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Oct 25, 2003
Has anyone tried this yet? Tried some today, thought it smelt wierd but tasted pretty good. It's also supposed to be good for you too:

Additional Benefits

Japanese scientific research has shown intriguing beneficial effects in constipation, liver function, blood sugar levels, skin diseases, depression and anxiety.

Delays the aging process! One of the primary causes of aging of our bodies is caused by toxic compounds called free radicals. These free radicals attack our healthy cells. Over our lifetime this damage contributes to aging and weakens our immune system. Recently, Japanese scientists have found that Rooibos tea contains a mimic of the enzyme Super Oxide Dismutase (S.O.D.), an antioxidant which attacks the free radicals and limits their damaging effects.

* It has a soothing effect on the central nervous system and can strongly be recommended for people suffering from irritability, stress, headaches, disturbed sleeping patterns, insomnia, nervous tension and mild depression or hypertension.

* Helps build strong bones and teeth because of its calcium, manganese and fluoride content.

* It's anti-spasmodic properties help pacify infants with colic, stomach cramps and sleeping problems. Simply mix some Rooibos Tea with expressed breast milk or formula. It is 100% natural with no colorants or preservatives. It is a mother's miracle. Rooibos Tea helps with morning sickness!

* Also relieves stomach and digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach ulcers and constipation.

* The alpha hydroxy acid and zinc contained in Rooibos Tea promotes healthy, smooth skin. This wonder tea is especially useful when applied to skin irritations like itchy skin, eczema, sunburns, diaper rash, acne and rosocea.

* Cold or warm tea makes an excellent facial splash. Put used Rooibos tea bags in the refrigerator or freezer. After a hard day's work, put on tired or red eyes to soothe and relax.

* Studies have shown Rooibos Tea beneficial in the management of allergies like hayfever and asthma.

* Contains magnesium, necessary for a healthy nervous system, potassium and copper minerals necessary for several metabolic functions, Iron for transportation of oxygen in the blood and zinc for fighting colds and healthy skin.

* Often prescribed for nervous tension and mild depression as it makes a relaxing sedative.

* An all-day drink, and since Rooibos Tea contains no oxalic acid it can be consumed by people suffering from kidney stones. It is also ideal for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

* Helps to control your appetite thus can be beneficial in weight loss.

* Makes a great thirst-quencher and sport drink. Its mineral content helps restore the body's equilibrium after strenuous exercise.