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  1. Shrimpers are Magic

    The two first names eleven!

    Players with two first names anyone? Appreciate the need to get out more but how about... Ryan Leonard Paul Clark Dave Martin and Simon Francis for starters
  2. Slow starters

    There's been a lot of criticism over our start to the season but it's really nothing unusual for us to struggle in August. Here's our record under Brown in the first month of the season (EFL Trophy matches not included). YEAR P W D L F A 2013 6 3 0 3 6 5 2014 6 2 1 3 5 6 2015 6 0 3 3 3 7 2016 6...
  3. RHB

    Official Match Thread Gillingham FC vs Southend United

    Same starters as last week, and today we're mostly wearing orange. COYB
  4. Rattus Norvegicus

    Team of Southend United "nice" people

    Reading the thread about Luke Prosser (injured again, poor chap) reminded me that not all our ex-players are people that you would ideally like to be sharing a seat with on a train. So how about a team of "nice" people. I've got Luke Prosser and Chris Powell in defence and David Crown up front...
  5. Yorkshire Blue

    Specialist subs

    Inspired by someone seemingly slagging off Jermaine McGlashan as a bad signing and not realising his value as a sub, what other Southend players were more effective as subs* than as starters? *Used subs only, so D*ewe B*oughton doesn't count
  6. Uncle Leo

    Question Ian Wright

    Just been reading this piece on football365 about late starters in football. http://www.football365.com/news/football365s-top-ten-late-starters Number one is Ian Wright who, it is claimed, was rejected by Southend United. First I've heard of that. Can anyone back this up? Also, my day has...
  7. Napster

    An international XI

    What's the best XI we can come up with who have literally played one game at Roots Hall, and lost? For starters: Shilton Mark Wright Gascoigne Rooney Lineker Ronaldo
  8. Uncle Leo

    SUFC Tube XI

    I'm not totally comfortable in taking inspiration from Birmingham City but what the hell. 703244790733873156 So, time to compile a Southend United equivalent. I've put in one for starters....go! GK DF John Whitechapel DF DF DF MD MD MD MD MD FW FW
  9. C C Csiders

    TV presenters you would wish to wake up next to

    After the gets up your nose how about those you would like to get up elsewhere. For starters: Kirsty Young Carole Kirkwood Penny Smith
  10. RHB

    Being 65 is cool!

    I was sent this today by another oldie mate from the Colonies. I thought it worth sharing. I am over 65 and the Armed Forces thinks I'm too old to track down terrorists. You can't be older than 42 to join the military. They've got the whole thing ***-backwards. Instead of sending 18-year olds...
  11. RHB


    Seems Bolger is now back in training, and when fully fit will be pushing for a starting place in the back four. With maybe the exception of Thompson, all the others have already played well enough to be considered as starters. So Phil has what he would call a 'welcome headache'. My guess is...
  12. Rattus Norvegicus

    Saying goodbye and saying hello again

    Well as we move up a division we will be saying goodbye to some old players and saying hello to some players from the past. For a starters ...........Saying Goodbye to Luke I'm Not Right in the Head Gutteridge - Northampton John Joe Tool O' Toole - Cobblers Egg Head I'm Home Sick - Cobblers...
  13. Now versus then

    I've just looked at the squad from the game against Crewe two years ago and it's amazing how much it has changed in such a short space of time: Smith Clohessy Straker Cresswell Prosser Barker Mohsni Mkandawire Hurst Assombalonga Tomlin Bentley Phillips Reeves Eastwood Corr Only three of the...
  14. Rattus Norvegicus

    Question Favourite 3 moments so far this season

    With things going quite well so far this season (15 seconds away from being top of the table), I wonder what have been your favourite moments so far? Here's mine for starters .......... (in no particular order) Fred's last minute goal against Burton Prosser's last minute goal against York...
  15. Kevin Hogg

    The classic away days!

    I have no doubt this has been done to death before..but you can never reminisce about great days too much! Reading the memories of Nobbler & co about two visits to Newport in 68 ..what other memorable away days come to mind. A few starters to think about. Lincoln '69 (was too young but heard...
  16. C C Csiders

    Pizza Express

    http://www.pizzaexpress.com/our-food/our-restaurant-menu/starters-sides/ Thought the second starter on the menu was fantastic in Soft Cell - but given his history I would be highly dubious about the "sea salt" these are tossed in.
  17. danburyshrimper

    Team building weekend !

    Having seen the wheels well + truly come off what was becoming one of our best ever seasons , i propose that Uncle Ron plays Santa + treats the lads to a few events in order to restore team spirit to its previous high levels... We've got another week til our next match so perfect time for some...

    PL Cup The SZ PL Christmas Cup 2011

    Regular players will be familiar with this little sideline, but for the forgetful (:harry:) and the newbies ... As players you do nothing different, each week H will slap the fixtures up (maybe even the full compliment of 6 even !!!) and you predict as ever you would, i'll wander along over the...
  19. number11

    England V India

    So the main series of the summer starts today at Lords. Looks to be a pretty well balanced contest and I think we can win but will need a bit of luck with the tosses and overhead conditions. Not going to be the nicest weather for the first test and India are slow starters so we need to...
  20. Impact of new airport on SUFC

    I'm going to try again with this post as the first one got deleted by mods... I'm reposting as genuinely believe amonst the numerous rumour/battle of ect ect threads there's room for a bit of intelligent discussion!! Yesterdays London Evening Standard ran a front page article on the...