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  1. steveo

    F1 2017

    British GP under threat as usual, new cars new wings and a retired World Champ. This was interesting re Williams driver line up: "They needed a driver over 25 years of age to replace Bottas because their title sponsor, the drinks giant Martini, cannot use two drivers under that age for its...
  2. Mad Cyril

    German Wings crash

    The media are reporting that one pilot was locked out of the cockpit and the voice recorder indicates he was trying to smash the door down just before the crash......
  3. IronMike

    Grimsby Town F.C. petition for new stadium

    http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/north-east-lincolnshire-council-support-for-a-community-stadium-and-leisure-complex-at-peaks-parkway Now this below is well worth a read, done over four years ago upon relegation to non league. I'm yet to see a better post anywhere. It's the reason why I've...
  4. Mr Philips

    Mr Philips tweeted that the player brown met with yesterday is a winger who can play left or right wings but has a year left on contract . Can you really see big Ron paying out money to get these players in
  5. superblue24

    The Ashes 2013

    Sooooo, anyone care to speculate on the biggest sporting event of the year? England massive favorites on Betfair. I wonder if it will play that way.....Maybe I (along with others) am being paranoid what with it being Australia. You never know what they'll produce. Michael Clarkes form has...
  6. DTS


    Cant help but think decesion to let Dave Martin go is not a good one? Dont think he is amazing but he does give us genuine width and his record of goal scoring is fair. This is unless Martin is being moved in to bring in someone else. Saturday Ryan Leonard looked like a little boy lost to me...
  7. Evening Echo

    Neil Harris: No pressure to clip the Gulls' wings

    WE all know it’s a huge game at Torquay United this weekend but I actually think we’re going there under no pressure whatsoever. More...
  8. Pre-Match Thread Morecambe v Southend United

    After the defeat at Aldershot P.S. has STATED he is making changes ! This is how I see it. Goal: Bentley: Instruction. Mix kicking with quick thro. Looking for your right back and central midfielder that will be looking for the ball from you. while being aware of our 2 wingers who will...
  9. Argyle

    Hi guys, Argyle fan here in peace. As you may know, our club is still in administration as the season starts. The administrator picked his preferred bidder many weeks ago but as yet that bidder has not completed the deal, as deadlines have apparently repeatedly been extended. The bidder...
  10. sufc_tom


    Just been thinking that everyone has been talking on about the midfield three (if we play 4-3-3), so what about upfront? The start of the season it will most likely be; Hall Harris and Johnson. But what when Corr is back from injury? Will PS drop Hall or Johnson to fit Corr in, or will he change...
  11. Yorkshire Blue

    Great Southend United partnerships

    Anyone else excited by the prospect of Wade Small signing? That would give us a great partnership on the wings of Wade Small and Ryan Hall. Imagine the scene as they are introduced in training: Ryan Hall, let me introduce you to Wade Small: Ryan Hall Wade Small; Wade Small Ryan Hall. Any...
  12. Yorkshire Blue

    Ex-Shrimpers Challenge - letter J

    My team is going well so far.... Jon O'Brien ???????? Tom Jordan ???????? Neil Jenkins Julian Hails Jason Cook ??????? Jason Harris Graeme Jones Joe Allon Seriously, I've got most of my line-up sorted with a strong-spine of internationals but I want to know more about: Joe Jaques John Kurila...
  13. LennySUFC

    The Answer to our bad home form

    http://www.southendunited.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10444~2257345,00.html Sturrock can not pin point the problem at home, ... i can The fans. We concede a goal and the crowd are on the teams back. What happened to the home team getting the support. The crowd becoming the 12th man? i went to...
  14. leeblue

    First month thoughts

    so we head into september with cautious optimism on the playing front. How has the first month been for you? where are our strengths and our weak points? for me we have the making of a well shaped/organised team full of grit and determination. IMO to be 'up there' we still need something a bit...
  15. manor15


    Serbia Manager: Radomir Antic Captain: Dejan Stankovic FIFA Ranking: 16 Group D Background: South Africa 2010 will be Serbia's first World Cup as an independent nation after previously competing as Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro. As Yugoslavia they reached the World Cup Semi-Finals...
  16. Tommy2holes

    Pre match thread : Southend united v A friend of dorothy's hove albion

    So another relegation 6 pointer is upon us , well atleast if you still beleive relegation can be avoided. Brighton are in relatively good form and timed that form wonderfully given they were in the bottom 4 for large parts of the season. We on the other hand are a like a boxer who started...
  17. steveo

    Live and Let Die

    Wings or Guns n Roses? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JK2hKzZss5Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMw7x1XG_LM
  18. danburyshrimper

    Pre-Match Thread Looking positively solid

    ....................................MILDENHALL............................. FRANCIS.............M'VOTO.............HEATH...............WHITE ................................CHRISTOPHE............................... .......GRANT...................MACCA..............MOUSSA...
  19. Shrimper

    My two cents

    I'm getting very irritated with the lack of news regarding new faces or even links to new faces that could potentially join Southend United. As soon as we beat Cheltenham we lost two of our key players in the season with the end of Dervite and Robinson's loans from Tottenham and Watford...
  20. number11

    Random Article on Youth Set up

    Was looking for something else and stumbled across this article on the youth set up in 2000. All sounds very similar to what we are hearing these days, with the 'Score' team sounding like the development deals we now have.....have things really changed that much?! Soccer: Babes to give...