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  1. Tommy2holes

    Can we sneak a top 6 spot?

    After a great win today, and a win that's put us in the cluster outside the play offs. Is it possible we can finish top 6. There are a lot of factors. We need players fit and injury free and we definately need to have a good transfer window. There are probably 3 or 4 at least that need to be...
  2. Uncle Leo

    World Athletics 2015

    Be it Olympics, World or even the Euros, the week of top class track and field competition is one of my sporting highlights of the year. (Realistic) hopes... Jess Ennis and Katarina Johnson-Thompson (love her Twitter bio) having a battle royal in the heptathlon. Bolt beats Gatlin Our women's...
  3. Ref Watch ,,,,,, Morecambe A sneak preview

    Referee: Adcock, James Assistant Referee: Coy, Martin Assistant Referee: Wilson, James Fourth Official: Sharp, Neil One of the better Football League referees lined up for this crucial match. Full details in due course.
  4. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Shrimpermoan-although I love this site.

    What is it with people on here. Burton post match thread 10 pages, Dagenham post match thread, 8 pages. All full of moaning after 2 draws. Cambridge post match thread, after an excellent away win. 5 pages. Yesterday we were unlucky and I bet there is not a team of the week anywhere that did...
  5. CC51DAS

    11 matches to go and everything to play for

    Despite the understandable doom and gloom, the fact remains that we are still right in the promotion race and with several fixtures left against clubs above us (who also have several games against each other), anything could still happen. As others have said it will be typical of us after...
  6. Multi-pack Crisps - What's Your Flava - Tell Me....

    I have yet to come across a multi-pack of mixed flavour crisps that didn't contain at least one flavour that no-one in the family will eat. Here it's Roast Chicken - I have to sneak them into the family by crushing them and using them to top Macaroni- or Cauliflower-Cheese. If you could...
  7. Shrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Big game on Wednesday; Rochdale v Southend

    Huge game on Wednesday. Beat Rochdale then we could be just 3 points off Exeter in the 7th and last play-off spot with a game in hand against Aldershot to play nearer the end of the season. Win could give us some momentum to have a good run and maybe we can sneak in there ala Crewe last year...
  8. South Bank Hank

    Breaking News Sneak Peak at Preparations for Sunday - PICS from Wembley

    Did the Wembley Stadium tour today (which is fantastic by the way if you get the chance!) but the timing today was perfect. Just as we stepped out into the seating area, they started the dress rehearsals... The pitch looks amazing and, even empty, the buzz inside Wembley is awe-inspiring...
  9. GNH

    Harry Redknapp team sheet

    After Harry's admission in court we have managed to aquire a sneak preview at this weeks team selection!
  10. A sneak preview of what to expects on 31 Dec...

    This is what we're going to be up against a week tomorrow...Are Sammy or Elvis free?
  11. Smiffy

    Pre-Match Thread Southend v Shrewsbury

    Nice and early as there is a bit of a buzz around at last! Just a quick reminder: This match is part of The Sun TWO Adult tickets for £9.50 promotion that they ran in the summer. For those of you that kept the form, just fill it in, attach the four tokens and take it down to the ticket office...
  12. Bulgaria vs England

    Definitely need a win tonight in advance of a tough trip to Montenegro in October. Wales could do us a favour tonight too if they sneak a result against them. Sounds like some youngsters will get a run out. expected team: Hart Richards Cahill Terry Cole Lampard Parker Barry Walcott Rooney...
  13. Smiffy

    The "P" word

    Ok, so a little bit early to be discussing. But I just wanted to see what is historically needed points wise, to get out of this horrible league. Since we were last in League 2: The minimum required for 7th spot has been 66 points. The maximum required for 7th spot has been 78 points...
  14. shrimperhosk

    Camouflage Day Vs Torquy - Discount

    i hope i am OK to put this (if not sorry and you can remove) We are offering 20% off costumes for the Camouflage day you will see our info from SUFC on Sat also the blue Belles will be wearing our costumes (your in for a treat ) If you quote SUFC you will get 20% off your costumes...
  15. The Idiot's Guide to Shrimperzone and SUFC

    Welcome to the Idiot's Guide to Shrimperzone and SUFC. There is a clear need for this guide, as we have so many "newbies" (see guide) joining, and many of our regular members seem to have become confused as to the purpose of Shrimperzone. This is guide is intended to be expanded, and people are...
  16. Thorpe Groyney

    OBL Makes Film Debut

    As OBL's PR agent, I'm delighted to confirm her first major film role as the object of affection in a love triangle. Soon to be released (on bail) it's entitled "Desperately Reeking Boozer". Here's a sneak preview http://www.grapheine.com/bombaytv/movie-uk-10c1d1b36ae6ef1f0ec908e991ab5c4e.html
  17. DTS

    Question Egg heads booty call.....????

    Reading other threads it has come to my attention that a large number of males were staying in the same hotel as OBL on or around the night of filming. Now we all know what happens on these away days. Few drinks and some cheeky Tapas and before you know it one kiss leads to another. The...
  18. TrueBlue

    Pre-Match Thread Huddersfield Game

    Right behind the boys tomorrow as ever for you that are going I have a feeling we mite sneak this. I for one will clap Peter Clark tomorrow. Also the Big drum is going to Huddersfield as I collected it from the club earlier.
  19. Tilly Post Match Interview

    I hope this is just a typo on the o/s and not something Tilly said in the interview.. http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~1916933,00.html "We set up to play 4-4-3 with the ball and 4-5-1 without the ball and that frustrated Orient." I would imagine that would frustrate...
  20. Slipperduke

    Brazil Are Crap

    Ecuador 1-1 Brazil Noboa, 89 Baptista, 73 One of the eternal joys of watching South American football is the sight of those famous yellow shirts buzzing around the pitch, flicking the ball to one another as if 30 yard first time passes were the easiest thing in the world. They play as...