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  1. steveo


    Mick & Paddy are reading head stones at a nearby cemetery. Mick say 'Crikey! There's a bloke here who was 152!' Paddy says 'What's his name?' Mick replies 'Miles from London !'
  2. BaileytheQuitter


    I have always been very skeptical about spirits/ghosts etc. But last night I was up North and went to a Church which is abandoned and apparently haunted. Now joking around we all went to have a look around the church. I took a picture of two of the girls we were with and thought nothing of...
  3. Napster

    Who let the Abbey out?

    Trialing with Wealdstone 30/7/2009 On Tuesday night, the Stones eased to a 4-2 win at Hanwell Town. Again triallists were amongst the goals including Jamie Osborne and Ben Abbey, who scored two, including a penalty. Ryan Ashe also scored from the spot. Former Oxford United and Southend...
  4. Lee Barnard's Wiki page

    Hmm whats going on there. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Barnard "Barnard had impressed since signing for Southend, with a number of crucial goals, including a late winner at Carlisle United, who had the best home record in the league.However, he will never be as good a player as his brother...
  5. canveyshrimper

    Happy Birthday

    Ldnfasto, only 37 stones, sorry years old. Have a good one Steve.
  6. Message to the idiots at Prittlewell

    I hope the people who were chucking bricks/stones/pebbles at the train at prittlewell do not come on here, but if they do a quick message Thanks! After you started chucking things at the train it sparked up a conversation couple of Chelsea fans and it turned into a great hour long chat about...
  7. Slipperduke

    All I Want For Christmas...

    All I Want For Christmas Is.... Cristiano Ronaldo - A move to Real Madrid Santa Claus will get a distinct case of deja-vu when he opens young Cristiano's letter and sees his request scrawled out in red felt-tip pen. Didn't he send that last year? Anyone who thinks that Ronaldo wants to stay at...
  8. duncan bulgaria

    My dad's bigger than your Dad thread !!!

    Personally i don't mind being called some offensive name by someone behind a computer as to be honest no one knows who i am on this site as i have never posted my picture , my familys picture and my pets name's etc and i don't personally know anyone else on this site either. Seeing as some folk...
  9. Ricey

    Pre-Match Thread Ricey's Report: Luton Town, FA CUP 29/11/08

    Minus 30 But Not Out. Who would have thought it? 2 seasons ago both the Mighty Shrimpers and The Hatters were playing against some of the best sides in English Football. Now Luton are on the verge of relegation from the football league less than 3 years after they were playing football in the...
  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Your favourites by The Who, Beatles and Stones...

    My choices are: 'The Real Me' - Who 'Gimme Shelter' - Stones 'Day Tripper' - Beatles
  11. canada shrimper

    Sufc on the box or not

    I just went through sky sports website and see no mention of us having a live game yet this season.There are live games from bloody Ireland, no offense, and a couple of obscure div 2 games and to cap it all a Johnstones paint trophy game between weeds and Rotherham.Why oh why is there no sign of...
  12. seany t

    TV Shows that have been made into successful films

    I was talking to my mate about this the other night and just how many of them sucked ***. We started initially talking about comedy shows, but then veered off onto others. Can you think of many that have worked successfully? Or more importantly, the reason why they rarely ever do? We couldn't...
  13. Mad Cyril

    Question Can we still do the treble?

    I know a lot of us are disappointed to exit the Carling cup but lets's be honest, we probably wouldn't have won it even if we had beaten Cheltenham. The big question is can we still do the league one treble by winning: League 1 title. Johnstones Paint Trophy. Essex Senior Cup. I for one am...
  14. Johnstones Paint Trophy

    Forgot about this, whens the draw? Lets get to Wembley and win it!.
  15. the lets keep Prince Harry thread ....

    basically I have been heartbroken by the departure of Mark "Quality" Gower and Darryl "heroic" Flahaven and with Maher long gone can't bear the thought of losing anymore familiar Shrimper faces .......... I maybe going soft but I remember the penalty he won at White ****e Lane and the broken...
  16. jarriss

    Diamond Formation

    Wanting to understand this proposed new system, I googled "diamond formation". Initially, I got a lot of (useful) information about carbon under pressure for millions of years forming transparent precious stones... Adding 'football' and 'tactics' into the search and I got: The ‘Diamond...
  17. Mad Cyril

    Johnstones Paint Trophy - Who do you want in the first round?

    I quite fancy Dagenham at home. Is anyone else getting excited waiting for the draw?
  18. seany t

    New music festival where you choose the bands

    Have you guys all seen this? Now Triptych is finishing, Tennents have launched a new music venture in Scotland. I've been heavily involved along the way with the branding of it, but I think its an absolutely superb idea (provided loads of ****ty Kooks fans don't get on there). This is the...
  19. stevie_G_G_G

    Politically Incorrect Old Commercials

    Post your best old commercial that couldn't pass muster today for one reason or another. I found this one of "The Flinstones" doing a Winston cigarette commercial. Unreal. Thats the early 60's for you. Ya-Ba-Da-Ba-Do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZvHiiWFbBU
  20. Exiled Shrimper

    Youth team update

    Southend United's Under-18 side drew 1-1 at Rushden & Diamonds this morning, dominating the fixture after taking the lead through trialist Michael Moon on 12 minutes. However, a second half equaliser midway through the period denied Blues' Youths all three points. The match report, compiled with...