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  1. superblue24

    The Ashes 2013

    Sooooo, anyone care to speculate on the biggest sporting event of the year? England massive favorites on Betfair. I wonder if it will play that way.....Maybe I (along with others) am being paranoid what with it being Australia. You never know what they'll produce. Michael Clarkes form has...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Goldeneye N64

    Am cracking the N64 out tonight to have a spin on this little beauty. Anyone else a fan?
  3. Jam_Man

    Airport Noise - Worst Spin ever

    I live by the airport and do hear the planes but have no issue at all with them. Good for the town. However read this. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/9795214.Claims_of_noisy_jets_at_Southend_Airport_are_rejected_by_council/?ref=mr Wtf? If people think the planes 20,000 feet up are loud...
  4. * ORM *

    Tips and Q+A

    I have a vested interest in starting this thread with a crucial FC game tomorrow so the first Q is pitch related. I'm away on H&F and struggling for details. Weather affect, do I go with an extra bat, so 4 bowlers and anything else useful. I have no F so it's all about combo of seamers and...
  5. Hawkwell Blue

    Spencer Prior

    Sitting on Manly Beach in Sydney having a coffee this morning and who should stroll by but Spencer Prior. Had a chat about our plight of which he was well aware and he looked like he could still do a job for us. Top bloke!
  6. OD - Week 12

    Queens Park CC (8th) v BATTY SHRIMPERS (1st) Wins in our last 3 games will see us in P/O (at least) for promotion to I.1. Playing 3 spinners as he has a Dusty pitch, which means Lindop will open the batting but not bowl. GFI obviously...
  7. Somerset Ex-TTB

    Is the next week the most important of the season?

    Could the next 3 games define our season? I know its early, but we have an FA Cup game, a JPT game and a very difficult league game against the team in 3rd place. 3 wins and we are in the hat for the 3rd round of the FA cup, with a potential big money game, in the area semi final of the JPT...

    PL Weekly Points Points for Round 25

    With no fewer than 9 wise old souls amongst us :angel:, each playing a 2-0 Swinetown wildcard another bumper crop of scores was always a distinct possibility, hats of to Baker Junior as our one time champion finally comes back to the fore, mention also to B1ueb0y who converts what i believe is...

    T20I: England v West Indies (Friday and Sunday)

    Myself and SUFCEssex are off to The Oval tomorrow for the first of 2 T20Is v The Windies Team news There are a variety of options for England to consider and the squad was clearly picked with an eye on Sri Lanka as it contains four spin options. It's hard to see more than two playing in either...
  10. FC - Match 6

    Here All Week (5th) v BATTY SHRIMPERS (1st) Chance to extend our 13 point lead at the top of the table. We should win this game well inside 2 days. Rested Lindop and Andre, even though both are at Sublime PFL, and have re-jigged the batting order as well. We can tell you that Here All Week won...
  11. Player Duplication

    Check this out on the TM... Owen Carbon (2570714) shortcut Owen is a cautious RH Batsman, and a cautious RH finger spin Bowler. He has feeble leadership skills and strong experience. He currently has mediocre batting form, superb bowling form and sublime fitness. Plays For: Aquantra CC...
  12. Money situation improved or not?

    We hear things like the financial situation has improved others say it hasn't. Is Tara telling the truth when he says losses have been reduced or is it spin talk.? Are we really still in deep do-do? On other forums people claim we haven't a pot to **** in and that we remain absolutely skint...
  13. OD - Week 3

    Marsh Harriers (7th) v BATTY SHRIMPERS (8th) Basement battle between the 2 pointless sides. Could do with a win, otherwise we might have to prioritise BT20 after our 3 wins this week :smiles: Left out Andre to try and save some PFL, but he'll come back in for Lindop on Sunday. Flat pitch and...
  14. number11

    Tour De France - Mark Cavendish

    Right, I know absolutely nothing about cycling (never even passed my cycling proficiency test at Earls Hall.....) but obviously know of the Tour de France and it being a huge event, and have heard of the likes of Lance Armstrong, Sean Kelly, Eddie Merx etc. I know there are a few of you on here...
  15. TrueBlue

    Ascot Today and Golf

    You opinions my gambling brethren...... Golf Mickelson to win outright (Without McIlroy) £4.50 at 20/1 Ascot 2:30 - Swing Alone - E/W - £5.00 - 50/1 3:05 - Kings Gambit - E/W - £10.00 - 25/1 3:45 - Star Witness - Win - £5.00 - 6/1 4:25 - Waffle - E/W - £5.00 - 18/1 5:00 - Modun - Win -...
  16. Selling Up

    After my foray in the cup has ended, it may be time for me to sell up and rebuild. I've an ageing side and struggling to meet wages. When are prices highest? I'm thinking of selling the likes of Raisani, who won't fetch much anyway, soon and then the most valuable players at the beginning of...
  17. loz

    OD - Week 6

    Must-win game today, as us (6th) take on Beeston and Toton Scyamore (7th). we're batting first and going along at 7 an over in the early stages. They've got a dangerous stop order, hoping to score quickly and then let the spinners do the damage.
  18. Yorkshire Blue

    West Indies v Pakistan

    Really interesting series this as they should be two evenly matched (ie flawed) sides, but both are teams who look as if they finally may be ready to start making some progress now the WIndies have dropped that waster Gayle and Pakistan have purged most of the match-fixers. I think Pakistan may...
  19. FC - Match 4

    BATTY SHRIMPERS v Poppadom CC Bowlers are all knackered and rest before Friday's big game, but bats are fine, so draw is the best we can hope for. Lots of leather chasing today, although somehow we've managed to take a wicket :happy: We can tell you that Poppadom CC won the toss and elected to...
  20. OD - Week 4

    BATTY SHRIMPERS v Park Avenue CC We take in the side in 6th today, the 1st of a run of 4 consecutive Home games, which should boost the coffers nicely. Full-strength side out, but PFL's are starting to bite, we need to get another bowler in sharpish... Lost Fitz early again, he's now scored...