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  1. Jay_Shrimper

    Wubbish Day.

    :mad: Why are Tuesday always crap?! :mad: I wake up, smack my head then spill my breakfast down me. Anyway, I walked to Rochford Train Station and waited for the train. Whilst I'm waiting for the train to Southend, theres a bunch of teenagers hurling abuse at the people at the station and...
  2. Xàbia Shrimper

    Southend United - How far have we come? Part 5

    “Southend United Football Club needs new energy and direction. With careful financial planning and professional management there is no doubt in our minds that the club is geared for greater things.” So read a statement released by Martin Dawn plc in November 1998 just after they had secured a...
  3. a modern day panto  part 2

    as mentioned there was big trouble in blue and white land, the small man, had decided that he needed more of his subjects groats, and so he decided that he needed a bigger castle, despite having no groats to build it, I know he thought to himself, why dont i knock the castle down that i live in...
  4. Kenny

    James Lawson

    saw one of my mates in Churchills tonight, he'd just come from the Last Post where he'd seen Lawson. He said what a nice bloke Lawson was but then some other guy come wading in calling Lawson a $hit footballer and then a load of his mates stepped in and before you know it, t'was...
  5. Jonny_Stokes

    FAO: CS J and others

    I'm sorry for exacerbating the situation yesterday. I am a grade-A wind up merchant some of the time, however I stepped over the line between banter/fishing and being unacceptable, and for that I apologise. Also, I'd like to extend a quick apology to whichever Mod has had to waste his...
  6. Peter Clarke

    So pleased that Clarke got on - shame it was at the expense of Spinners injury, but it was going to happen sooner or later... Clarke looked a different class - he just had an air about him of total quality. His second touch after coming on for example was brilliant, he just read the pass...
  7. South Bank Hank

    Drop Prior, Hammell, Francis AND Guttridge!

    ...and other overly-simplistic comments. If only football were a simple game? There's still much to take heart from! Having seen a lot of debate already following two defeats about which player is letting the team down (Hammell, Francis, Guttridge, JCR) I firmly believe that selecting...
  8. MrB


    Need to win to stay 2nd, should be ok. Interesting news though: Four weeks of no games, boo!!
  9. South Bank Hank

    Pottery Lesson

    So how did we handle the step-up in class and what have we learned for the season ahead? The step-up ------------ Just like last season, the step up from one division to the next was instantly apparent and, while Stoke are far from being one of the better "footballing" sides we'll...
  10. Hooperman (old thread)

    Come on you lads in the know, what is the story behind Gary Hooper?. Reading chased him even though in his own admission he was only getting the odd five minutes of football at Grays. Barnet wanted to collar him and may have won out if Tilly had not stepped in with a trial offer. So whats the...
  11. Slipperduke

    Worst Game Ever?

    There was a point last night where I was so bored I actually thought I was just going to stop breathing. Like a floundering man in icy water, my system was beginning to shut down on me. To be fair, Switzerland against Ukraine never really hurled itself off the page at me. It always looked like...
  12. Smudger

    Taxi driver becomes BBC expert

    "He is the BBC's latest star - the cab driver who a leading presenter believed was a world expert on the internet music business. The man stepped unwittingly into the national spotlight when he was interviewed by mistake on the corporation's News 24 channel. With the seconds...
  13. fbm

    The fbm views and ratings

    Due to formatting problems the report isn't yet on the front page so here it is BLUES LAND TITLE IN ESSEX ONE-TWO The two Essex sides defied all the odds in League One by claiming both automatic promotion spots – with the Super Shrimpers deservedly landing the title. In fact, it was...
  14. Mitchell Cole

    I know we seem to have our mixed opinions on mitchell cole but does anyone think with kev out that maybe cole could return on the left and if benno's fit play alongside Gutts in the middle. Mitchell's only young and has stepped up a few leagues since moving from Grays. No doubt that he...
  15. David Webb Steps Down Already

    Just seen on BBC, that Dave Webb has already stepped down from his position at Yeovil Town. Dave Webb
  16. Eric Nixon

    I used to hate that scally p%&*k, but today confirmed that this fixture wasnt the same without that pension seaking, thespian c%&t, the photos on the main site look empty without the horrible stepped haircut scouse
  17. Southendsleeper

    On the rampage - match report

    A game of two halves. Dodgy first half, too much hoofing it out of defence and hoping that Gray or Goater would get on the end of it. Nathan Jones got a nice reception, his constant back chat to the ref earned him the crowds ire. A dodgy reffing decision lead to a free kick, which unfortunately...
  18. Back from Rotherham...

    Just got in... HOW f%&kING GOOD IS IT TO BE A BLUES FAN AT THE MOMENT!?! We did so well, though 4-2 maybe flattering as they hit the bar a couple of times, but then again, Goater should of had a hat-trick within 10 minutes of the restart! Bentley was wandering all over the...
  19. Alex

    Coles crosses

    as per the previous thread about coles poor crosses i would like to add that some of them were meant to be like that. we all know southend has never been that good in the air and when high crosses go into the box the defenders head them away or our attacker puts the header over the bar etc...
  20. Firestorm

    "big" names

    Seeing the silly season is upon us and we are either being linked or speculating about who we would like to see down at the hall. Does anyone have a particular favourite or in fact actually remember anyone who has been any good when they have joined us on the way down from a reasonable career ...