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  1. Vange Shrimper

    Thursday's Pub Quiz Pt 7

    Usual rules, usual people banned. Hope this one dont cause too many arguments! :) 1. Robbie Williams covered the song My Way in 2006. Which singer or band enjoyed varying degrees of success with the song in each of the following years ? a. 1969 b. 1971 c. 1977 d. 1978...
  2. Slipperduke

    Slipperduke's Mission To Millwall

    With a few edits, this is what the good people of Singapore will be waking up to tomorrow. MtS had a very lucky escape in being cut out of the final edit. 500,000 people could have found out exactly what his idea of a pre-match meal is... As a mere, and very occasional, foot soldier of the...
  3. Uncle Leo

    Best decade for music?

    Having recorded them, this week I finally got round to watching the BBC 4 series 'Pop On Trial'. Basically, a load of journalists and music figures chatted loads about which decade was the most influential in terms of popular music. It got a bit serious at times and there were several points in...
  4. lee_sufc

    Red Bush Tea

    Has anyone tried this yet? Tried some today, thought it smelt wierd but tasted pretty good. It's also supposed to be good for you too: Additional Benefits Japanese scientific research has shown intriguing beneficial effects in constipation, liver function, blood sugar levels, skin diseases...
  5. SZ BOTB Final.. The Beatles V Pink Floyd

    READ THREAD BEFORE VOTING SZ Battle Of The Bands The FINAL Voting closes in 24 hours So that's it folks the Final has been decided,Pink Floyd (Sponsored by Blueblood) after a titanic battle, beat The Jam ( MK Shrimper ) 48-45 In the other tie The Beatles ( Libertine ) beat The Stones...
  6. SZ BOTB Semi-Final. The Beatles V The Stones

    READ THREAD BEFORE VOTING SZ Battle Of The Bands The Semi-Final Voting closes Monday Am when I get up In the Keenly awaited SEMI-FINAL of the competition,The Beatles (Sponsored by Libertine) have been drawn against The Stones ( Mcnasty ) Post your Video clips, arguments, support and...
  7. SZ BOTB Semi-Final.

    The draw for the Semi-Final will be taking place shortly. The Bands going through after very hard fought battles are.. The Rolling Stones (Mcnasty) who beat RadioHead ( Glasgow).. 34-25. The Jam ( Mk Shrimper) who beat Oasis ( Einstein).................45-25. Pink Floyd ( Blueblood ) who beat...
  8. Interpol Shrimper

    BotB - Make Your Vote Count

    If you've not voted yet in the Radiohead v Old Gits contest, do it NOW! Radiohead are currently only 6 behind! A vote for Radiohead is a vote for sensibility! A vote for da Stones is a vote for senility! :p
  9. SZ BOTB Round 2.. Radiohead V The Stones

    READ THREAD BEFORE VOTING SZ Battle Of The Bands Round 2. Voting closes in exactly 24 hours. In the Second Round of the competition,Radiohead (Sponsored by Glasgow ) have been drawn against The Stones ( Mcnasty ) Post your Video clips, arguments, support and loathing. If both contenders are...
  10. SZ BOTB Round 2..

    Sorry for the delay All . I was very busy this Morning with work would you believe..... Through to the Next Round we have the following....... PinkFloyd ( Blueblood) who beat The Verve ( SUFCESSEX)......36-22. The Beatles ( Libertine) who beat Queen ( Billericay Blue )......41-29. Muse...
  11. Interpol Shrimper

    SZ - BOTB Half-Time Scores (Day 1)

    Hello & welcome back to the studio where we can now summarise the current state of play in the eagerly awaited ShrimperZone Battle of the Bands 2007. Well, at half-time this week we're not seeing things as close as we have in other recent cup competitions. So far we've seen no huge shocks and...
  12. Lunch on the first day of SZ BOTB Round 1

    Early leads for several ... Muse ahead of Roni 21-8 Oasis suprisingly beating the Smiths ...25-13 Radiohead easily beating the 9 Inch Nails..20-9 The Beatles way ahead of Queen...25-12 Floyd only just ahead of the Verve ...18-13 The Jam Stonking The Killers....27-9 The Stones way ahead of the...
  13. SZ BOTB Round 1....The Rolling Stones v The Eagles

    READ THREAD BEFORE VOTING SZ Battle Of The Bands Round 1. Voting closes in exactly 24 hours. In the First Round of the competition, The Rolling Stones (Sponsored by Mcnasty have been drawn against The Eagles (Cricko) Post your Video clips, arguments, support and loathing. If both...
  14. fbm

    The fbm report - Dagenham - JPT

    SOUTHEND PAY PENALTY AS DAGGERS PROGRESS Exactly a week after Southend claimed the Championship scalp of Watford in the Carling Cup, they were slain by league 2 newcomers Dagenham and Redbridge in the Johnstones Paint Trophy at Roots Hall. In truth Southend had more than enough chances to win...
  15. ian_the_girth

    johnstones paint cup

    evening all does anyone know when the johnstones paint cup 1st round draw will take place ?
  16. Davros

    One to start the weekend (week 12)

    Gone for a real change of pace this week, that may or may not surprise you... This weeks tune samples none other than Edward Elgar's 'Enigma Variations', and was relased in 1995, and made its way onto many many Chill Out Compilations, before finally making it onto the artists album, which due...
  17. SUFC_Al

    Perks of your job.

    I woke up in a rotten mood today and I wasn't up for work at all. I walked in down Southchurch Road kicking stones as i went and generally wanting to wake up again in a different mood. But a perk of my job is I can book afternoon's off in the morning, as long as there's enough cover in the...
  18. KrustyTheKray

    The Luton Game On Saturday

    Yet again we concede three goals, and at home! Simply not good enough if you ask me. When was the last good match at home? Luton were already down and from the off you could tell they wanted it more than us. Compare Kevin Blackwell to Tilly. Blackwell on his feet encouraging his players...
  19. Sean 2

    Chin up

    As others have already posted,it's still do-able.Sure the team don't look like we can defend a wendy house or fight their way out of a paper bag,but hey 3 games to go and it's still on.All season results have been strange and you'll get more luck with the lottery than trying to predict...
  20. Davros

    C2C Last night....

    twas an interesting night last night... Left work at 6... got home at midnight! After my short tube jourmey, i arrived at Fenchurch street at about 6.25 to be greeted by no trains... however, then a train came in, and was told it was the delayed 6pm and would be leaving soon... happy days, i...