had a liking for writing, especially football reports. Just wondered if anyone would mind reading one of my reports and telling me if they think its any good. Its a bit...
  20. How fit are SUFC -

    "Curbishley was heartened by the superior fitness, pace and slick passing presented to Southend" you can't do anything about clubs having better players but are our boys as fit as the opposition ? last year I thought a number of clubs had leaner and faster looking squads and was surprised to...