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  1. DoDTS

    National League Play-offs

    I don't know if you have noticed but the play-offs from the National League have changed this year. Instead of four going into the play-offs this year there are six with the following format: Qualifying Round 4th v 7th and 5th v 6th Semi Final 2nd v winners of 4th/7th and 3rd v winners 5th/6th...
  2. Mad Cyril

    Question Time, Southend, 10th November.

    Anyone applied for a ticket?
  3. Liverpool fan applies for the managers post

    This might make you chuckle. Liverpool FC even replied to the chap.... Linky thing below http://www.thesportbuzz.com/413411/this-man-applied-to-be-liverpool-manager-and-the-club-responded-perfectly/?utm_source=outbrain&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=sportbuzzROW&utm_term=5355664
  4. fbm

    Latest Fossets Farm developments

    From a friend of mine "For all my SUFC supporter friends to make you aware Cabinet debated a report yesterday on the withdrawal of the CP order on Roots Hall / Fossetts Farm, as current CP order is now Null & Void. Owner has been given several opportunities to address concerns & has failed to...
  5. steveo


    What a horrible individual this bloke is, but all this hoo haa could easily be avoided if Referees applied the laws of the game. I know you get your Garth Crookses and other pundits saying its the refs job to keep 11 players on the pitch but that's not the case. Its the refs job to apply the...
  6. Euro 2016 tickets

    Was anyone successful in the draw? Everyone I know who applied seemed to have missed out. I'm still going to travel over and will be optimistic of getting some tickets for something once the allocation to both sides in each game has been done but would have been good to have a few tickets...
  7. Question Sorry but it's Prospects car park again.

    Received a letter today,post marked yesterday's date(14th July Tuesday)requesting we applied Wednesday to get a car park permit for the upcoming season.this amounts to pure luck as only 60 spaces available.After waiting 20+minutes on the phone at 4-30 this afternoon was told "sorry,been really...
  8. Tommy2holes

    Problem exes

    Has anybody else had problems with there exes in regards to child access. Both my exes have been a nightmare using the kids as a weapon. I have been stopped from seeing them numerous times and have been told my fiance can't see them etc. Didn't see my daughter for 15months until I applied...
  9. steveo

    Brazil v Colombia

    The ref ruined the game for me by not showing any yellow cards for the countless first half fouls. So the players could get away with almost anything which made the second half a stop start niggly affair. Then he shows the first yellow for a bloke blocking a goal kick after James had been...
  10. Mad Cyril

    Tax self assessment.

    Is anyone else about to get F'd in the A by the government? I registered for self assessment a month ago and still haven't received my unique taxpayer reference (UTR) required to submit my assessment online. I just called the *******s and they have sent the UTR to my old address despite...
  11. Tampa Blue

    What Would We Change Our Name To??

    Well, I see that Hull City have formally applied to be known as Hull Tigers which is pretty much in line with the sort of silly names that sports Teams in the USA get lumbered with. So what could we ever be known as - ignoring the obvious Southend Shrimps which is hardly likely to strike fear...
  12. Brown almost certainly has applied for the Sunderland job.

    No I don't wish to be accused of ***** stirring. Had a chat with a family friend this afternoon who is in a good position to make such a judgement and he tells me Phil Brown has applied for the job at Sunderland. My Opinion is if he has, and I wouldn't normally question this friend in question...
  13. It's all beyond me !

    The rumour that PB applied for another job and the rumour he demanded 6 months money upfront is plain crackers,So why did Ron want him?There are many hungry managers who would have put their heart and soul into the job and be a lot cheaper into the bargain,The club could have appointed from...
  14. Latest Rumours Phil Brown and SUFC

    There is a vicious rumour that our erst-while manager has applied to become the manager of Sheffield United. Evidently he got his SUFCs mixed up and ended up at Southend by mistake. More info when to hand.
  15. OldBlueLady

    Engaging with the club's supporters

    Interesting article here from Supporters Direct on fan engagement, we've brought in the idea of "buying" the opportunity to lead the teams out this season, but what other ideas could we suggest for Roots Hall? You’ll have heard a lot this season on the disconnect between supporters and clubs...
  16. Napster

    Phil Brown- Gets about.

    Applied for Partick Thistle last month http://www.theglaswegian.co.uk/football/2013/02/06/ex-hull-and-preston-manager-phil-brown-puts-name-forward-for-partick-thistle-job-102692-23957383/ Lincoln in Feb...
  17. beemamad

    Secondary school appeals

    Guys and girls, hoping to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience that's seen on here from time to time. To cut a long story short (not sure if specifics matter), we live in Westcliff at the moment but are planning to move into Rayleigh sometime in July. My son is at Blenheim school at...
  18. North Wales Shrimper

    What can we do to help OUR club?

    First of all, may I remind us of our name: "The Southend United Football Club". Within those five words is a huge amount of meaning, however, the two key words are "UNITED" and "CLUB". I was rewatching "The Team We Call United" the other day and it reminded me of what it is to be a Southend...
  19. overseas shrimper

    Ticket Office - thanks for ignoring!

    We're popping over to the UK this weekend and plan on paying a visit to the Hall and 'boosting' the crowd for that day with another four bums on seats and concessions sold. Wanting to take advantage of the massive (!) discounts for advanced bookings, I applied for Box Office access via email as...
  20. SupaBlues

    Employment Law After Private Company Takes Over Civil Service Role

    I wonder if the good people of SZ could give my partner and I some advice. At the moment she is employed by the MOD in an armed forces careers office. However this is one of the roles that has been tendered out to a private sector company and they will soon be taking over. The problem my other...