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  1. Shrimp and two veg

    The ball boy experience

    Never seen a thread about the day out with SUFC for the ball boys, so i thought i'd write one. I joined my boy's team Benfleet Villa under 14s with SUFC staff today. The boys were ushered into the ground, they have their own little changing room and are given a pre match chat and tracksuits to...
  2. OldBlueLady

    Ray Davy, snr, RIP

    Sad to report the news of the passing of "Mr Southend", Ray Davy, snr. Ray will be known to many on the Zone, he was a stalwart at the club, and, most recently, has been the regular tour guide for the many groups who want to come and look around our club. He has been the official "receiver" of...
  3. Suffolk Shrimper In Dorset

    Be kind, give the chap carrying the ball out tomorrow a cheer

    Long story, not wholly sure why yet, no I didn't pay for the privilege (I was asked to do it), none of that "Who are yer" stuff please.:smile: A choice of top, which one to wear? Retro Colly shirt, the 2006 centenary one or last years? Choices choices :cool: Maybe I can flog my book to the...
  4. shrimperjon

    One Adam Barrett

    Got to the ground early today and Adam Barrett was hanging around the tunnel area in his tracksuit and trainers. I asked if he was involved today and he said he wasn't. We got chatting more and the guy is guinely gutted he Is not involved more. He Can't understand why he was brought to the club...
  5. Massimo Giovanni

    Soma Mine disaster

    200+ miners killed in a mile deep coal mining collapse in Turkey. For a town where mining is the job then the deaths and sorrow of the whole community must be overpowering. To be a mile under ground, trapped while the tunnel collapses and the oxygen runs out must be horrific. Cheaply mined coal...
  6. Tangled up in Blue

    Best live stream to watch the playoffs on?

    Anyone got any tips for the best website to watch the playoffs on? I picked up a virus which took me a week to shift watching the Oxford game on Wizwig last month and don't want a repeat tomorrow.(My fault as I hadn't checked that my trial version of Adblocker was still running.It wasn't).:'(...
  7. Dr^Penguinstein

    Hi Everyone, Supported the Blues since 1958, earliest memories Harry Threadgold in goal, and a 6 foot Yogi Bear on to the South Bank before every match. I also was given a lift to school ( Prince Avenue ) by Tony Bentley every morning with Ernie Shepherds daughter. We also used to lay out the...
  8. TrueBlue

    What would happen

    If I murdered somebody in the channel tunnel? will I get done under French law or UK law?
  9. Kevin Hogg

    Is it just me?? - England!!

    I have listened to all the experts in the media say that Roy Hodgson should experiment for the Chile and Germany games as they are opportunities to have a look at different players etc..before Brazil in the Summer. I disagree and last night I feel was proof. Roy has been manager for over a year...
  10. shrimperslad

    Bilel Mohsni

    Impressed in there 2-0 win, Ally McCoist said I would imagine that if he puts in another performance like that, he won’t have to do much more to get a contract http://www.rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/item/4407-mohsni-makes-his-mark
  11. shrimptank

    Team for Saturday

    How many changes do you expect on Saturday? Would you go for wholesale or certain areas? My team would be: Bentley Clohessy Mohsni Cressy Prosser Hurst Lund Laird Paxman Corr Eastwood For one I would stick players in their right positions. Bilel needs to show PB that as a defender he...
  12. Question As they walk out onto the Wembley turf.

    I wonder what music the team will have blazing out loud as the walk out of the Wembley tunnel,to the roar of the supporters. I reckon AC/DC " THUNDERSTRUCK " would be great, what do you people suggest.:Worthy:
  13. leeblue

    Where does tonight rank?

    Ok I am thirty six years old my firs season I remember is around the 83/84 mark. I have seen every promotion winning game since then. All the big cup matches etc etc. I was always of the opinion that benji scoring that goal at bury and that promotion was simply the greatest. On the way to the...
  14. MrB

    New Theme Park in Kent

    Good news if you like Theme Parks! Probably not such good news for Bridge/Tunnel traffic though! http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentonline/news/2012/october/8/paramount_park.aspx
  15. After game walk round

    Afternoon all I would like to discuss an opinion of mine , that I have a problem with immediately after the game . When we lose , I feel that it is really poor of some of the squad , to simply rush off done the tunnel , without coming round and clapping the supporters for turning up .... Not...
  16. Question What was RM up to at half time??

    I hear RM went into dressing room at full time but did anyone see him hanging round the tunnel at half time. He hung round our dug out til PS came out then scampered back up. He also had a chat with Hall. Just wonder how much interference PS will put up with before he walks.
  17. Straight down the tunnel

    Pretty P***** off last night after the game that every player except Clohessy and Morris walked straight down the tunnel without clapping the fans. Think this is a disgrace, especially after freezing my b****** off for 90 minutes. Gone were the days when Barrett the whole squad and even Tilson...
  18. Stewards rushing into main entrance in East Stand

    Anyone now what happened after the game ?? - we saw 4 or 5 stewards running into the tunnel as if something was happening.... anyone know anything ??
  19. A better goal at Roots Hall

    In 31 years of watching the blues my all time fav goal is David Crown against Wigan when we won 3-2 when we was 2-0 down and Crowns goal made it 3-2 However I think Mohsni goal today might just of taken the best goal I have ever seen at Roots hall. I will watch it on telly tonight to decide...
  20. yogi bear up the cagire

    Is this another project that ron is involved in????

    Away last weekend, just south of Pau. Went over the border through the Somport Tunnel to see this incredible structure of an International station at Canfranc Estacion. It was lauded as a great trans-Pyrénéean project to link Pau in France and Saragossa in Spain and took 24 years to build. There...